[Fan Fiction]  Blade Island : Allik Adventures

{Quick Summary} Blade Island fanfiction takes place on a island where most of the kids are just getting into beyblade because of the increasing hype. They know and watch beyblade battles on tv but this new website made it so they have their own local community of bladers that's constantly growing. With the access of beyblades growing on the island we will follow a 12yr old Boy and his Beyblade adventure. Bad is everywhere even in a "fun" game. (Based on Beyblade Burst Cho-z) 

 *Disclaimer* this is my first Fanfic and writing project, i wrote last year and finally caught up. Im doing this as a little project and practice for the other stories i have ready to write so im looking for all feedback(good or bad). A lot more plans in the future just have to start somewhere and track my growth.


CHP.1-1st Beyblade  & Practice

One Summer June morning Allik smoke was woken up by his parents. His parents liked his grades in school so they woke him up to receive a gift.
Allik woke up with a cold in his eye wondering why he’s being woken up on a summer day, School's out its supposed to be relaxing time. Then while still dizzy from waking up he noticed they had a present for him. As he forced his eyes to focus he simultaneously thought about what it might be. He opened the present and it was a beyblade (Winning Valkyrie).

"Happy Birthday Allik!" said both of his parents together.

Filled with excitement he instantly started playing with it while screaming,
“ This is Winning Valkyrie!! Thanks mom! Thanks Dad!” until he got it out the package and on the floor spinning.

Allik spent that whole morning playing with what he started to call his new companion.
Still filled with so much excitement he went to his friend Nog King’s house to show him what he got.
Allik arrives and is greeted by Nog's Grandmother, Marie King.

“Hello Allik! Here for your friend Nog or are you here to see me?”, Said Marie.

“I'm here to see my best friend on this island! plus I got something to show him”, Allik replied with his hands behind his back and excitment written all over his face.

"Happy Birthday Allik im baking a cake for you" said Marie as calls to Nog in which he comes running down, kicks on his shoes and runs out the door before being stopped by his grandmother to be lectured about rushing all the time. Allik made sure to give his thanks.

After the lecture she lets him leave and that's when Allik removes his hands from behind him to reveal his brand new beyblade. Both of them with the energy of the most energetic kids get very loud as they struggle to contain their strong happy emotions. Because this is something they wanted from when they saw beyblades on the TV from overseas and it started a wave on their island. Allik And Nog decide to go to the park and see if there’s anyone over there to practise with. They see a school friend and his little brother, who they realize is Taurus and his brother Squiddy. Allik and Nog See that they're playing with their beyblades so Allik rushes to challenge them.
They all look confused because they have the same Winning Valkyrie, Only difference being Allik’s doesn’t have stickers on his.
Allik challenges them and states that his bey doesn’t have stickers so they can still determine the outcome correctly. They just got to keep watch on which one wins and make sure not to confuse themselves.

Allik beats the little brother Squiddy using a launch that makes the beyblade go fast then go to the middle and play defense. Allik tries the same thing against Taurus but ties because they stop spinning at the same time. This happened 3 times in a row. Even with their beys hitting each other the outcome was the same, Stalemate.

“Let me try,” Said Nog King.

Allik lets his friend try and notices they have a different way of holding the launcher.

 “3,2,1 LET IT RIP!!”. 

The way Nog launched the beyblade went straight towards the next bey and hit it straight out.

“You gotta teach me that” Said Allik to Nog, In which he replied “you just got this today we have a lot to practise and experiment! Take this as a learning phase for us”

Taurus and Squiddy thank them both for the fun battle and ask if they want to battle again tomorrow, which they agreed. Allik and Nog decide to stay at the park as they are not ready to leave yet.
While they were taking turns practicing their launches and techniques they were having deep conversations about beyblading. The time passed so fast they didn’t notice that they were the only kids still outside.
Allik walks Nog home, both of them still talking about beyblade.
Allik arrives home with a lot on his mind but thanks parents again for the present then ate the cake Marie made for him. He told his parents about his battle outside before going to sleep.
I dont know how to post pictures so ill just release the rest of the chapter's 1 by 1 just going over them again in editing.
Chp.2 Beyblade and battles

The next morning Allik jumped out of his sleep almost as if he just had a nightmare but it was just his excitement. First thing he did after jumping out of bed was grab his Beyblade on his way to the washroom. He woke up super excited to start his day practicing and getting to know his Beyblade. he was practicing his launch during breakfast and practicing attacks in the shower. By lunch time his friend Nog knocked on his door to get him to come outside.

"Allik make sure you wash the dishes before you go out with your friends!" yelled Allik's mother from another room.

"Want to play with my Beyblade until im done?" Asked Allik to Nog.

"Of course", replied Nog filled with internal excitement that he was trying his hardest not let out but you can see it in his eyes.

As soon as Allik was done he rushed to watch Nog practice for a while before asking, "so, where we going to train today? there's a lot i need to learn".
"Like what? did you see something or think of something new you want to try? and to your first question lets ride our bikes and find places together." replied Nog as he got on his bmx.

"I want to see what i can learn and master so i can compete! so i need to know what works for me." "That's why we need to hurry up and practice so we can before its too late and we lose." said Allik as he and Nog started riding.

" I also want to see what you can do, you can use mines until you get your own anytime." Allik continued.

"I just want to see you win, i have to save up a lot before i can get my first Beyblade but I don't mind practicing my launch. I haven't been able to watch tv to see the new Beyblade news because i was helping my grandma all day." replied Nog.

They stop at an abandoned car in the tree's, looks like its been in an accident then left to rust. They went to look closer and noticed the roof is sunken in and looks like a stadium. They looked at each other as they dropped their bikes to go practice on the car.

"Tell your grandma thanks for making me that heavenly strawberry cheesecake, i told my parents to give you guys some because i know only 1 was made." said Allik randomly.

"that's what your thinking about? I thought you were planning out what you want to practice first" Nog said laughing out of control.

They talked and both practice whatever they could come up with at that time for a couple hours until they remembered about the battles from the other day. They got back on their bmx and said whoever gets there first gets to battle first.
Nog arrived first to see the brothers practicing. Allik arrived and cut straight to the chase, the battles!
Nog gets to go first versus Rile.

"3-2-1 LET IT RIP!!" they said in unison. Nog used the same launch as yesterday and Rile did a launch that has his bey speeding around the stadium. He did 3 laps before Nog bey zigzagged from the launch and a got a direct hit sending the other bey the edge, it did 1 more lap before spinning out the ring.

"AAUUUUGGGHH!!!!! i practiced that all day and night and still loss to the same launch!!" said Rile. He then took his bey and left is little brother Hue at the park
"Ignore him he gets mad quick" said Hue. "I'm here to verse both of you guys and i plan  on winning today!" continued Hue.

They battled until evening with the score being, Nog 2 wins 4 losses, Allik 4 wins 2 losses and Hue with 3 wins and 3 losses. They ask Hue if he wants a ride because they have pegs on their bmx, to which he agrees. They stop at a store for drinks an snacks.

"I feel like I'm struggling to find my sweet spot with this bey, its not doing everything im trying to get it to do." Said Allik.

"You've had it for like 2 days"  laughed Nog.

"You know you can buy trade and battle for parts on the tube right? so you can customize the bey to how you like if the original setup doesn't work for you.'' said Hue.

"What!?" said both Allik and Nog with confusion.

"There's no way you didn't know that, everyone knows that. You go on Beytube make an account and you get access to worldwide and local Beyblade news. If you get a battle through the site it keeps track of your record." replied Hue.

