[Fan Fiction]  The Jakkyrz Razaaz- The Banished Gods (FBW Saga)

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Sure sounds cool.
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(Mar. 02, 2021  1:10 AM)sushiroll1234 Wrote: also, when Samira does star-shine her eyes glow like gt aiga: https://youtu.be/zARlKxmH77s?t=96

Sure sounds cool.

Lmao i was watching the legend of korra when i made my oc
(Mar. 02, 2021  3:46 PM)sushiroll1234 Wrote:
(Mar. 02, 2021  3:36 PM)Ryuga\s Son Wrote: Sure sounds cool.

Lmao i was watching the legend of korra when i made my oc

What is legend of korra?
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(Mar. 02, 2021  3:46 PM)sushiroll1234 Wrote: Lmao i was watching the legend of korra when i made my oc

What is legend of korra?

do the know what avatar the last airbender is?
(Mar. 02, 2021  3:54 PM)sushiroll1234 Wrote:
(Mar. 02, 2021  3:47 PM)Ryuga\s Son Wrote: What is legend of korra?

do the know what avatar the last airbender is?

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(Mar. 02, 2021  3:54 PM)sushiroll1234 Wrote: do the know what avatar the last airbender is?


the legend of korra is a new installment of that
Note: I have school work to do today and other important stuff to today so maybe no chapters today. There's still a 20 percent chance I might write part 2 of the Dark Gods' First Strike, but prob no updates of chapters today. Sorry

Another Note: FBW stands for First Blader War
Announcements :
[Sorry I didn't post any chapters today, I started another fan fic so I didn't post a chapter yesterday or today. Dark Gods' First Strike Part Two will be posted tommorow (estimate). Second Announcement: Season 2 will end in 5 chapters! Announcement Three: Season 3's name: Jakkrya Rajaas (The Banished Gods in the Language of the Dark Gods) Season 4's name: Primordial Sacrifice]
(Mar. 03, 2021  8:13 PM)Ryuga's Son Wrote: Announcements :
[Sorry I didn't post any chapters today, I started another fan fic so I didn't post a chapter yesterday or today. Dark Gods' First Strike Part Two will be posted tommorow (estimate). Second Announcement: Season 2 will end in 5 chapters! Announcement Three: Season 3's name: Jakkrya Rajaas (The Banished Gods in the Language of the Dark Gods) Season 4's name: Primordial Sacrifice]

Wow doing 2 Fan Fics at once my daily Fan Fic is already a tight schedule. GJ
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(Mar. 03, 2021  8:13 PM)Ryuga's Son Wrote: Announcements :
[Sorry I didn't post any chapters today, I started another fan fic so I didn't post a chapter yesterday or today. Dark Gods' First Strike Part Two will be posted tommorow (estimate). Second Announcement: Season 2 will end in 5 chapters! Announcement Three: Season 3's name: Jakkrya Rajaas (The Banished Gods in the Language of the Dark Gods) Season 4's name: Primordial Sacrifice]

Wow doing 2 Fan Fics at once my daily Fan Fic is already a tight schedule. GJ

Yeh I'm really rushing, cuz I really like to write. I thought you have two fan fics?
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(Mar. 03, 2021  8:51 PM)Spin Stealing Wrote: Wow doing 2 Fan Fics at once my daily Fan Fic is already a tight schedule. GJ

Yeh I'm really rushing, cuz I really like to write. I thought you have two fan fics?

Oh I did have a Fan Fic that lasted less than a day but then I deleted it bc it's garbage and now I'm writing Burst Ages Clash
Anyone who pms me and says "Spoil" I will tell them the summary of Season Three

Too busy binge playing Genshin Impact, so no chapters today sorry

Tommorow maybe new chapter
Confirmed Chapters next week. No chapters today
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(Mar. 05, 2021  7:01 PM)freedelahoya641 Wrote: 10/10  that is really good

thanks. Really appreciated

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what chapter are you on
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what chapter are you on

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(Gingka’s Point of View) Chapter 1: Burning Bey Spirit!

Ah! I have been waiting so long since the world championships would happen again! Tomorrow is the World Championships!
I remember when in the world championships, I had beat Damian! At that time, I didn’t know much about pegasus, but Ryuga had given me a hint, a hint which let me use my inner bey spirit to defeat Damian. Ah Ryuga! The day when Nemesis used his special move, I couldn’t help but cry. Ryuga was noble, helped Kenta become who he is now, and taught me, If it wasn’t for him, I would be dead long ago. While I was perplexed in my thoughts, I saw Zyro, battling Sakyo.

