Fastest beyblade combo

Help me find to fastest combo ever that can win a tournament and works in different types of stadiums
Random Thoughts?

Anyways just put volcanic on a light layer and it will fly out the stadium
Exceed driver of hyperion could do a good job in speed and some heavy forge disc like sting or over or zero disc could give a good grip on the stadium floor and a layer with smooth free spinning parts like lucifer the end,infinite lock system layers would be nice.
Master Diabolos stock lol.
There are a lot of fast beys, Htperion stock is an example. I'd say for fast drivers we have:
Generate (start of battle)
Volcanic (?)
Quick (it is in the name)
Jolt (maybe)
well with these drivers any combo can be fast (light layer reccomended)
Xtreme (not xtreme' as its rubber is too soft, usually you have to be on a mid term on hardness, this also apply to every rubber driver)
Generate (start of battle)
Shot (end of battle)
Ultimate reboot (maybe)
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