"Im doing that as soon as i get inside we've been keeping up by watching tv and a few news sites online. This is a game changer!" said Allik.

"I can probably battle for a bey!" said Nog

"Or lose a bey" said little brother.

"I wont lose ad how do you know so much" said Nog as they threw out their garbage and got back on the bmx's.

"From my older brother, he takes this serious. So serious he wont battle on the site unless he wins more outside because he doesn't want to have a bad record online." Replied Hue.

After their conversation they all ended their day racing on their bmx to drop little brother home then calling it a night while going to their homes.
Chp.3 learning more about Beyblades

After all that practicing yesterday, Allik decided he will stay in longer today to explore the beytube. He was so excited to see what local battles are going on and who's the top beyblader of the island. So after breakfast he was on the computer only taking a break to each lunch and use the bathroom. He was watching battles, events and reading Beyblade news while practicing his launch.
The way he was on the computer if his father didn't yell for him to eat lunch he would have skipped it to stay online. And his father noticed he went right back to the computer right after eating.

" I got to become the best in my area and on my island! Maybe while I'm up there i can travel the world and battle worldwide!" said Allik.

Nog was downstairs knocking the door and Alliks mother called for him to answer it. Allik looked out the window first because his window faces the same direction as the front door, he looked down and noticed it was his friend Nog. Allik quickly ran downstairs to let his friend in and rushed him upstairs to explore the beytube with him. They both caught up on the new and decided to watch some video's. While they were watching video's they were taking turns practicing their launches in the clothes basket cover, instead of just on the floor like they usually do inside. As they were watching the video's and practicing Nog had an idea.

"What's the Beyblade ranks for our island?" asked Nog.

"Also didn't (lil bro) say we can set up battles for parts online?" asked Nog.

"you're right! but what part would i get?", asked Allik.

They decided to spend their time doing research and practicing to see what they think would work for them. Allik decided he wanted to have more balance and control over his bey so they started looking for balance parts. They made their first ad challenge on the website, "1v1 part for part " which is a one on one battle, best of 2, both have to put up one Beyblade part in the pot, winner takes the part.

"let's go outside and practice while we wait?" offered Allik.


"looks like we got replies already!" said Nog.

"A blader who's new like us named Zeke said he'll put up his balance driver against our weight, Forgot the rest im going to take this one!" said Allik.

"why? arent there more messages?" asked Nog

"yes but he the only one that replied with no record like us" replied Allik.

"Oh i forgot we must look like easy wins to them if we accept, lets come back to them when we're a bit more experienced." said Nog.

They scheduled the battle for tomorrow at the park and both parties agreed. Allik felt a feeling he barely feels, nervousness. He came to realization that if he does lose he wont be able to battle again until he gets a new Beyblade and Nog doesn't have his own Beyblade yet. But he started to think about if he wins. He gets a new part to add to his bey and practice with to see what works better for him. He also gets to try and battle for enough parts to build Nog a Beyblade. Nog noticed the look on his face and reassured him that he'll win. Allik looked and Nog with a serious face followed by a light smurk.

"Win or lose ill keep going!" said Allik as he started practicing.
Chp.4 : 1st real match (BEYTUBE BATTLE)

It was a warm summer morning so Allik was wondering why he woke up with cold sweats. He was hoping that its not because he was nervous of his first real match, even though he knows that it was. He was very anxious but also very nervous plus he was thinking a lot. This a ranked match were both sides have something to lose and will be on their record on the beytube. They both put up a part from their respective beyblades in this battle and winner gets whatever has been put up. Allik put up his driver and so did his opponent. Allik doesn't know about his opponent but for him if he loses he cant battle again unless he gets a new driver or a whole new beyblade.

"I'm thinking way too much, let me hurry up and get ready" Allik said while thinking out loud.

He wanted to stop overthinking so when he gathered his things and got on his bmx he took the long way to Nog's house. During that ride he got time to clear his mind a little and it helped him to relax before he arrived at his friends house. He knocked on his friends door but had to wait inside because Nog was in the middle of finishing up his chores. Allik decided to show Marie, Nog's grandmother, his Winning Valkyrie. She watched him practice and asked questions up until Nog was done his chores.

"I don't know what it is but i have my first match today, i was and still am very nervous but Thank you Marie, you made me feel more confident in myself! I feel a lot better after practicing and talking to you." said Allik.

"aha ha ha, No problem i see Nog watch these on TV and cant get him to do anything when it's on." replied Marie.

"Grandma I'm done!" yelled Nog

"Ok you're friend is here waiting for you! you kids have fun at your fight!" Marie replied back

"Grandma its a battle not a fight! and Allik lets go before we're late for your 1st battle." replied Nog

They got on their bmx's and proceeded to head to the park for the schedule Beyblade battle.

"it's time!" they both said as they put their BMX's down at the park.

"Hey are you Allik? Im Zeke, I'm your opponent! Let's go over here where the beytube moderator can oversee our match" said Zeke looking very happy.

"Beytube.... Moderator?" said Allik and Nog together confusingly.

"A battle is not ranked if there's no beytube moderator to keep score and update the site with the new results. And this ones going in the books" explained Zeke

The moderator set up the arena where there bey's will battle. Zeke and Allik stand opposite side of each other around the arena showing their beys.

"This is a best of 3 battle, both participants have put up their respective drivers from their beyblades on the line! Winner takes both drivers! for battle purposes they will both use there drivers for the battles but loser will have to give up their driver. Now, Let's begin this battle! Allik VS Zeke! Winning Valkyrie VS Hazard Kerbeus!" Announced the beytube moderator.

[Round 1 Allik VS Zeke]
"3-2-1- GOOOO!!!!" both battlers screamed together.
Zeke did a regular launch and closed his eyes. "I have strong faith in my bey" said Zeke. Allik did a hard launch! Hazard kerbeus did one lap around the stadium then went to the middle and started to hold its position. Meanwhile at first it looked like Winning valkyrie was following for the attack but ended up doing laps until it flew out the ring. Allik rushed to catch his bey.
"Zeke and Hazard kerbeus have just won round 1!" said the beytube moderator.
"oh right lets go!" said Zeke while admiring Hazard Kerbeus.
"Now i gotta win the next 2, I cant lose my first battle. Plus if i lose i cant battle until i get a next part!" said Allik while staring at the stadium.

[Round 2]
"3-2-1 GOOOO!!!!" they said together again. Zeke did the same launch as before and closed his eyes. But Allik did a hard angled launch this time. Hazard kerbeus did a lap around the stadium before holding its position in the middle of the arena. This time Winning valkyrie was doing zig zags in the stadium and moving very unpredictable. For the first time Winning valkyrie was in a position to attack. Allik started yelling "Let's GO Winning Valkyrie!! ATTACK!" . Zeke opened his eyes just to see hazard Kerbeus get attacked and ringed out. "waa.. WHAT!? There's no way that bey hits that hard." Said Zeke as he was picking up his jaw.
"Now its even, you got this Allik" said Nog to reassure Allik.
"Allik and Winning Valkyrie have won Round 2!" Announce the Beytube moderator.