“Go now Fire Knight Dragoon! Show him, the power of the Dragon King, the one who will crush everything which stands in its way! Ahh!!!!”

Sakyo’s bey spirit lashed out, and sent Samurai Ifrit flying at the very ring of the stadium.

“ Samurai Ifrit, go now! Special Move: Sword of Burning Flames!”

The Attack clashed head on with Fire Knight Dragoon.

Sakyo smiled and said,”You just fell into my trap.”

Dragoon dodged the attack, and when it was behind Samurai Ifrit, it raced on top of Samurai Ifrit.

Zyro was worried, and he knew that he had already directed Samurai Ifrit, in a direction, and he didn’t have the energy left to change the special move’s direction.

“Special Move! Dragon Emperor Deathclaw!”

Gingka stared at Sakyo in surprise, Dragon Emperor, was Ryuga’s title, how could Sakyo use it?

Dragoon launched out it’s Beyspirit and it smashed into Ifrit, making a huge blast!

When the smoke was cleared…….. Samurai Ifrit, was sent back flying upwards!

Then it came down, and landed on the ground with a thump!

“Didn’t I tell you! I am the next Dragon Emperor and that I will crush you!”

Zyro raged and yelled, “Wait till next time!”

Meanwhile……...In the Burst Universe……….

(Shu’s Point of View) Chapter 2: Rivalry

How I hate Valt! He beat me, and I am itching to battle him!

I will go right now, and I will show him the power of my bey, World Spryzen Unite’ 2B!

As I was walking on my way to my place where I battle and train, I heard some yelling. And when I looked sideways, I saw Free battling Valt.

“Geist Fafnir!”

Fafnir slammed into Genesis Valtryek, making Valtryek lose a lot of it’s stamina.

“Ah Ah! Valtryek send Fafnir Flying! Go Now!”

The Beys hit each other again and again, but none of them could gain the upper hand in the battle.

“Absorb Break!”

Before Valt could say anything, Shu jumped out of Nowhere (trust me, sometimes valt and shu are CRINGY and when they are cringy, They are very CRINGY) and launched his bey yelling “World Spryzen!”

World Spryzen attacked once on Geist Fafnir, sending it right on top of Valtryek which upper handed Valtryek out of the stadium.

Geist Fafnir bounced on the edge and landed in the stadium.

Valt yelled, “How dare you, Shu, I hate YOU! I was about to win and you just HAD to launch your stupid beyblade!”

Shu smiled and said, “Shut your mouth”

Valt ignored him and picked up his beyblade and saw that his whole beyblade had cracks over it!

“What the heck! You broke Valtryek! Valtryek! I don’t even know what to say to you anymore!” Valt shouted.

“Well you should hurry up and fix your beyblade”, said Free.
Valt picked up his beyblade and used his whole store of energy to go and fix his beyblade.

Shu yelled, “Counter Break!”

That attack sent Free’s bey right out of the stadium.

Free said, “Wait till I upgrade my beyblade! My Fafnir will crush you!”

But, something mysterious happened in the OG universe, something………..

(Tyson’s Point of View) Chapter 3: Climax Begins!

Tyson got ready in his house, rushing to get to his battle with Max.

He had to beat Him!

If he lost, all his No. 1 Blader fame will be lost…….and his vow to Kai would be unfulfilled.

Kai…...He hadn’t seen Kai in 5 years.

Kai had vanished.

He missed Kai. Kai was his best friend. He beat Brooklyn, which Tyson had barely managed to do.

He got his Dragoon, and while he was lifting his beyblade up, a light fell from the sky, blinding him and making him lose his consciousness.

A mysterious voice boomed in his head, “You are chosen. Your destiny is to defeat the Evil Force which was the director of all darkness, and I have given you a very powerful gift. Use it well.”

Then he woke up. He looked around and he saw Dragoon. Cracks burst around Dragoon, widening and widening, till the whole bey broke apart!

“What the hell! I didn’t do anything! How did Dragoon break! Dragoon!!!!!”

Then when all the pieces of his bey burst apart, dragoon’s bey spirit emerged!

