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I saw the resources section, and not to be mean, but it's nothing from what I expected. I expected that the thread would show renders in those posts. Not websites or dead websites of GFX renders. That was seriously nothing that I expected.
Yeah, I also am expecting more.
But, there's not much to do with a new forum, why not you start contributing?
So you guys want me to start the "render" thread at the WLPaA forum website??
No offence intended but No!Staff will take the decisions!
Well what did Kujikato mean when he said "Why not you start contributing?"
Kujikato and I, are having a mono e mono battle on this site.
(Oct. 28, 2012  7:37 PM)kaihiwatari5673 Wrote: Well what did Kujikato mean when he said "Why not you start contributing?"

The whole resource forum is dedicated to any resources, and a render thread is no longer needed because of that. I am going to put Categories so that people will know where to put stuff in the correct place.

I highly discourage people putting links of render sites, nor people putting in renders they didn't even made. Unless people would show me their permissions, I would close threads in no time.
Sorry for double posting, but I have major announcements (Which we're introduced a day ago in the forums):

First, the Voting stage for SOTW is commenced! VOTE NOW!:

Second, A ranking system has been placed:
[Image: 86F1Z.jpg]

We highly discourage People to abuse this. If you spam the whole forum, You will have a Guarantee Strike (Which will be explained later)

Lastly, A Warning System has been put up:
1st Offence: Oral Warning
2nd Offence: Strike 1 + 1 hour suspension
3rd Offence: Strike 2 + 5 hour suspension
4th Offence: Strike 3 + 1 day suspension
5th Offence: Strike 4 + 3 weeks suspension
6th Offence: Strike 5 + Banned (IP included)
(This depends on what cause you did)

We also have 2 secrets, which we will tell in a future Update. For now, have a fun and safe stay at WLPaA!
Come 2012/11/24, Synth decided to change our theme! We also have another announcement, it being the opening of our new sub-forum: Your Writing Collection! Located in The Pen and the Paper. Post your written work in there!

One more "secret" change is about, I wish all you luck in finding out what it is!
Nope, there isn't a prize for it. However, I would like to congratulate Mino, on behalf of the staff, for making WLPaA's 1000th post! A round of applause for him please.

We're nearing the end of 2012 people, let's enjoy our celebrations~

So if you haven't joined yet, join now! We're a pure GFX community with one goal in mind - improvement! The URL to the forum is in the OP, as well as my Sig.


Kujikato and Staff~
Not only that, the 2nd SOTW is up and running! Join now!:

EDIT:Maintenance. Hold on

EDIT: Theme's Fixed. Thank gosh for that *sigh*
Here is what all of guys are waiting for!

WLPaA'S Secret Santa:

Because the Holiday Season is getting close, which will be WLPaA's first Christmas I thought I'd help everyone get into the spirit by doing our own Secret Santa.

And just in case you're unsure of what that is; The members who're interested will sign up and then once the sign up period is over each will be given another members name, at random, to make a Gift for.
When the gifts are completed they will all be sent to me and then I send them to the member, that way it will be "Secret"

If you sign up, you can't just receive a gift, you HAVE to make one too.
So please make sure you're willing to make a sig and have the time to do so.

The sign up period will finish on the 22th of December, 2012

Then you'll all have 23th and 24th upto Afternoon to make the Signatures and send them to me via PM on WLPaA,WBO,or Message me on FB.Theb On 25th Boom!

This is the Format to sin up:
Just Copy the below code and fill up info

Interest #1:
Interest #2:
If you're wondering why there's spaces for your interests in there, it's just so whoever is making your Gift has an idea of what you might like, if they choose to use the information.


Name: Chakri
Interest #1: Smudge
Interest #2: Artist's Choice

Ill consider Sign up applications from WBO,Facebook and WLPaA Forum...

Advance Happy Christmas Guys!

Please post your Comments below.
Please take note that this is NOT the big announcement.

*Sniff sniff*, what's that smell?
Do I smell... January? wait, hold on, a... 2.0? Stay tuned!
WLPaA's Secret Santa has been over!

Here is the Tagwall:

[Image: tagwallf.png]
People... The site will be down in December 30, 2012 at around 12:00 noon PHT(Philippine Time) Till January 3, 2013, around 9:00 PM PHT

So apparently, the site will be down in 1 day for maintenance check and ... hold on a second... WHAT IN THE NAME OF GFX IS THAT?!?!:

Yo dwagssssss...

I have an announcement, obviously, but well, most of teh staff loves riddles, and since we are best off making WLPaA Unique, I would like to announce the Beta of...

Epic Riddle Showdowns of WLPaA!
Hosted by The Riddler, Kaizer Vearn~

So get on the site, make an account if you haven't already, and get ready for his unique riddles, straight from a big book of Arabic riddles I presume~ Good luck, and happy riddle answering~
Hey guys, just joined. Joyful_3

It is a lot to take in at first, haha.
I joined the site yesterday!It's a really awesome site!
Thanks for the constructive criticism guys!

Hope you learn a few tricks and tips there. Were adding more to the tutorials section, so it's still empty, but you can help contribute as well!
Images may still be buggy (Kuji... Fix your photobucket -.-)

Sorry for that inconvenience. It's just temporary mistakes easily being fixed XD

Also, 2.0 is announced! Check the thread in the forum!
Someone should start filling in the c4d packs sub forum because I'm looking for some c4d packs that I can't find anywhere.
There is the WLPaA dropbox for that.
Hah, I just joined and saw what WLPAA stood for...
WLPaA to be precise.

Yes, indeed, it does come as a surprise, no?
Yay! More members ! Pinching_eyes_2
Hello everyone!

WLPaA has kinda gone quiet, but we just came back with Battles!

Yeah, battles!

SOTW #3 is now running, so hurry and enter!
SOTW #2 and 1 are in voting session, so place your votes!

And Justin Case you forgot the URL, here it is!