[Round 3/Final Round]
"We cant lose!" said Allik
"3-2-1- GOO!!!!!!"
For the first time Zeke did a hard launch and kept his eye's open. At the same time Allik did a hard launch the same as the one in the first round. Both Hazard Kerbeus and Winning Valkyrie were doing laps around the stadium. Both going around counter clockwise. Winning valkyrie kept catching up and hitting Hazard Kerbeus until Hazard kerbeus went to the middle. Both beys were showing signs of wobbling. "Come one Valkyrie! one more attack!! PLEASE!!!" yelled Allik to Winning Valkyrie. "Hazard Kerbeus!! Brace for this hit!!!" Yelled Zeke to Hazard Kerbeus. Winning Valkyrie did its last lap around the stadium and went straight to attack. Hazard Kerbeus stayed where it was, Spinning and wobbling.
Hazard Kerbeus goes to the end of the arena then back to the middle of the arena, rolling on its side. Winning Valkyrie was still spinning until Hazard Kerbeus collided again hitting Winning valkyrie out the arena.

"The winner is ALLIK and Winning Valkyrie!" announced the beytube moderator.

"What but i hit his bey out!" yelled Zeke to the beytube moderator.

"Technically you stopped spinning when Hazard Kerbeus started rolling but when your bey hit Winning valkyrie on the last hit it stopped spinning before Winning valkyrie as out the arena." explained the beytube moderator.

"This is not fair! I didnt see that." said Zeke

"His Winning Valkyrie was still rotating while it was going out the arena, your Hazard Kerbeus was at a dead stop. Would you like to see the replay? Because it will be posted" replied the beytube moderator in a slightly smug tone.

"Allik you WON!!!" said Nog.

"Yea, my first battle. I wont lie I was scared i wasn't going to battle again. Time to receive my rewards!" replied Allik while looking and sounding exhausted.

{Atomic Driver Acquired}
CHP.5 New Setup/New Battles

"Pizza Pizza!! Pizza Pizza!! I can't believe we ate a full box of pizza each. I thought we both wouldn't have finished" said Nog.

"Its our victory pizza for my first high stakes win and real battle plus i got this new atomic driver now! my bey is about to reach another level!" replied Allik.

They finally made it to Allik's house and the first thing Allik did was brag to his parents about first win. He was very happy and thanked them for all that they done for him to this point. Allik and Nog then went upstairs to Allik's room. They wanted to check the BeyTube and see if it updated. Allik also wanted to try out this new part he just won. While Nog was getting the computer ready Allik was getting ready to try out his newly acquired Beyblade driver. Allik quickly noticed while practicing how much more stamina his bey now has, plus it has a bit more control too.

"Look! Look! your win in on the site!!!" Yelled Nog.

"AYE! I'm on the boards!! But who's Zigler? This guy has 3 wins this week and it says he br-broke someone's bey today? Is that even allowed?" Said Allik first in excitement then switched to confusion.

"Click his name you might see more info. , I never knew you were allowed to break beys" Allik followed up

"Breaking someone's Beyblade is unruly and kind of selfish if you ask me" replied Nog.

"Yeah, I would rather lose a bey than have it broken. Even though you can replace or get it fixed I just cant imagine the pain" said Allik.

"We have limited Beyblade resources on this island even though it growing quick" said Nog.

"Looking at this Zigler guy's history he has broken 2 beys so far! 1 of them was a Valkyrie like yours!" Nog said while showing Allik.

"This guy's a-LOOK! it says i got mail! open it Nog!" said Allik.

[You Have Been Invited To An Amatuer Knockout Battle - Accept for more info.]

"I think you should accept this Allik" said Nog

"Of course i will! I'm still amped up from today! today was fun and practicing right now i think im getting the hang of my new atomic driver" Allik replied.

"Its less aggressive but the trade off is soo much more stamina" Allik followed up.

"let me try?" asked Nog.

"Of course! And while you practice let me see if i can find another battle because it seems that knock out battle not for 2 weeks. If you want you can borrow my Valkyrie and find battles too" said Allik.

"I was going to ask but i was waiting for you to have more battles done" said Nog kind of quietly.

"I just setup a battle for myself this weekend versus someone name Shawn for parts again. Hopefully I'm not pushing my luck with this one." Allik continued, "you're my bestfriend why would i not let you borrow it not to mention you were with me for every battle so far. Until you get your own you can use mine and you can use it to win your own too if you feel you can."

"I'm not ready for all that, we can worry about it after your battle coming up. Its getting late I'm going to head home now make sure you come get me tomorrow!" said Nog as he got ready and left.
Chp.6  PreP

Allik finally learned how to make and control his bey's attacks with the atomic driver right before his match with Shawn. So he was feeling confident about his match today. Allik went to his battle with Shawn by himself. He was thinking about how hard his battle against orb egis the whole way there. Plus Shawn will be using the dagger frame that he put up for grabs. Allik really wants that dagger frame for his combo and he put up is Volcanic driver so if he does lose its not as bad.

Allik arrived feeling anxiety, "I gotta take this feeling and use it to win!" he quietly said to himself.

Finally the battle has begun between Shawn and Allik, Orb egis w/dagger frame vs Custom Winning Valkyrie. First to 2 wins, so best out of 3. In the first round they matched in stamina but Orb egis lost stamina with ever his it took until it eventually stopped spinning. In the second round they went to the wire but Valkyrie one with an extra half spin. Allik won 2-0 versus Shawn, 
Dagger frame acquired.

Shawn congratulated Allik on his win and they talked about bey's for a bit and even ate a pizza together before parting ways.

Allik called Nog as soon as he was by himself, " I won! my Valkyrie is almost complete! I might try to win a new gear next! at this rate we might be able to win you a bey or just build one with the extra parts!".

"I knew you would win, this is good practice for the knock out match you were invited to. I'm happy for you wish i was there but I'm still at the dentist with my grandma" replied Nog.

"I'm heading home now when your done we can talk and you can take the bey for a week. Ill focus on cheering you on this time." said Allik.

Its been a long week, Nog won 4 matches using Allik's bey and only losing once. Also Allik has been practicing with his bey when he wasn't making Nog use it. "today is the day i been waiting for, the knock out battle is tomorrow! let me see our record on the Beytube first. AYE !! NOG !! your higher than me on the list! 4 wins 1 loss and I'm at 2 wins no loss." said Allik. "I guess because i been in more public matches, plus i did five battles in 1 week with your bey using the og setup with the dagger frame. The attack was soo good it made the battles easier for me just hit the other beys make them use their defense and not their stamina." replied Nog.
Chp.7 Knock Out BATTLE!

"Ok ALL BLADERS HERE!!! LETS GOOO!!!!!!! Bladers ready yourself, 3! 2! 1! GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Announced the Referee. *Crowd Cheers*

"They all go! Zood and his Air knight are speeding around the top of the stadium! It looks like Z Achilles is looking to attack air knight and it does!! Z Achilles just hit Air Knight into Rile's Winning Valkyrie!" said the Announcer while trying to keep up. *Crowd Cheers*

"Tsk" said Zood as he watched. "Come on Air knight! show them the agility we practiced!" Screamed Zood.

"it looks like Z Achilles is the aggressor now going after all the bey! OOPSS!! Spoke too soon Allik and his custom Winning Valkyrie just hit Z achilles out the stadium! And he was doing so good just to get elimanted first! He was doing a little too much. Oh! looks like Rile and his winning Valkyrie just got hit out by Air knight with a swift sneak attack from NOWHERE!! Zood and Air knight were sneaking on those laps. said Announcer. *Crowd Cheers*

"WOOOOOWWWW REEAAALLLLLYYY!!?? i didn't even notice HIMMM!!!!" said a frustrated Rile.