And new pieces fit together to hold the bey spirit. It was such an amazing sight that Tyson couldn’t even talk. When all the pieces formed into a beyblade, a Golden Sign landed on top of the bey.

Tyson picked Dragoon up and looked at it’s features. It had four layers, and they could switch and turn into new modes. It also had a new tip, a tip which had spikes on its side, which could emerge and easily knock out a beyblade.

Tyson was drooling on his new bey! Before he did anything else, he named his new beyblade, Mega Lord Dragoon’ McxuryA

Then he remembered that he had to battle Max. He ran out of his house as he raced to the Bey Park.

When he arrived, Max was yelling at him that he was ALWAYS late.

THREE>>>>> TWO>>>> ONE>>>> GO SHOOT!

The two beys attacked each other, trying to break through each other’s defenses.

Tyson yelled, “Go now Dragoon! Show me your new power!”

Max said, “New power?! Did you upgrade your bey? It isn’t fair! I didn’t get to upgrade mine!”

Dragoon switched to its Flame Mode, and it raced with such speed that his bey created fire with its friction!

Max was amazed! How was this possible! Before he could say anything, Dragoon hit his bey and sent it flying upward and it crashed to the ground.

The Battle was over so quickly!

Was there no one who could beat Tyson?

No one?

Before anyone could say anything, A man with a shrouded cloak appeared and said, “Is this all you got? Lemmi show you the power of my bey!”

The man readied his beyblade and said, “Three...Two... One...Let it rip!”

Tyson launched his beyblade as well, and the beyblades clashed and Dragoon seemed to lose its stamina.

“Dragoon, switch to Flame Mode!”

The bey created fire with its speed and friction as it raced toward the Mysterious Man’s bey.

The Man smiled, and the bey switched modes as it bounced right on top of Dragoon!

It was as if the beyblade was drilling through Dragoon!

Tyson couldn’t Control his beyblade, and the Man yelled, “Special Move: Eternal Abyss Fire Wing Slash!”

The bey slashed Dragoon, and sent it flying!

Tyson’s face turned into such a saggy expression that the man laughed.

The Man removed his cloak and as you guys can guess, he was the Phoenix Legend!

Third Person Point of View) Chapter 4: King of Thundersword Returns

Zyro was frustrated that Sakyo had beat him. He had trained and trained but he ended up losing. Now, he had lost his title of the No.1 Blader. Sakyo had taken it from him. He knew he had to train harder and longer every single day but he just couldn’t find out HOW to do it. He took his Samurai Ifrit and stared at his bey, lost in his upcoming thoughts. Then, a light shone at his eyes. And he saw a Man, a man with an outfit that symbolized the Legendary Blader………

The Man smiled at him and said with a meek voice, “You have a magnificent bey in your hands. Well, I would like to see what the successor of Gingka can do. So you had better get ready to battle me, because I’m about to show you the power of my bey.”

Zyro smiled and got ready.

They both yelled, “Three...Two...One...GO SHOOT!”

“Samurai Ifrit, we must regain the fame we lost and get the redemption of the battle we lost yesterday!”

Samurai Ifrit, attacked the Mysterious Man’s bey and again, but the attacks were always pushed back.

“What? What is happening?! Why am I not able to attack him properly!”

“It’s simple. You are not using passion and love for beyblade in your attacks. Your beyspirit is lacking.”

Then Zyro had a flashback to when 6 years ago, Gingka Hagane, had told him that in the end, only the beyspirit determines the end of the battle.

The Man smiled and said, “You probably want to know who I am. Well I am…….
The Legendary Blader of Variares And I’m King.”

Zyro’s mouth fell open. King? He was a strong blader, one who almost managed to beat the Dragon Emperor (aka Ryuga) and is one of the Famed Legendary Bladers who had helped Gingka seal Nemesis in a timeless void.

King smiled.

“I’m gonna show you my bey spirit RIGHT NOW!” Variares started increasing its speed and a red aura surrounded him.

“Sword Of Ares!”

The spirit of Variares raised it’s sword as it hit Samurai Ifrit.

Samurai Ifrit was sent back flying by the intense power of that hit!

Variares kept on attacking Ifrit and it was as if King was playing with him. Samurai Ifrit was losing Stamina by every second.

