Flame as an Attack wheel.

I was wondering about some stamina types with attack parts, so it switched my Sagittario's S to RF and it has found uses in attack. Ive changed the custom to test it for the thread. the attack may come from the spikes, heres what i did

What i used
Flame Pegasis T125RF as flame attack custom
MF Earth Bull GB145RSF
Beylauncher & Grip for both
Takara-Tomy Stamina Stadium
Banking with FP

FP win by KO
FP win by KO
EB win by OS
FP win by KO
FP win by KO
EB win by OS
FB win by KO
FB win by KO

Flame win rate: 90%
Flame may be useful for attack. The spikes on the side may have added some attack power.
wow intresting i though those arrows could provid some attack powersaw stanima stadium ;\ if you could use a attack stadium.....
MF-H, or just MF? And Attack Stadium should be used.
I believe this is a monumental discovery! :l
I won't break it to you. Someone else can.
MF, and no, i dont have an attack stadium, but im ordering 1 from ebay.
Oh my god, you've found out about destabilizers?!
A rough destabilizer (RF) but still. Speechless
I would recommend an SF.
Isnt SF useless? It said on Beywiki, I know that SF is for destabilizers though.
Yes, it is indeed an awesome Destabilizing tip.
Im gonna do some results with SF later. I will add it in my post.

Flame is a good Attack wheel, I've been using it for a while. A couple of my most recent battles:
MF Flame Susanow 100F vs. Storm Saggitario 105S
FS Win by OS
FS Win by OS
SS Win by OS
FS Win by KO
FS Win by OS

Total Flame Win rate: 80%
I was using the Hasbro Super Vortex Stadium, and it is really something when a beyblade gets hit at just the right angle and flies out. (This actually has happened to me before.)
Bad stadium, bad opponent.
Escolpio we already know Flame 100SF is a great destabilizer, Moss made an entire thread, post results there.. :\

use the search function/look around the forum b4 posting a combo which in your case happens to have an extremely similar counterpart...
(Dec. 18, 2010  12:23 AM)Escolpio WD145B Wrote: Results
FP win by KO
FP win by KO
EB win by OS
FP win by KO
FP win by KO
EB win by OS
FB win by KO
FB win by KO

Flame win rate: 90%
Know how to count. You only wrote nine battles, and Earth Bull won at least two of them with one draw. That is not ninety percent at all.
If its winning by KO its not a destabalizer. Destabalizers are designed/supposed to win by OS against stamina and defense type beys. They can win by KO just like any bey "can" but the purpose is to OS.
According to the results posted (while questionable) it was getting KO's this is what an attack type is made to do. Further its using RF which is NOT a tip a destabalizer would use as its an attack tip.
Further you shouldn't jump to make remarks about the stadium, yeah yeah TT Attack is the holy promised land of the WBO but if its getting KO's on a stamina stadium (aka harder and less likely than on an attack) the results would likely be the same if not better on an attack stadium in most cases.

This forum would be so much nicer if people actually had a thought of there own and didn't just spout "this is wrong, this is wrong, post it else where gtfo nublet!" or act like the fact that a thread being made is somehow a grave affront to the beyblade gods or something.
While the OP's results are highly questionable because of lack of results and lack of accurate math. The fact still stands that if the results are correct (for what was posted) its a discussion worthy of merit and not just trying to up your post count or "play moderator".
Okay, I will personally test this tomorrow.
No one ever said 'gtfo nublet!' or anything of that nature.
Sub-tier combinations are not really meaningful.
I don't really think enough testing has been done to allocate their worth tbh.
como puedo fusionar dark gasher y dark bull
This is an english speaking forum, go to the spanish forum to ask questions like that.
No one really cares if you can put Cancer and Bull together, but congratulations of proving you have a higher IQ than lemon juice.
Don't see what this has to do with destabilizers, isn't 125 to high to be classed as a destabilizer?
.. Look at odin's results Speechless
I have compiled my own:
Quote:Flame Cancer 90RF vs Rock Bull C145CS
Flame Cancer 90RF: 3 wins (2 KO, 1 OS)
Rock Bull C145CS: 7 wins (7 OS)
Flame Cancer's win rate: 30%
Now you know that this combo is generally garbage. I could try a higher height, but only if it is required.
this is interesting, the results show that it worked as an attack type in a stamina stadium witch is so hard to get knocked out there. i came last in a tournament cause i used an attack type in that stadium. if it works well in a attack stadium then it will be considered a good attack wheel in certain combination's. ill try this if i get a flame wheel.
I am surprised you don't already have a Flame wheel, it comes with Sagittario..
i only have had 2 mfb in my life, earth eagle (witch ended up in a drain) and lldrago. we were this close to getting one with a grip yesterday through.
which beyblade past and fighting. One question how old are you?
Odd. JUst yesterday I made MF Flame Pegasus 145HF. I tested it against Lightning L-Drago 100RF, it won with ease. It appears Flame still does have some potential, after being way outclassed in Stamina.What I find interesting is with an attack combo using Flame similar to this, it seems to eventually slightly drag the metal wheel over the stadium floor while still spinning on the tip.This is somehwat deadly, it can easily cause KO, but it works well.