"Z achilles has been spinning circles in the middle of the stadium around hazard kerbues like its prey vs predator! Looks like Air knight wants to join the fight! Air knight just hit Archer hercules who hit hazard kerbeus who then hit Allik's winning valkyrie at a good angle where it recoiled with enough power to hit Air knight out the stadium!" Said Announcer. *Crowd Cheers Louder*

"Talk about domino affect! Now its down to the last 3! Allik , Zeke and Illack!! Hazard Kerbeus and archer hercules are just spinning side by side in the middle while Valkyrie is going around looking like its losing speed on its way to the middle. ALL THREE BEYS ARE IN THE CENTER!!! Looks like its down to stamina and Valkyrie is already wobbling. ANNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDD............... VALKYRIE is OUT!!!!! At least it got a hit on both beys before its last spin. Allik is eliminated now its just 2 and its a stamina battle! this is intense!" said announcer. *Crowd Cheers*

"3rd place, I tried my best." said allick with his voice cracking a little.
*Dead Silence*

"These beys have been spinning for 2 minutes since the last elimination! who's going to fall first!?" said the announcer curiously.
*Dead Silence*

"LOOk! LOOK! LOOK!" said the announcer looking for words.
*Crowd Cheers*

"It looks like Hazard Kerbeus finally stopped and Archer Hercules is still going! And the Winner is.................... IIIILLLLLLAAACCCCKKK!!!!! AND ARRRRCCHHHHEERRRRR HEERculEeeeeeEESSS!!!!!" the Announcer announced.
*Crowd Cheers the loudest*

"Why do you look so sad?" Asked Allik's dad.
"I didn't win" replied Allik with teary eyes.
"But you came 3rd amongst other good people shouldn't you be happy? Not to mention this is your first year, I mean your first few moths because it hasn't been a year yet you should be happy you even got invited to an event like this for something you love in so little time: said Allik's dad.
Allik replied "Yeah i gues-".
" No there's no i guess appreciate the opportunities you get and be happy with the outcomes. It could be way worse, what if i didn't drive you then you would even be able to get here to compete and I'm proud of you, you did really good for something you cant really control." Said Allik's dad.
"You're right i feel bad for losing but I shouldn't I just wanted to win this is my first real loss that's all." Said Allik.

"Hey! Allik right? I loved your bey in the tournament i was scared you or Zeke was going to beat me! Plus i saw you guys talking before the match i though that was your plan. Anyways since I won I'm doing an invite only tournament at my family Mansion and would like to invite you. It doesn't take place until the last 2 weeks of summer." Asked Illack to Allik.
"UHmm dad What do you think?" asked Allik.
"If it will cheer you up then sure! just make sure to remind when its close so i can take off that day off work" replied Allik's dad.
" So then its settled! Im inviting the best i can find so make sure your practice i will be giving out a money reward to the winner." Finished Illack before being rushed by his friend Zood to go up for his beytube interview.
Chp 8. And it begins!

*Allik on Computer*
Beytube update: Knockout Battle Results
- North/Illack - East/Ellise and Ellize - West/Mark - South/Zigler

*Nog Enters Allik's room to his surprise*
"Hey Allik I'm sorry i missed your battle yesterday I was up all night. But i seen the results. You came 3rd in your first knockout battle!" said Nog.

"Uhm....Ah....... Thanks I guess" replied Allik in a low voice tone.

"Do you not understand? that's your first knockout battle and tournament yet you made it that far. We practice a lot but we never did or practiced anything like that. Even when we were facing Hue and his big bro. I seen he was there too. Im lucky it was recorded so i was still able to watch!" said Nog.

"I understand i just feel i could've done better or at least prepared better. Forget that though I was invited to another tournament by the winner(Illack). It takes place at his place at the end of the month, so im going to focus on that for now." said Allik.

"So what are we doing we should be practicing and setting up more battles on the Beytube, we don't have to battle for parts. We both have 1 loss lets go get some wins!" said Nog as he struggled to contain his excitement.

"Remember Zigler?" asked Allik to Nog. "Yea he's the blader that's famous right now for either damaging or breaking every opponents bey he faces." Nog replied.

"Yes him, His record right now is 13 - 0 with no draws. Also he won his knockout battle for the south, good thing he didn't break any beys in that battle but someone at my tournament had their bey broken by him . Me and him have the same bey i need to see his setup for Valkyrie and how he always wins!" said Allik

"I forgot you guys had the same bey, I wonder his setup too!" replied Nog.

"Same bey, different setup's. He has a battle today close by us i want to go stop by and watch." said Allik.

"We're here! There's a lot of people here, who is he facing again?" asked Nog

"Hey you're Allik right? I invited you to my tournament. Are you here to watch this battle too?" Asked Illack. "Yes but im also here to study too" replied Allik. "Amazing aren't they? I mean I won 11 matches but i lost 1, this guy just goes undefeated and stays. Not to mention all the enemies he creates for himself. He's regularly breaking peoples beys and spirits but just looks so unfazed and unbothered." said Illack.

"Winning is good but breaking bey's in the process is cruel and unforgiving" said Nog. " Well a win is a win and I want to face the best! that's why i invited him to my tournament." said Illack."Are you serious!" said Nog and Allik together.

"So why invite me Nog has a better record" asked Allik. "You impressed me in our battle i was hoping you didn't take me out early" replied Illack. "Well i guess we'll get a good look at your tournament, until then i need to see this." said Allik.
"Hey do you know Ziglers setup?" asked Nog. " I believe its Sword driver and zenith disc" replied Illack. "What's a zenith disc?" asked Allik. "Your about to see, its starting." said Illack.

[Zigler and Custom W Valkyrie VS Shawn and Orb Egis]
"Why is Zigler's Valkyrie red and gold shouldn't it be like yours, blue?" Asked Nog.

"I don't know" replied Allik. "3-2-1! Let it RRIPP!!" referee yelled to start off the first round.

"Look how his Valkyrie is moving so spiratic!" said Allik. "He already hit him twice with in the first 5 secs and it looks like 1 more and done." said Nog speaking on what he noticed.

"winner of round 1 Zigler and his Custom Valkyrie! Round 2 begin. 3-2-1! Let it RIPP!!!"

"the first time orb egis went to the middle and tried to play defense against the attacks but this time it looks like its running, and Valkyrie is chasing it!" said Nog

"Valkyrie got its first hit and they went different directions if the collide on the opposite this is going to be a big collision" said Illack.

"Wh-WHAT THE HELL!!!! HE JUST CRAKED MY BEY!!" screamed Shawn.

"Better catch it before it hits the floor or else its done." said Zigler as he rushed the referee to announce his victory.

"Winner of round 2 and this match Zigler." said the referee as quickly and low energy as he can.

"what happened to the yelling? you lost your voice?" said Zigler in response to the referee.

"Wow, he really just did that. Like he actually really breaks bey's. I'm going to go check up on Shawn." said Allik.
Chp.9 Illack's tournament

*Allik checks Beytube Messages*

Here's how its going to start the Matchups:
1[Illack V Steven] 2[Ellis V Seran] 3[Ellize V Allik] 4[Zood v Zigler]
Can't wait to Battle you all!

*Allik checks his and Nog Ranking*

[Allik 4-1] [Nog 5-2]

"Dad todays the day of the tournament I reminded you of last week, get ready while we wait for Nog so we can just leave. This is my last battle for the summer." Said Allik.

*Allik, his dad and Nog arrive at Illack's family mansion*

"This looks nice" said Allik's dad.

"Welcome everyone I'm the tournament moderator you can call me mod for short. I hope that the mass message has reached you all safely and your prepared for todays battles. There is a party in the back with food and drinks plus other guests. You all are here as guests of Illack so you and your company are allowed to mingle there before we start the tournament." Moderator said and explained the rules.