Then King said, “When you battle with your rivals and friends, you need to express your feelings through your beyspirit. That is the real fun of beyblade. You need to become ONE with your bey. It's an extremely long and hard process but if you put your mind to it, you can do it. Well, I think I’m gonna end this battle now.”

Variares lightly pushed Samurai Ifrit and that was the End. Samurai Ifrit had lost all its spin.

King smiled and walked away, leaving Zyro to ponder what King’s words had meant.

(Third Person Point of View) Chapter 5: New Beys!

Question before Chapter : How can I add a poll in this thread?

Valt was in his laboratory, fussing over how Valtryek was broken and how he would get revenge.

Valt was adding glue and using his brains (his brains burst. Get it: beyblade burst lol) on how to fix Valtryek but whatever he tried, the bey kept on falling apart.
Then as he was focused on fixing his bey, someone burst into his room.

It was his friend, Rantaro.

Rantaro said, “Why have you been sitting here so long! We need to battle! The Beyblade World Championships are going to start in three weeks!”

“Didn’t you hear? That dumball, Shu broke my beyblade and I’m spending hours trying to fix it but It’s not working!”

Then Valt went into Cringy/Rage mode explaining how Shu had broken his beyblade.

Valt went over to his desk to pick up Valtryek and show Rantaro how bad Shu had broken it.

As soon as he touched Valtryek, a blinding light came upon him as Rantaro fell unconscious. Then his brain started wobbling as he also fell on the floor.

A loud voice boomed in his head saying,”You are chosen to fight the Evil Force. I have given you a great gift. Use it well.”

Then he woke up. When he woke up, he quickly shoke Rantaro. Rantaro woke up and exclaimed, “What happened? The last I remember, We were discussing how Shu had broken Valtryek!”

Valt then remembered the powerful voice that had spoken to him. He must keep that secret.

“Ah, I don’t know, I just saw you blackout. Anyways, people blackout all the time. It doesn’t matter anyways. Let's look at Valtryek!”

When he picked out Valtryek, all the broken pieces had fixed back and made a new bey!

“Valt, you lied! Valtryek looks like it's been upgraded more than it looks like it’s broken!.”

Valt smiled and laughed, telling Rantaro that he had been itching to tell him that he had found new bey pieces and he had mixed into with Valtryek, making a new Valtryek.

Valt thought in his head: I know I’m lying but I think I have to do that for the time being.

Then he made a new name for Valtryek: Supreme Warrior Valtryek Ad’C3’

Note to self: Valt is the cringiest beyblade character.

In MFB universe: The Light emerged and gave new beys to Gingka, Kenta, Kyoya, King, Zyro, Sakyo, Takanosuke, Chris, Yuki, Aguma, Dynamis, Tithi, and lots of other worthy bladers (I will introduce those bladers soon)

Gingka New Bey: Black Hole Pegasus’ Driver TaC
Kenta New Bey: Black Flames Archer Sagittarius’ 7uc Vaffcus

Kyoya new bey: King Leone’ BDc driver

King: Master Variares DGrin

Zyro: Samurai King Ifrit

Sakyo: Lightning Paladin Dragoon

Takanosuke: Driver Griffin

Chris: Phantom Wraith Orion

Yuki: Mercury God Anuibus

Aguma: Lightning Scythe Kronos

Dynamis: Heaven Angel Jupiter

Tithi: Poison Quetzalcoatl

Masuname: Typhoon Striker

Burst: The Mysterious Light flashed again, but this time in the Burst Universe. It gave it’s powers to Valt, Shu, Aiga, Rantaro, Ranjiro, Lui, Lane, Free, Amane, and many other worthy bladers (will introduce soon)

Valt: Supreme Warrior Valtryek Ad’C3’
Shu: Fire Spirit Spryzen
Aiga: Eternal Achilles
Rantaro: Landslide Roktavor
Ranjiro: Infinite Slasher Roktavor
Lui: Cavalier Luinor
Lane: Lucifer The Dark Demon
Free: Angelic Dragon Fafnir
Amane: Cyclone Ashura

OG: Kai, Tyson, Max, Ray, Lee, Emily, Eddy, Tala, and Spencer

Tyson New bey : Mega Lord Dragoon’ McxuryA
Kai: Eternal King Dranzer
Max: Nether Behemoth Draciel
Ray: Ravager Driger
Lee: Abyss Galeon
Emily: Sky Trygator
(Note I’m gonna make a complete different bey for Eddy) Eddy: Shuriken Dracha
Tala: Hell Flames Wolborg
Spencer: Tempest SeaBorg

One Light flashed in between the Burst, MFB, and OG universes. It hit the space, and it shattered the space, collecting all types of energy to form into a Bridge. That Bridge was named the Bridge of Universes.

