Favorite TV Shows

^Win. I like Lost and umm.... Phineas and FerbXD
My favorite tv shows Are:
Beyblade Metal Masters
Dukes of Hazzard (Original)
Dragon Ball Z Kai
Dragon Ball GT
The Walking Dead
Anything ghost-related.
Dr. G: Medical Examiner
Hoarders/Hoarding: Buried Alive
My Strange Addiction
Chelsea Lately
Jersey Shore
16 and Pregnant
Adventure Time
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Gurren Lagann. Not really tv, but whatever.
(Dec. 17, 2008  10:08 PM)Blitz Wrote: Hmm my favorite TV shows would be - Family Guy (luv it!!), Big Bang Theory, Shameless, Friends, My Name Is Earl, IT Crowd, Scrubs, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The Friday/Sunday Night Project and Still watch the Simpsons most nights a 6pm lol

Thats all I can think of atm lol >.>
The simpsons is so boring nuff.It used to be funny but Matt Groening Ruined it.I think it could have been better if another producer was recruited and Matt Groening fired.All and all the first seasons were very funny and always laughed my carp off.

My favourite TV show is very Beyblade always refering to cartoon Friends,Smallvile,Family Guy and Stargate Atlantis.I also love adventures show like Legend Of The Seeker and Game of Thrones.
I like Star Trek, Dirty Jobs, and Phineas and Ferb (I have not seen the newer ones though. Are they bad?) I dont watch TV much.
i watch the simpsons, (seasons 1-14), aqua teen hunger force, ed edd n eddy, spongebob, malcolm in the middle, and kcal9 news. yeah i live in california and that channel name may be weird...
Little Howard's Big Question i love that show
I like most of the old shows like Samurai Jack, Xialoin Showdown, Jackie Chan Adventures , and Batman TAS.
Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowordly Dog, Static Shock. n' stuff like dat
I enjoy watching
-The Office
-Rescue Me
Spongebob, Avatar the Last Airbender, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Young Justice, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls.
I find the lack of people who watch Breaking Bad here very disturbing. Anyway favorite shows in no particular order are:
Breaking Bad
Malcolm in the Middle
The Simpsons
American Dad
Transformers Prime and
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Mine is
American idol
American got tallent
Fairy Tail.
AMAZING show. Easy story to follow, funny characters, great setting, and it's an anime Joyful_3
Well, here are some of my favorite tv shows, I don't watch much stuff on tv except for anime.:
One Piece(favorite)
FullMetal Alchemist
Genshiken(funny anime about otakus)
Soul Eater
Death Note

Drake And Josh(love this show)
The Cleveland Show(recently started watching this and its pretty funny)
Icarly(yes, the episodes are pretty entertaining)
Avatar: The Last Airbender(It's not really anime so I didn't put it with the other anime, but this show is amazing, better than most anime I have seen.)
Legend Of Korra(Good so far, I like TLA better)
George Lopez

Fairy Tail, and Hunter X Hunter would've been on this list but I dropped Fairy Tail because of many things, not going to explain them all because this post would be kind of long. And HunterXHunter isn't on here because I haven't seen enough of it to judge it well, I'm loving it so far though.

Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution for sure. So nice TV show !
Family Guy... ROADHOUSE !
Friends. It's pretty much the best show ever, haha.

I also like Outnumbered, Star Trek, and Star Trek The Next Generation, but not nearly as much as Friends.
(Feb. 17, 2014  6:59 PM)Dual Wrote: Friends. It's pretty much the best show ever, haha.

I also like Outnumbered, Star Trek, and Star Trek The Next Generation, but not nearly as much as Friends.

You watch CLE ? In french ?
CLE? What's that? Also I'm from America, so I don't watch anything in French.
(Feb. 17, 2014  7:30 PM)Dual Wrote: CLE? What's that? Also I'm from America, so I don't watch anything in French.

Code Lyoko Evolution...
my favorite shows are
Robot wars
Code Lyoko
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
power ranger
Woah, long time since I posted here and my favorite shows have changed a lot. Well, here they are, in no order.
Sakamichi No Apollon(Kids on the Slope)- My favorite short anime.
Kuroko no Basket- Really entertaining and season 2 has been great so far.
One Piece- Amazing, but not as good as the manga, which is my all time favorite.
Hunter x Hunter 2011- My favorite long anime.
Soul Eater- Action packed, funny, just a good anime overall.
Attack on Titan- Really intense and just really good. A bit overrated but eh, still good.

Avatar: The Last Airbender- Favorite show of all time, out of anything. Perfect.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Funniest show ever and my favorite non-animated show.
Freaks and Geeks- Really relatable and just funny and a good show in general.
Breaking Bad- Good characters, intense story.
King of the nerds Season 2- Only show I watch weekly atm, and it's really funny, and cool. Jwittz is even on it, or at least
I like to watch school days and high school of the dead
mine is but i whatch cartoon
regular show
scooby doo
tom and jerry
only horses and fool ( don't harly whatch it )
lego ninjago master of spinjitzu
i do whatch some girl films
mako mermaids
h2o just add water