"So when does the tournament begin and where's Illack" Asked Nog.

"Now lets introduce the challengers:
Zigler and his custom Valkyrie with a record of 14-0 , Seran and dead Pheonix 8-0, Zood and Air knight 7-4, Allik and custom Valkyrie 4-1, Ellize and shinning Amaterios 5-3, Ellise and Shadow Amaterios 5-2, Steven and hazard Kerbeus 3-2, Illack and archer Hercules 11-1" Announced referee.

"We go off of the beytube records but we personally don't count knockout battles or tournaments as a loss so their 3 undefeated people in this tournament. Zigler, Seran and Allik!" added the referee.

"Illack is the winner of the beytube north knockout battle, as Zigler the south battle, The twins (Ellize) the east battle and Mark the west battle."- being shown on a screen.

*Everyone goes to eat and mingle until its time*

"Let's begin!" said Illack. " Heat 1 is up! Illack and archer Hercules vs Shawn and hazard Kerbeus! a legendary stamina matchup! Everybody get ready and let's begin this tournament!
3-2-1 LET It RiP!!!!!!!" said the referee.

Both beys go to the middle and have a 3 minute standoff without touching. Finally they touched and hazard Kerbeus started to wobble until it finally stopped.

"Even if it was a little tap these stamina bey's go on forever so that just changed the outcome of that battle i think. Hazard Kerbeus was a tough bey for me to beat." said Allik.
Second round was much of the same with Illack winning heat 1.
Chp.10 The twins battles

[Ellis Vs Seran]     And        [Ellize Vs Allik]

"That was a long battle! Time for heat 2 lets see if we can get a faster battle with these attacking beys!" said announcer.

[Ellis and shadow Amaterios vs Seran and Dead phoenix]

"3-2-1! Let it RIPPP!" said Ellis and Seran at the same time.

"Already shadow Amaterios is on the attack! Its already started attacking from all angles! Phoenix is strong because it taking all the hits, that's like 5 hits now! They both look like their getting wobbly. That's the thing with attacking beys they have hard attacks but lack on defense or stamina." said announcer.

"WHHAA-WHHHAAATTTTTT!!!!!" said Seran in shock. " You lasted longer than i expected." said Ellis calmly.

"3-2-1! Let it RIPPPPP!!!!!!" said Ellis and Seran at the same time.

"It looks like their dead phoenix and shadow Amaterios are chasing each other!" said announcer.

"You think im going to let you attack first like last time? tough chance! lets see how you do when i attack first!" said Seran.

"OOhh! look at that big hit shadow Amaterios just took from phoenix! looks like they both lost some momentum, more so for Amaterios as it slowly goes to the middle spinning in circles as if its a predator and its circling its prey in the middle!" said announcer.

"That was my special move, The Zombie. How you like that! I think one more and your done!" said Seran.

"looks like dead phoenix is going in for another attack! and does! but wait look! Shadow Amaterios went for a counter attack using the momentum from the hit and the incline of the stadium to its full advantage! Dead Phoenix just got knocked out of the stadium!" said announcer.

"Looks like his over confidence gave me the win, i was going to win anyways but i wanted more of a challenge" said Ellis.

"Ellis has won heat 2! Dead phoenix was doing its best but couldn't survive the counter attack! Now lets get ready for heat 3! Ellize vs Allik!" said announcer.

[Ellize and shinning Amaterios vs Allik and Custom winning Valkyrie]
Allik was holding his bey side ways on an angle because that's how he does his attack launch.

"3-2-1! Let it RIP!" said Allik, while Ellize went without announcing the countdown. They both go, shinning Amaterios was speeding around the stadium while Allik's Valkyrie went straight for the attack. Valkyrie missed the first hit just barely but caught Amaterios on the other side with a hard hit.

"Valkyrie just hit Shinning Amaterios out the stadium! that was less then 10 seconds!! wow we got some battles today! lets get ready for the next round!" said announcer.


"Now i gotta win, they only want to win to verse each other when they can do that anywhere. I really want to be somebody, the best blader on this island and represent!" said Allik.

"3-2-1! let it RIP!" said Allik.

They both launched the same as last time and their beys did pretty much the same thing. Except Allik's Valkyrie kept missing its attacks until it started to slow down while still zig zagging.

"Look at this! looks like Allik's Valkyrie is losing momentum and shinning Amaterios is finally going for an attack!!" said announcer.

"SISTER!!!!!" yelled Ellis.

"Its looks like Ellize and shinning Amaterios missed that attack!? not only that but Allik's Valkyrie hit it just enough for Amaterios to go the edge of the stadium before bursting on its way out the stadium." said announcer.

"yeah! I Won! on to the next round for me!" said Allik

"my sisters going to be mad at me" whispered Ellize to herself.

" Allik and his Custom Winning Valkyrie just won heat 3!" said announcer.

Next round is Zigler Vs Zood.
Chp11 Beyblader Zigler

" Alright everyone its time for heat 4 the one we been waiting for...... The Beyblade breaker himself. he's either broken or completely destroyed most of his opponents beys that he encountered. Very few made it through.  ZIGLER!!!!!!!! and he's up against ZOOD!" said announcer.

"Hey Zood! I'm letting you know right now I'm breaking your bey in this battle. Forfeit while you can!" said Zigler.

"Just the fact you think you can beat my air knight is laughable." replied Zood.

"Now let's begin! Heat 4!
  [Zood and Air Knight Vs Zigler and his Custom winning Valkyrie]!
Zigler and Allik might have the same bey but they setup differently plus, Zigler's is red. What makes Zigler's so strong is that legendary zenith disc!" said announcer.

"3-2-1 let it rip!" the challengers said together. Zigler and his Valkyrie was on the attack and tried to attack the whole round but couldn't get a hit. Meanwhile Zood and air knight cruised to a round 1 victory without being hit.

"Did you see that right there! Air knight just stayed in the middle and showed off its stamina while making Zigler and his Winning Valkyrie look like a confused hyena trying to find food. Zigler and his Valkyrie just looked spiritic to me! lets get ready for the next round!" said announcer.

"HA! HAHAHAHAHAHHA! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! He actually thought he could beat my Air Knight! And you people treat his as a legend! despicable. I practiced for this exact moment!" said Zood

"3-2-1 let it rip!" said Zood and Zigler. Air knight did one lap and went to the middle to show off its stamina again. Zigler's Valkyrie was doing laps around the edge off the stadium.

"I don't think i seen a beyblade ride on the edge of the stadium! and for soo long too! amazing! What is Zigler planning!? this is one interesting battle!" said announcer

"I'm about to show him his beys weakness...." said Zigler quietly to himself.
Zigler's valkyrie launched itself off the edge back into the staduim directly at Air knight. Air knight got hit so hard and so fast it bursted and pieces went everywhwere.


"What just happened!? Is Air Knight Ok!? We know Ziglers history already. Did he just do that!? officials are checking on Air knight. It looks like Air knight it good" said announcer.

" No it's not! i can't continue my beys top piece is cracked and chipped! he should be disqualified!" yelled Zood.

"Well by the rules it doesn't say anywhere that breaking or damaging someone's bey during battle is illegal, might not be ethical to do but its not illegal." said announcer while checking the rule book.

*crowd boo's*

"I cant believe we saw him do this first hand" said Allik to Nog. "I know we only read about it on beytube" replied Nog.