Chapter 6: The Start of a New Era

Gingka stared at his new bey, Black Hole Pegasus. The incident which had evolved Pegasus had seemed very familiar to the star fragment which had evolved Pegasus many years ago. Pegasus had evolved again, and Gingka couldn’t help but think that the whole star fragment business had returned, And it had chosen him again. His battle against Nemesis had changed him a lot. He had become a different person. But perhaps this was the time to return again to the Beyblade World. When Nemesis had been sealed away, he had felt his soul change, and tighten into something very different. He was no longer the same Gingka Hagane he was many years ago. He was very different. He felt Pegasus’s spirit drawing to him, trying to tell him something. And he listened.

We need to return to the beyblade world now. It is time for the return of the Legendary Bladers, and a new era has begun at last”, said Pegasus

Gingka immediately understood that his destiny lies in beyblade, He must return.

He smiled and said, “Well I guess, the World Beyblade Championships is that way to start!”

Bao, King, and Aguma were standing at a hill, wondering what they should do next. Aguma’s bey had evolved and Aguma wanted to show the world the power of Beylin Fist. King just loved beyblade. He missed the days when he used to battle.

“I will now return to the beyblade world. I will show them the power of a true blader!”

Bao and Aguma knew that the Legendary Bladers would all return. This was the start of a new Era.

All the legendary bladers, alongside Masuname. They would return.

Kyoya pitifully stared at Gingka, his uttermost rival. He would crush Gingka now. He would become the strongest blader, and would become the King of Beyblade. He had sharpened his fangs for too long.

Kenta rarely smiled since the incident of Rago apparently “killing Ryuga”.

He would carry out Ryuga’s fame. He would surpass all and become the strongest, the goal Ryuga had ever sought to achieve.

Titi danced on his legs, yelling, “Quetzalcoatl, we will have lot of fun beyblading!”

Everyone smiled, even Kyoya did.

Yuki said, “Here we go!”

The New Era had begun.

Chapter 7: World Beyblade Championships Begin!

“This is the World Championships! Bladers from all regions, all over the world, will gather over here to have epic battles! And a surprise….

“The Legendary Bladers have returned!”

Everyone started yelling, the Legends were back!

The possibility of this happening was so small no one even dreamed of it anymore, but the Legends were before their eyes!

Zyro said,”Gingka! I haven’t seen you in such a long time!!!! I never realized you would return!”

“I couldn’t hide my desperation to battle Zyro, and since we are in the World Championships, everyone is aiming for the top! So I guess we will battle soon!” said Gingka with a amusing voice.

King said,”Hey guys, I’m King and I’m gonna win, so you petty guys should step out!”

None of the bladers stepped out, since their determination was strong!

“We will see about that soon, “ muttered Kyoya with a grim expression.

“Let's start! The first battle of today is going to be between…….Zyro and Shinobu!, yelled Tsubasa

Meanwhile in the Burst Universe, secrets were about to be revealed…….

Chapter 7: Emperor vrs Warrior

Valt admired his new beyblade, Supreme Warrior Valtryek, and he was itching to try the bey on Shu and show him that Valtryek was much more powerful than his stupid Spryzen.

But first he had to train with Valtryek. Valtryek had just evolved and he needed to master it before he confronted Shu. He went to the beypark and spun his beyblade.

“Supreme Warrior Valtryek, spin faster, faster faster!”

Valtryek began to pick up a very fast speed, and it raced around the stadium. Valt was flabbergasted.

Valtryek had become much more powerful. He could barely control Valtryek now. He decided that he would practice till Valtryek would be under his control completely.

After another 10 minutes of valtryek racing across the stadium, Valt said, “Valtryek Try this Out: Special Move: Supreme Sword of Aether!”

Before the special move could be performed, Valtryek spun right out of the stadium.

As Valtryek began falling to the ground, a mysterious bridge formed before him.

“What is this?”

Valt walked into the bridge and before he could examine it, the bridge vanished and he opened his eyes.

