GFX Battle! NaLu vs Blaze12xz!

As you requested, since your so "professional at gfxing" you wanted to battle me.

Theme: Pokemon
Max size: 500x200
Deadline: 13th July 2012

Winner has to get 5 votes in order to win!


Entry 1
[Image: JZtrU.jpg]

Entry 2
[Image: jfXbe.jpg]

I hope there are more gfx battles after me Grin I'll feel so awesome that there are more battles because of me Grin
Good luck with the battle guys Smile
And make sure you make a poll and you don't forget it Wink
(Jul. 08, 2012  2:14 PM)Renpt0 Wrote: Good luck with the battle guys Smile
And make sure you make a poll and you don't forget it Wink
We're not making a poll, People can just make a random account quickly and vote.

We never use a poll anyways.
cant accept
the number votes that are able to be made are too small
and the theme? im not using my sig!
I'll change the number of votes, and dude you don't have to use your sig, that's why there is a deadline so you have time to create another one...
*Insert epic playground voice* FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
Entries are in! Voting starts...NOW
entry 1 whos is that?

E2 looks a bit too messy
Well, to tell you the truth I do not like either.
E1 is too dull
E2 is way too contrasted
I choose E2 as a result of there being some lighting source work
Entry 1, entry 2 is a little blurry and messy, I guess I could say.

Since we are in the same sig shop, NaLu, we need to have a GFX battle.
I would have to vote for E1
Don't really like how Latias looks in E2
E1 becuse it looks epic thats all really im not good with graphics so E1 like i said Smile
JINX please elaborate why you chose that entry

Score Check!
Entry 1:4
Entry 2:1

Jinx's vote will not be counted until he elaborates
NaLu: you cant show which sig is for who(your name is in your sig) as it might make others vote for you due to your popularity and its also part of the rules
I personally like E2 more. The color seems to pop out MUCH more, despite the slight blurriness. Also, I like Latias...

So yeah, E2...
I like E2. I love the color and I like Latias. Lol. It seems to appeal more to me. Smile
umm i said entry 1 i just wanted to know whos it was aswell that hard?
JINX we cannot tell you whose entry is that because others may vote for it due to popularity
So it's 5:4

Entry 1 wins!

The creator of entry 1 was actually me, and entry 2 was done followed by a tutorial. But now blaze12xz can stop saying his better than me Grin

Blaze what rules? Rules of what?

Most of battles are tags I used when I've asked Cnc, so people already know its mine, and you've already done a sig like that, so perhaps people know you've done that. And about popularity, IM NOT FAMOUS
Personally, a difference of one vote is really not enough to create a verdict.
i didnt follow a tut!
and how have you won
jinx still hasnt explained
the entries are suppose to be anonymous, last time i said that one of the entries was blood's and he told me i wasnt allowed to do that
so its 4:4
Its 5:4 even though he did not elaborate, I asked him to and He didn't again. His vote counts as Kai-v even said winning by one vote doesn't mean you can create a big fuss out of it. Meaning even she accepted the fact that I won.
No, NaLu, I am telling you not to think you are too superior to Blaze12xz at all, because the difference is of only one vote. The next vote could have gone to Blaze12xz, then the other one to you, then the other to him, etc.