"Put your bey back together and finish this battle." said Zigler to Zood.

"What? Are you crazy? so you can fully destroy my air knight? I'm good. I only got good to get revenge for my friend. You broke his bey now he wont battle anymore. So i have to practice in other ways but i understand why he stopped. Because i feel it too." said Zood

"You were laughing and being so confident before, 1 little round loss and you're done?" asked Zigler.

"Don't talk to me. Illack I'm sorry but i have to withdraw from this competition, i just cant do this!" said Zood before leaving.

"Wow! So i guess Zigler wins Heat 4 by default! Now lets get ready for the next stage. it will be the winner of heat 1 Vs heat 3 and heat 2 vs heat 4. Winners go to final round!" said announcer.

"Now lets get ready for the next stage again! Heat 1 is the winner of heat 1 and heat 2, Heat 2 is the winner of heat 3 and heat 4. So Illack Vs Ellis and Allik Vs Zigler! We're starting with heat 1!" said announcer.

[Illack and Archer Hercules Vs Ellis and Shadow Amaterios]

"3-2-1 let it rip!" they said as they launched their beys. This was a pretty quick battle. Amaterios was circling around Archer Hercules looking like it was waiting to attack. And it did but Archer Hercules took all hits and lasted.

"What kind of blade is that? it just takes all my hits and keeps spinning. And i know those were good hits" said Ellis

"Archer Hercules showed how good stamina beys are. It would have you thinking its a defense bey the way it just takes hits! lets get ready for the next round, I know they are!" said announcer.

"3-2-1 Let it Rip!" they said as they launched their beys. Archer Hercules hit Shadow Amaterios first before going to the middle. Meanwhile Shadow Amaterios went directly for the attacks again!

"If this doesn't work then maybe my beybalde is just outmatched. but i have faith in you shadow Amaterios" said Ellis

"Looks like Shadow Amaterios is on the atta-ooh never mind , it just bursted." said announcer

"Maybe if my sister won i would have gotten an easier opponent. Now i cant be mad at her, I loss too" said Ellis

"You did good sister! you made it further then me!" Said Ellize nervously.

"I was mad because I wanted to face you but thanks for those words, i know you only battle because of me." said Ellis.

"Welp! I made it to the finally round!' said Illack trying to hide his smile. "HEY ALLIK! I HOPE YOU MAKE IT TO THE END!!" yelled Illack to allik.

"So wait i have a request since I didn't really get to finish my battle" asked Zigler to the announcer.

"No way he has a request after ruining so much peoples beyblades and he was mad he didn't get to finish he battle, even though he did" said Nog.

"Since me and another challenger in this event have the same bey wouldn't it be more fair for us to battle now and see who makes it to the finals? what if we both win our heat it doesn't really give other beys a chance to shine. I think we should see who's is better and winner goes to the finals to represent." said Zigler.

the officials talked over it a bit and then asked Illack if its ok with him, to which he said he does not care he just wants to battle. the officials told the announcer.

"Well everyone, it looks like we're going to honor Zigler's wishes and the 2 Valkyries will battle it out for the final spot. Not sure if i agree with this but hey I'm just the announcer." Said announcer

*Crowd gets mad*
Chp.12 Result
"That last battle was so intense even thought it ended kind of quickly. Illack and Archer Hercules have won their heat and will be in the finals. Now its time for battle of the Winning Valkyries! Allik's Custom Winning Valkyrie Vs Zigler's Custom Winning Valkyrie. Let the battle begin!" said announcer

*Crowd Cheers*

"This battle is going to be legendary! Im going to take the chance now to announce i will be challenging every bey that's like mines after this event. You can hid or stop battling if you want but any bey in my way to the top will be destroyed. You guys get mad when i do it so now I'm giving fair warning. Allik will be the first example to prove that I'm serious about being the best." said Zigler.

*Confused crowd*

"Allik you gotta watch out for his attacks, your dagger frame might save you but his zenith disc is strong" said Nog to Allik before he went to the stadium.

"Allik! I see you got the Atomic driver, that's a very good driver. Hazard Kerbeus and Archer Hercules are good bey's with good setups! And that dagger frame.... lets see who has the better custom Winning Valkyrie." said Zigler to Allik while giving him a very intimidating look that sent chills down Allik's spine.

"3-2-1 ! Let it Rip!"

*Crowd Cheers!*

Allik was doing his attack launch when he launched. and both beys were going toward each other head first!

"Look at that! they just COLLIDED HEAD ON!!! it looks like the blue one to more damage even thought they're both wobbling. look theirs peices of Allilk's winning valkyries dagger frame in the stadium!" said announcer

"WHAT!! He broke my frame with that attack! and i don't have momentum to go and attack. Im stuck spinning in one spot 'till the end." said Allik.
Allik's Winning Valkyrie stopped first. They had to take a break to clean out the staduim.

"HA! I broke your little dagger frame your bey is next!" said Zigler with the same look in his eyes as before.

Next round
"3-2-1! Let it RIp!!"

*Crowd cheers!*

Allik felt a difference in his regular attack launch that he usually does. They almost collided head on  but instead barely hit each other on the pass. they did that 3 times.

"these beys are on the attack they going for each other! even when they miss each other its like they're trying to take each other out! but look it looks like Allik's Valkyrie is about to do the last attack using the stadium as momentum. And it hits!" says announcer.

*Crowd cheers Louder!*

"His bey stopped!? I Won the second roun- Wait. Oh noo! My bey is broken!" said Allik

"hmmph, you thought that you won?" said Zigler

*Crowd Silent*

"Hold on guys its looks like Allik won the round 2 but his bey is broken, More broken then Air Knight. Zood forfeited his match but it looks like Allik is going to have to do the same!" said announcer.

"My bey...... Valkyrie! *Starts tearing up* Valkyrie NO!!!!!!!!" yelled Allik.  Nog rushed to comfort his friend. Allik pushed Nog out the way and tried to run at Zigler. Illack and his security stopped him. Zood and Nog tried to help get Allik free.

*crowd silence intensifies* 

"You think you're GOOD!!!!??? You win your battle off of brute force not SKILL!! You have no skill you just hope to make your bey strong enough to break other beys. That's how you got most of your wins you're not good. We blader have skill and we practice non stop, My parents bought me this for my birthday and you broke it on purpose without a care in the world. No one likes you, and you're a sickness to beyblading. No one wants to battle you, you suck! AhHHHHHHHHhhh!!!" said a frustrated Allik.

Zood and Nog were able to get Allik away and talk to him to calm him down. Zood left to go see the remainder results of the event. Nog and Allik sat outside in the back where the party was when they got there to talk. Allik just kept saying he cant wait for his father to come pick him up.

*Muffled Noise*

"Allik we're missing the remainder of the event. I understand you have no choice but to not continue but we should at least see the end results." said Nog.

"I don't care! I was already mad when i seen him break that other bey and not get in trouble. Now he broke mines too, after all that work that me you and Valkyrie put in? He broke my dagger frame that i put in work to get. Only thing i have is my atomic driver and my disc." said Allik depressingly.

"I'm not going to leave you there by yourself so its either we sit until your dad comes for us or we go back inside calm and observe the rest of the outcome. I'm sorry that it happened to you, i know we thought it couldn't happen to us" replied Nog.

They talk for a bit until Allik calms down then go back inside. Ellis and Ellize stopped them to ask if they're ok to which the responded "yes" before going back into the crowd. By the time they got there it was too late. The winner has been announced. Illack lost in his own tournament but will still be going to Beytube HQ.