Valt expected to be in the Bey Park, but instead, he was somewhere completely different. He was looking at a huge volcano. It had bubbling fire everywhere. He was pretty scared to get on top of it.

As he was looking, a man wearing a white cloak came before him.

“Whoever you are, get lost right now!”

“Don’t tell me what to do. You look like a blader. Let’s battle”, said Valt

“Hey, kid, get lost and mind your own business.”

“Well If you aren’t going to listen, I guess I’ll force it upon you!, exclaimed Valt.

Valt readied his bey and launcher.

“You’ll be sorry!”

Valt and the Man launched their beys.

The Man’s beyblade had a dragon sign on it, and he thought, “They aren’t any beyblades like this I have seen before”.

“Go Now, L Drago! Finish this fight right now!”

Ryuga’s bey smashed into Valtryek, sending it flying!

Valt was surprised. Not many people could send valtryek flying but this man had done it like it was such an easy task!

The Man’s bey kept on attacking Valtryek and Valtryek seemed helpless.

“Valtryek! Go now!”

Valtryek attempted to attack L drago, but the attack was dodged easily.

“You do have some potential, but you need to master your bey first”.

“Don’t underestimate me, because I will show you the power of me and valtryek!”

Valtryek bursted out it’s spirit as Valt yelled, “Show me your power. Show me the power you gained!”

Valtryek immediately switched modes and started attacking L Drago, The attacks were so powerful that every blow sent L drago flying.

“How dare you, punk!”

“How dare I? I dare like this!”

Valtryek’s spirit rose and struck it’s sword at L drago.

L drago was sent flying back several yards!

L drago’s spin was decreasing drastically by every moment.

“Valtryek finish this now!”

Valtryek raced toward L drago with frightening speed…..

Ryuga yelled, “Don’t get ahead of yourself!”

“Special Move: Dragon Emperor Meteor Shower!”

L drago rose and spit Meteors from it’s mouth and they fell on top of Valtryek, sending it flying!

Ryuga calmed down and said to L drago, “I see…...you have evolved once more. And this time, I will truly crush everyone! I need revenge on Nemesis. I have been training for a long time. I think my training is done. I will return now. I name you, Ferocious Meteor L Drago.”

Valt stood up and said, “How come I lost!”

“You are strong, but you need to control your bey better,” said Ryuga with a fierce voice.

“Ah, by the way, where am I?”

“You are in the MFB world, obviously”, said Ryuga.

“MFB world? I have never heard of it before”.

“Kid, leave me alone now. I have many things to do.”

Not a chapter (cuz it’s small) : The Sun Shatters

Far, far away, there was a sun that radiated darkness. The energy in it began to bubble. It formed into a core, a core that expanded for many years.

The core expanded so much that it pulled the Black Sun into itself. The Energies were battling, and in a split second the whole thing shattered.

This was the Black Sun. The Origin of Nemesis and countless other evils. This time it had shattered, and its pieces fell till it reached into many worlds.

These pieces landed at the wrong place.

Chapter 8: Black Sun’s Power

The Fragments of the Sun first fell in the OG universe, landing right in front of Brooklyn.

In Brooklyn’s hand, a bey emerged. A dark bey emerged, with dark radiant power.

Brooklyn had been previously controlled by his bey, Zeus.

But now, since Zues was shattered, he had been freed.

Brooklyn’s intentions were still the same.

He wanted to control the Beyblade World.

The Bey that had just appeared gave him hope.

He would get revenge on Kai and Tyson.

He would absorb their powers, and use them to have what he wanted.

He named his Bey, Wicked Indra.

Now was his time to rise.

Chapter 9: Shinobu Vrs Zyro!

“The battle is about to start! The battle between Two Great Friends, to aim for the top!”

Zyro and Shinobu were already ready. 3...2….1…….GO SHOOT!

Both beys had a powerful launch as they both raced to attack each other!

“Go now, Ifrit!”

Ifrit’s speed increased as it directly hit Salamander. The attack carried a lot of power, but Salamander did not even budge!

“What? The last time, I knew, you were an attack type?!”

Shinobu replied,”You are not the only one who trains hard. I have been training and both my stamina and defense have gotten a lot better. And I think it’s my turn now!”

Salamander changed directions as it made after images with it’s speed.

