GFX Battle! NaLu vs Blaze12xz!

then that means his vote doesnt count,host the battle properly plz...?
No, Kai-V's trying to say this:

-If you win by one vote, you are not too superior, NaLu...
-The voting, looking at the result, would have been a vote for NaLu, one for Blaze, another for NaLu, another for Blaze, and so forth...
-All of the votes entered do count, but they don't confirm a totally better person because of a one vote difference...
'DefStamina88 and nalu:one of the rules of 'this' gfx battle was that you have to elaborate, so i assume that if you dont elaborate your vote wont count..?
why am i even making a big fuss out of this anyway? Uncertain
JINX Wrote:oh lol because all the colers look noice and the render looks good

Jinx's elaboration, I guess he really couldn't be bothered posting...
that really took him alot of time
he couldve at least done an elaboration like nali's, first time round
sorry it took me a while i was not siting in the same hole of couch and i was in the city so yeah
If you look closely, you will see 2 letters, N & L, after that you will see the name "Nalu" (on entry 1).

Okay, I know its done, but I will still give CnC's:

Entry 1:
Way to mono. no colors brightened in the sig, made it sad looking. The flow is a bit messed up, but Its readable. the text, although it's blending, ITS WAY TO SMALL. make it bigger and learn the Clipping mask technique.

I could have given this the vote, but it ended XD

Entry 2:
This is weird, cause what ever I said in the 1st entry, its the complete opposite. Way to contrasted, text is OK, flow is nice, ETC.

Problem? render. next time, GET A HD RENDER, it looks way better Grin

That's my cents. oh, and I noticed something:
Nalu, next time you do a contest, make sure the limits are days, not votes. it gives more of a Contest feel, K?