"So Zigler won? after all this he won? I bet if he didn't break Allik's or my bey he wouldn't have made it this far, much less win" said Zood.

"We have to do something about this guy, i can tell this is the start of something big." replied Nog.

"He's not good, i promise you. I know I get mad when i lose but this was just uncalled for. He broke my bey. My baby." said Allik

"Hey Allik please don't let somethin like this stop you. I invited you because i seen the drive and potential in you. Just like what i see in Ellis when she was in the east. I want to see everyone get bigger and better. I don't want to see people quit. I understand what he did and what he does is a dream killer but im here to keep dreams alive. I will be in touch with you, hopefully by then your still battling."
It's finally time im going to start  posting vol.2! sorry for the wait but i was trying to juggle a lot instead of focusing on 1 thing.  I finally got around to editing vol.2 and I will try to post 2 chapters a day until its fully posted. Once its fully posted im going to focus on illustrations and trying to do voiceover series for my youtube.  [url=https://www.youtube.com/@anataking2/videos]BrokeBoyBeyBlades - YouTube[/url]
As for Vol.3 & 4 I will be taking a break to enjoy the summer and focus on my other big plans but i do have plans to return and finish this before the years done. I Just also have 6 books i want to write and 2 big series ideas i want to bring to life after that i dont want to sit too long. Another thing is i'm going to try start my own business's so i dont know how im going to work my time management (msg me if you have business or writing tips).  I wish everyone the best on their personal journeys and i hope you enjoy my story.

I will post this on my other thread too but i'll only post the chapters here.

Chapter 1: Still Feel it

Allik's heart sank as he watched his prized beyblade shatter into what felt like pieces on the stadium floor. He had been competing in a high-stakes match against Zigler, one of the toughest bladers on the island. Allik had thought his blade was strong enough to withstand Zigler's attacks, but he was wrong. Even though they basically had the same bey their set up made a big difference, especially tied into their personal blading styles.

As he walked away from the arena, Allik felt a mix of anger and disappointment. He knew that he needed to come up with a new strategy if he was going to compete at that level again. He also knew that he needed a new beyblade - one that was more powerful and better suited to his playing style. 

" I Love my Valkyrie but the whole top is broken and the frame on the disc is broken. I just have the disc and atomic driver to remember you by. we had fun I'm going to frame the pieces as a constant reminder to me." Allik said in a mini monologue to himself holding Valkyrie and it's piece's firmly in his hand.

Its school season now, Allik spent the next few days researching the latest models and talking to other bladers about their experiences. He finally settled on a new beyblade that he was sure would give him the edge he needed. It was expensive, but he was determined to save up enough money to buy it. He got his first job for afterschool as soon as school started back because he's in ninth grade now. He was a pizza delivery boy for the local pizza shop. Nog wanted to apply too but already signed up for an afterschool club so he didn't have the time.

After working and saving his allowance for the first month of school he finally had enough for the new beyblade he thought would be right for him.

 "Ah! got this paycheck and altogether got about $140 saved that's more than enough to get my beyblade. With it being $90 i will have $50 leftover to save. Maybe ill use it to get Nog his own beyblade or buy a new top to build him one with my old parts. Options, options." Said Allik as he clocked off work for the week and got on his bmx.

Allik went to the store first thing the next morning without telling anybody where he's going. He couldn't wait to see his new bey, he wanted to try something new by getting a left spin bey this time. As he was buying his new bey he randomly got super thankful for his parents getting him his first beyblade on his birthday. The feeling and the emotion when battling is unexplainable without personal experience, its like to him being transported to a new world. As soon as he got home he went on the beytube to check updates. Allik also knew that he needed to practice if he was going to improve his skills. He reached out to his best friend Nog, who was also an avid beyblader but never had a beyblade of his own but was more than happy to help Allik practice however he could. And practice they did with some of the other kids at school into beyblade they seen when they went to the park to meetup. The first thing Allik did when he got to the park was show off his new beyblade,

Everyone was amazed and quickly circled around Allik to see. "You got another bey? And its a left spin this time? oh yeah we need a lot of practice." said Nog

Chapter 2: New Beyblade

Allik showed his new bey to Nog, Rile, Hue and some other kids from his school who was at the park. Everyone was amazed and quickly circled around Allik to see.

"You got another bey? And its a left spin this time? oh yeah we need a lot of practice." said Nog.

" Forget that! that's the same beyblade Free was using and his broke!" said Hue. "That doesn't matter because he was the #1 blader in the world!' Rile replied.

"Well my goal is to be #1 on our island. Everything else is more of just a reference for me to use to improve my skills to win, here." Allik responded.

Allik's new bey was the talk of the park for the day and the talk of the school for a week. The two friends spent every spare moment battling each other in the park, trying out new moves and perfecting their techniques. Allik's new beyblade proved to be a game-changer - it was faster, stronger, and more agile than his old one. Nog was impressed by Allik's newfound skills, and he could see that his friend was more motivated than ever to compete.

"Hey Allik? you know after school there's little battles and tournaments going on? I think its time you start going to them, i think you're ready now. And it's not only our school it's other schools too." said Nog.

"I still don't feel like me and this bey fully connected yet, I mean i know how its moves but i cant really get it to do what i want like how i did with Valkyrie. I'll figure it out, maybe I'm ready." said Allik.

"let me tell you from now though, some of those matches are recorded and will be added to your ratio on beytube." replied Nog.

As the weeks went by, Allik and Nog continued to hone their skills. They entered smaller tournaments in their school, working their way up to bigger and more challenging events. Good thing these were all off the record school battles. Allik knew that he still had a long way to go if he wanted to beat Zigler and other top bladers, but he was more determined than ever to succeed. He felt like he was ready for a ranked battle again now.

The memory of his broken blade still lingered in his mind, but Allik refused to let it hold him back. He had a new beyblade, a supportive friend, and the drive to succeed. He was ready to take on the competition and show everyone what he was capable of. Him and Nog also planned to use the good parts to build Nog a bey.
Chapter 3: The Road to Recovery

Allik felt a surge of excitement as he stepped onto the stadium floor for his first match with his new beyblade. He had spent weeks practicing with Nog, and he felt confident that he was ready to take on the competition.

As the match began, Allik's new beyblade spun into action. He watched as it deftly dodged his opponent's attacks and landed powerful blows of its own. Allik was thrilled to see that his new beyblade was living up to his expectations. This was  a great match for Allik as it's his first ranked match since getting a new bey after Valkyrie got destroyed.
But he also knew that he couldn't let his guard down. He was still feeling the sting of his defeat at the hands of Zigler, and he was determined not to let that happen again. To his knowledge his opponent was a scared unpopular school kid named Rawco who was using Z Achilles.

"Come on Z Achilles! this is an important match for me. I need to win this, I need to climb the ranks and get noticed!" Rawco said.

Z Achilles got the first hit but after that it was taking hit after hit from Geist Fafnir. Z Achilles even changed modes mid battle from high to low mode. That seemed to make things worse because Geist Fafnir hits now looked like it was draining stamina from Z Achilles.

"Me and Geist Fafnir are getting used to each other. I never knew using a left spin would be just as much fun as a right spin. Me and this bey are going to be legendary on this island. Now! Finish him Geist Fafnir!" said Allik as he watched the finishing blow. Rawco grabbed his bey and stormed off.

"Who's the one using Fafnir" said unknown person.

"That's my friend Allik, the soon to be best on the island. You heard it here first." said Nog

"Looks familiar did he always use Geist Fafnir?" asked unknown person.