Zyro was flabbergasted. There was no way he could predict which one was the real Salamander!
Shinobu had developed upon it’s special techniques as well!

“Go now Salamander! Kick him right out of the stadium!”

Zyro had only one choice. To use HIS technique.

Ifrit started racing around the stadium, so fast the Salamander was drawn in immediately.

“Ifrit, go faster, and faster!”

Ifrit made another burst of speed as Salamander was drawn in at the edge of the stadium!

“Special Move: Flaming Uppercut!”

Ifrit’s bey spirit rose and used it’s sword of fire to uppercut Salamander.

The Attack made a huge explosion as Salamander was sent flying. Zyro was sure that Shinobu was done for now.

But, suddenly Shinobu yelled, “Go now Salamander, Special Move: Ninja Strike!”

Salamander pounced on Ifrit, as another huge explosion occurred.

Zyro quietly said,”Ifrit switch to defense mode”.

At the last second, Ifrit switched to Defense Mode.

But Shinobu had put his inner bey spirit in this attack. There was little chance that Zyro would survive the hit.

As the smoke cleared, both beys were spinning at the same stamina and speed.

Shinobu yelled, “What?! How come you withstood my attack!?”

“Because I have an upgraded Ifrit. I didn’t tell you about it so I could use a little secret”

“Go now, King Samurai Ifrit, Special Move: Samurai King’s Katana!”

Ifrit threw five katanas at Salamander as it got one in it’s hand. Ifrit ran to meet Salamander with the attack.

Shinobu yelled,”I won’t lose easily! Special Move: Blazing RING SHOT!”

The Two attacks met and a huge explosion occurred once again as the stadium broke into hundreds of pieces.

But, instead of their beys falling on the ground, the beys battled in midair. Their blader and bey spirit was strong indeed.

When the smoke cleared, The Two beys fell to the ground, devoid of any strength. But Zyro’s bey held longer then Salamander, taking the WIN!!!.

The people clapped, applauding Zyro and Shinobu for the epic battle.

But, Someone in the background laughed. Saying quietly, “Well, I think it’s time to test out my bey.”

Chapter 10: Phoenix vrs The Dragon Emeperor

“Yup I am back,” said Kai.

“But it’s not possible! Everyone thought you were long dead!”, exclaimed Tyson

“I was just resting. Waiting for my Dranzer to return. My Dranzer has returned in a better form.”

“Well anyways, I gotta get ready to battle more people, so I will see you around later”, said Tyson.

Kai wandered around for a long time, when he saw Ryuga.

“Hey, who are you? You like you could give me a good fight,” said Kai.

“I’m someone who wants to crush you!”

“I’m not so sure about that!”, said Kai.

“Well then I will show you!”

Three...two...one….LET IT RIP!

“Go now L drago, prove that no one is stronger than us!”

L drago sped toward Dranzer, making a collision.

“That won’t work against Dranzer.”

L drago’s attack was withstood by the ferocious power of Dranzer.

“If that doesn’t work then take this!,” yelled Ryuga with a challenging voice.

L drago switched modes as it gained momentum. L drago’s left rotation was combined by it’s amazing attack power. Another factor was that this mode allowed L drago to attack and absorb attacks at the same time.

“Let’s see if you can withstand this!,” roared Ryuga.

L drago went straight for Dranzer with frightening speed.

“Dranzer meet the attack with Neos Mode!”

Dranzer’s mode renewed its attack power and scale of speed.

The attack collided and L drago just absorbed the attack’s power.

“What is happening? How come my power is being taken from me?”

L drago was absorbing Dranzer’s spin and power as Dranzer was losing it’s speed.


As Kai Called out to Dranzer, Dranzer began to regain it’s speed and spin as it soared into the sky.

“Dranzer! Finish this now! Special Move: Eternal Flame Wing Slash!”

Dranzer fell right on top of L drago, as Ryuga yelled, “You think that will finish me? I won’t let you! Special Move: Dragon Emperor SUPREME FLIGHT!”

L drago’s spirit came out as it attacked Dranzer. The two bey spirit’s struggled to defeat the other.

As the smoke cleared, both of the beys were out of the stadium.

Ryuga yelled, “L drago!”

Kai just smiled and said, “You are strong”

Ryuga replied,”The next time we meet, I will beat you”.

Chapter 11. Kenta vrs Lane!

Lane was somewhere alien. He didn’t know where he was. He was just there.

