Florida's Revival Tournament Report

Just got back from AFO and I'm excited to say that our first FL WBO tournament in years was a huge success! At least 30 people stopped by and played throughout the event—so many, in fact, that the tabletop gaming staff asked if I would join their team next year—and several con-goers showed an interest in playing after we'd begun. While hosting at a convention has its negatives—particularly lack of confirmation from the majority of participants and early leavers due to the event length—we wouldn't have been able to hold this tournament otherwise.

Earlier in the day, my expectations were limited since a number of confirmed players were likely to be no-shows. Around 4:40 Xenoblader16 showed up, and once I had the stadiums set up, a huge crowd of people passing by came into the tabletop gaming room to observe and try playing with the extra stadiums and parts I'd brought. We started the tournament off strong with about 12 players. After the first round 6 had to leave, but fortunately icLeodPegasus and his brother showed up (apparently they'd been trying to find the room for 30 minutes!) and saved the day.

We re-started the round robin and finished around 7:30. Since nearly everyone left after Metal Fight we were unable to run Burst, but I informed them that I would definitely try hosting a Burst event in the future. A huge thanks to Brisky for helping judge, and congratulations on winning her first tournament! Going into the round robin I'd gone undefeated, while Xenoblader and Brisky were tied for wins, but she came out the winner, beating my Killerken Dragooon F230 GCF with a Dragooon attack combo. Risky move, but it definitely paid off!

Overall, I'm both pleased and surprised by how successful Florida's Revival turned out to be and hope that the younger players who couldn't stay for the tournament will find their way to the WBO for events in the future Smile
Wow! Congrats on hosting a successful tournament and excited to see how Florida's region grows especially with Burst releasing! Good luck and can't wait for future events!