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Country: United Kingdom Registration Date: Mar. 19, 2016 Birthday: Dec. 18, 2002 (20 years old)

I like to know if there is tournaments in the uk i love beybladeing but i love minecraft and pokémon to and also i go to high school i like it. i love to meet new beybladers in the uk too if i have any questions to tell you or you can ask you can mes me and so enjoy your life and have fun goals: get 50 beys progress: 5/50 get 5 faces get into a tournament in uk or ipswich host a tournament in uk or ipswich get 1000 beyblades get an Antique face keep going on for this website for 30 years wbo goals meet big smoke meet neo meet 1234beyblade meet sosteve meet _adveger_ meet joanhblader13

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