He walked around as he saw a blader with a strong aura.

He was itching to try out his new beyblade, Lucifer the Dark Demon.
The blader said, “You look like a blader. A different one though. I have never seen someone like you before. By the way, My name is Kenta. The Legendary Blader, Kenta!”

“Well, I don’t care who you are, because the word Legendary only fits me. I am Lain Walhalla, the blader of this magnificent bey, Lucifer the Dark Demon!”

“Let’s battle then,” said Kenta.

“Three, Two, One, LET IT RIP”

“Black Flames Archer Sagittario!

Sagittario sent a blast of fire flying across the whole stadium!

“LUCIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!”, Lane yelled.

Lucifer covered itself with a dark aura. The Dark Aura descended across the whole stadium making the Flames vanish as if they never existed.

Kenta thought in his mind, “How did he do that? As far as I know, even Gingka had to use some energy to counter Flame Mode but he just shoved it off!”

“Let’s see if you, the so-called Legendary Blader, can take on my flare!”

The air around him condensed as Lucifer’s spirit rose and attacked Sagittario. Kenta was dumbfounded.

“Lucifer, finish this with Flare Shock Wave!”

A shockwave descended across the whole stadium.

Kenta thought, “NO!! I cannot lose. I have trained so hard!”

The force of the attack sent Sagittario flying in the air.

As Sagittario was about to hit the ground, Kenta remembered several years ago, when he was battling Ryuga the last time. Ryuga had attacked him with L drago’s mighty attacks, but He had not given up. He had kept Sagittario spinning. This time would be the same.

Kenta’s bey spirit was ignited.

“AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Sagittario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Switch to Attack Mode!”

In midair, Sagittario switched to Attack Mode. It dove right for Lucifer.

“Sagittario, Flaming Arrow Shower!”
Sagittario’s spirit fired showers of burning arrows at Lucifer. The arrows were too fast for Lucifer to dodge, as Lucifer was damaged greatly by the fierce attacks.

“How dare you anger the Dark Demon?! I will send you to your doom! Special Move: Avatar of Darkness!”

Lucifer expended a huge amount of dark energy subsided over the two beys.

“Sagittario meet the special move with our own special move: Arrows of Amaterasu!”

Sagittario’s bow pointed toward the Sun, and the Sun Goddess gave black flames to the arrow. The Black Flames of Amaterusu were flames that didn’t extinguish until they dissipated the target. Sagittario fired the arrows right at Lucifer. The Two attacks relentlessly destroyed the whole landscape.

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Dark Gods' First Strike Part Two:

When Valt, Aiga, Free, Shu, Rantaro, and Ranjiro's bey spirits sprouted out from their beys, Gingka said, "Now Connect with your bey spirit and ask for it to return to your Home World".

The Bey Spirits started glowing, with fierce power. Shu's bey spirit and Valt's bey spirit merged, and they both managed to teleport.

"Please work! Roktavor!", begged Rantaro.

All the bey spirits merged, and together, all the Burst Blader vanished, teleporting themselves to the Burst World.

As soon as all of them reached to their World, Doji was there greeting them.

"Ah My fellow bladers! You came a tiny tiny bit too late. Nemesis' fragments of power have already been united. Last time, the Dark God Nemesis, couldn't expel all his power fragments into Diablo Nemesis, but this time, that dream shall come true!", said Doji, wickedly smiling.

A chill ran down Shu's spine. This guy was like a Demon in Human Skin. But, he felt like he knew the guy.

"Nemesis! We shall finish this now! You and your pathetic ideologies shall be demolished here and now! We were only waiting for you to come, and since you have, you should enjoy the END of your home planet", said a man, shrouded in a Dark Cloak.

*A Wall breaks into millions of pieces*

"I don't think so. I hate some bladers here *motions his hand in front of Valt* but I will not let my home planet be destroyed", said a person who walked on the shambles of the broken wall.

"Lui!? How are you here?", yelled Valt

"I hate you, but I hate people like Doji and his comrades even more", said Luil, lazily.

"By the way, I also brought one of my friends with me, whose name is Elvio", said Lui, smiling as his friend walked into the room.

*Doji spits*

"Fine then! I shall destroy every one of you guys, with you guys witnessing the destruction of all life in your planet", said the Man, shrouded in a black cloak

End of Chapter

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