Format Proposal: Burst HyperSphere (BHS)

Okay hear me out.

About Burst HyperSphere Format (BHS)

[Image: ACBy9oM.png][Image: JJi43xQ.png]

In late 2019, Hasbro released a new system of Beyblade Burst: the HyperSphere System. With this system was the introduction of the “HyperSphere” Driver, bulky, wide, and round Drivers with ball-shaped tips that interacted with the skate pool-like “HyperSphere” Beystadiums. HyperSphere Drivers are uniquely unlike any other Driver systems, with their own unique gameplay.

In the summer of 2021, CheetoBlader posted the thread “Thoughts on this HyperSphere Format Ruleset?”, which had a rudimentary ruleset for a HyperSphere tournament he was going to host the next month. The purpose of a HyperSphere format was this, in the words of CheetoBlader:

  • To make it easier for kids with little TT access to win, and also because it’s a funnier format that’d be fun to host.
  • To utilize and make the most of out the HyperSphere gimmick. While I’d like to make things more accessible to the people who don’t have TT, I’d also like to have fun with it.

In this proposal, I’d like to expand on those 2 reasons with the following:


I have noticed there are a few communities that have players with access to large Hasbro collections, including HyperSphere.
HyperSphere is also cheap for those who don’t own any. HyperSphere is beginning to show up in used lots on online marketplaces, as well as brand new in quantities in discount stores/dollar stores, etc. There is no time like the present to experiment with this format when the tools needed are readily available in-stores and second-hand.

At the end of Burst, this is the best time to try this format, and begin building the format, before we lose all momentum, especially when X drops in the west.

Unique Gameplay
To expand on the points made by Cheeto, the HyperSphere gimmick and stadiums is a very uniquely flavourful Hasbro gameplay that none of its other systems has had. Hasbro (and HyperSphere) has always been touted and praised as fun by the larger community.
Nobody took HyperSphere seriously enough in a tournament setting – allowing for structured tournaments under a potential ranked option will give the format exposure.

But this isn’t just the format we could’ve had in 2019 – with the release of SpeedStorm and QuadDrive Layers, these will be additional factors to consider in such a format. (For this reason, some QS Blades are also watchlisted in the proposed rulebook.)

We've Done This Before
HyperSphere is a fun little format that reminds me of the Zero-G format. Give Burst its own Zero-G format!

Rule Overview (version 0.1)
I have adapted versions of the Burst Limited format rulebook into the following Burst HyperSphere format rulebook:

  • All Takara Tomy Layers.
  • All Pro Series Layers
  • Balkesh B3
  • Garuda G3
  • Spryzen Requiem S3
  • Turbo Spryzen S4

Forge Discs
  • All Gatinko, Superking, Dynamite Battle, and Burst Ultimate Discs (Takara Tomy)
  • All Pro Series Discs (Hasbro)

  • All Chassis

  • All Takara Tomy Drivers
  • All non-HyperSphere Hasbro Drivers

  • Fierce QS Blade
  • Gambit QS Blade
  • Whirl QS Blade

These QS Blades have been discussed as having high Stamina and Burst Resistance. Worth watching in case they dominate, especially with LAD-centric HyperSphere Drivers.

  • All QuadDrive/QuadStrike Drivers (indicated by the -Q suffix)
  • All QuadStrike Armor Tips

QuadStrike Drivers and Armor Tips were enabled by default for more accessibility, as their shape seems to align decent with HyperSphere Stadiums. This can be revisited if deemed unnecessary.

Past HyperSphere Events
This experimental format has been held in two different states in the US: Virginia and California. Soon, my hometown of Vancouver (Canada) will soon join them.

1) Hyper HyperSpheres (Virginia)

2) Hyper HyperSpheres 2 (Virginia)

3) Hyper HyperSpheres 3 (Virginia)

4) The Legacy of Hypersphere (California)

5) We Gotta Use The Rock Layer Base (Vancouver)
Looks sick, extremely happy to see this proposal finally made. I have a lot of love for Hypersphere and the metagame is a lot more intricate than people would think - I know people have an image of it just being kind of samey and silly, but the drivers do have rather different behaviour and it does matter.
I….umm…. invested in the vertical drop stadiums when they were at Ross…. LET’S GO!!!!!!
Decided to check the forums for the first time in quite a while, this was really cool to see. Loving the rulebook so far, very curious to see how the new tips being allowed changes things up. HyperSphere has always had a very deep level of game hidden behind it’s silly silhouette, so it’d be neat to see some light put on it. Good luck and I hope this goes all the way into becoming a format soon enough.