GFX: WLPaA Official Public Forums!

Welcome to the Official forums of WLPaA!

The forum is made by People who are in the group. We can talk about GFX and others!

Do not Spam
Do not ask for Moderator power
Do not request to be in the Hall of fame (We will choose)

I would like to thank this people for helping me:
1. Kujikato
2. Focus
(They are admins, so watch out)

enjoy your stay!
And you'll have a nice Gfx-laugh when you see what WLPaA stands for.

What should i do to join?
Open the link, and click register in the upper left corner, proceed with the usual.
I forgot the link, whoops.

Joined! You should get the users to activate their accounts, or else you'll be filled with spambots.
We will fix that soon, until I get a report of it.

BTW: the forum is a mess right now. Please, sorry for your eyes burning to death -.-
I joined, it's a pretty cool forum.
Im sure u like it there! More Tuts Coming Soon!
I like it there a lot. I'll get better if I use that forum, Just improve the theme so it's not so dark.
I'd love to join... But it's really high level GFXing...
And I'm kind of a noob with this.
I'll think about it.
It's not really for High GFXers: Its for everybody.

So please, join in the fun!
I Joined Forgot To Post Here Layout Doesn't Burn My Eyes Awesome*Eyes Not Burning*
That was actually before this theme. We were playing with different themes, it just went overload -.-

also, have I told everyone that Signature of the Week (SOTW) is going on?:

Join now!

Forum's growing, that's good.
People, post more resources, make it that I need to ask Synth and Focus to HELP me read everything on it! I can still reply to everything there!
Major Updates!:

So, it's not only SOTW running this week, but also Large Art of the Week! join now!:

Do you have a Signature you wan't to give to a friend? Then the "A Gift for you!" Forum is for you!:

also, Posting once gives you the "First Step" Award, and posting a Hundred will give you "Century Poster". It seems the award system is only for posting, so wait for more anouncement!

Have a good day Grin
Ha,I just joined!It seems pretty cool.Good management and junk,ya know.
Thank u for joining Smile BTW enjoy ur stay there! Hopefully Check out the first ever SOTW contest (which is located in my sig) !
"Good management and junk,ya know." What do you mean by that?

Point of Notice: Rules have been updated, as well as a possible new ranks.
Is it for signatures only or we can also post renders (.png) that will help GFXers make signatures? Also, can we post avatars? I'll join anyways. Even though I won't probably be popular there, I'll still join.
This is a pure GFX Site, ANYTHING about GFX is discussed here (as in the site, not here in the WBO)!
yeah, okay. But what I mean is that can we post renders for people to use as well?
For renders you could go to Insom's render thread and post them there or you could go to
I don't know, maybe the WLPaA should have a "renders" thread where people can put .png files so other people could use them. I will be happy to make the "render" thread.
We have a resources section dedicated just for that Smile