"No, he used to battle with.... wait-who are you?" asked Nog.

"Im sorry I go to this school my battle is next!" said unknown person as he left to get ready for his match.

"Who was that?" asked Allik as he approached Nog.

"I don't know but i think you have a fan. Congrats on your first official win with your new beyblade! It looked so cool the way it was attacking and making Z Achilles look so weak. I mean they didn't stand a chance!" said Nog.
Chapter 4: HIM!

"Hey Allik congrats on the win! you made it look so easy out there, you and Geist Fafnir! I'll be honest you look better with this than you did with Valkyrie. And I'm not just saying that because me and my little brother also have Winning Valkyrie. You and Valkyrie have good chemistry but with Fafnir you kind of look synchronized" said Rile.

"Thanks a lot, I'm not sure what you mean but its ok I guess" Allik replied.

"So Rile do you know who the next match is?" asked Nog.

"Well its a school vs school battle because the other opponent doesn't go to our school. I'm not sure who he is but i do know the one from our school. His name is Daemond. He's the best known blader in the school right now. He's in grade 11 and the perfect representative for our school i hope he wins for our schools glory." said Rile.

"Yeah don't want to be known as the worst bladers. I think that Daemond guy was the one asking about you Allik" said Nog.

As the match begins they all notice something about the opponent.

"Wha--WHAT!!! what's he doing here!?" said Nog

"It's really him!?" said Rile

*Gasps of shock and Gossip in background*

Allik gathers his stuff and storms off.

"Allik where you going? At least watch the match!" said Rile

Nog ran and caught up to Allik and asked "Are you ok? don't leave lets watch this battle at least. We can learn something new. Plus i think they have new beys!"

"Seeing him reminded me that i have to put in more work. I need to constantly practice so I can beat him. And I don't want to just beat him, it have to obliterate him" said Allik.

"obliterate? does that mean you plan and breaking his bey!?" Asked Nog with a hint of worry in his tone.

"No! I just have to beat him at everything involving beyblade as revenge for my Valkyrie and every other bey that he broke." Said Allik.

Allik went home to practice and watch videos on the beytube. Rile and Nog stayed at school to watch the last battle. Daemon Vs Zigler.
Chapter 5: Reminder

*Nog goes to Allik's house after the battle*

"Allik I don't know how you missed that intense battle! You made the right choice going home to train. These guys are beasts! And they did have new beys, something called Cho-z? anyways those beys are a forced to be reckoned with. You might have to custom Geist Fafnir like you did your Valkyrie to compete a bit or learn some special moves." said Nog.

"I think i heard of Cho-z, when i went to buy Geist Fafnir i seen those there but they're expensive and exclusive. You have to show them your Beytube account and qualify to get one" said Alllik

"Forget that for now. This was a 1 round battle match and when you left so much more people came to see the battle it was hard for me to get back to my spot. Daemond had Cho-z Spriggan and Zigler had Cho-z Valkyrie" said Nog

"Wait they both had Cho-z Beyblades? I understand Zigler based on his Beytube profile you would put him as 1 of the top bladers so far. So that means that Daemond guy might be a top blader too." said Allik.

"Well they said he's the best in the school and Zigler couldn't break or chip his bey like he usually tries to. And guess what else?" Asked Nog

"What?" Allik replied

"Zigler didn't even win! they stalemated, it was a draw! Zigler was so mad but it doesn't end there Illack was there and announced there will be a Beyblade event at his private school during the winter break. Daemond and Zigler agreed to a 3 round rematch there. And Cho-z doesn't equal best they're just well built Beyblades but I'm pretty sure they would still struggle against a good custom build" said Nog.

"I really missed a lot in 1 day. Its ok because i been thinking, lets build back my Valkyrie! I know we probably cant get another top for now but we can try. That way you can battle too without us sharing a Beyblade again and we can really help each other get better with practice!" said Allik.

Allik and Nog had been working on a new plan to build another Beyblade using the parts of Allik's old broken blade. They had salvaged as much as they could and decided to combine it with some new parts to create a powerful new Beyblade.
They decided to make a custom top piece replica of Winning Valkyrie using styrene, sheet metal and plasti-dip. It took a few prototypes and a lot of failure to get a top that they were satisfied with. then they have to get everything to fit and make sure it works. Fix any faults or problems they can find.
It took them a few days to finish the new blade, but when they finally did, they were both thrilled with the result. The new Beyblade was a combination of Allik's old blade and some of their latest technology. Allik felt like it was a symbol of his determination to overcome his defeat and this was a big step into leveling up.
Chapter 6:  Plasti-Fix!

When Allik was creating this Beyblade he couldn't stop thinking about all the battles he's been through already. They basically made a broken Winning Valkyrie come back to life. Any flaws were covered by the plasti-dip but that was a problem itself, because of the added weight. But Allik practiced until that was no longer a serious issue. As Allik continued to compete, he found that he and his new Beyblade were becoming more and more in sync. He used the recreated Winning Valkyrie to train his skill with his Geist Fafnir. They were adapting to each other's strengths and weaknesses, and he could feel the blade responding to his every move. Allik was starting to feel like he had found the perfect partner. And Nog with their "plasti-dip fixed" Winning Valkyrie was the perfect person to help Allik train for battles through the weeks. They also made sure to battle with their friends Rile and Hue when they could. The plasti-dip Winning Valkyrie proved to be a excellent training partner for them all with its durability and hard hits, though you could outlast it if you don't get hit.

Along the way, Allik and Nog made new friends in the beyblading community. They met bladers of all ages and skill levels from watching and battling people from beytube. Each with their own unique style and technique. They met new bladers like Johnny and Lu, they also ran into to old bladers like Illack and Zood. Every interaction and battle was fun for Allik plus it gained him experience. Even though he let Nog do most of the small battles and he trained, Allik was sure to get some battles in too.  Allik was grateful for the support and encouragement of these new friends, and he felt like he was part of a community that shared his passion. From seeing Nog battle with his bey and win, to seeing more and more people he knew in the blader world Allik felt as if he's been ranking up.
But despite his progress, Allik still felt a twinge of anger whenever he thought about Zigler. He knew that he needed to let go of those emotions if he was going to succeed. He reminded himself that beyblading was about more than just winning - it was about the love of the game and the relationships he had formed along the way.

As Allik and Nog continued to compete, they found that they were building a reputation for themselves. Other bladers began to take notice of their skills, and they were starting to make a name for themselves in the beyblading/beytube community. Nog's record on the beytube was "9-3" since the school year started. Allik's record for the same time period was "8-1". 

"Hey why is there a lost on my record? I swear i'm undefeated with Geist fafnir right now? Asked Allik. "How'd you forget that loss?" replied Nog. "What loss? And don't say with Winning Valkyrie because that was before school started back." said Allik.

 "You lost to Zood .... I thought that was why you started focusing on training and letting me use your Fafnir to battle." said Nog. 

"Well yes and no. I more did it because the vengeance i want to get on Zigler for Winning Valkyrie. I remember that lost against someone I seen battle thoroughly showed me how much more i have to practice. That being said i have to win that competition at school" said Allik.

Allik knew that there were still plenty of challenges ahead, but he felt confident that he and his new Beyblade were up to the task. Together with Nog and their new friends, they were ready to take on whatever the competition had in store for them.

(Jan. 11, 2024  1:52 AM)anantaking Wrote: Chapter 6:  Plasti-Fix!

When Allik was creating this Beyblade he couldn't stop thinking about all the battles he's been through already. They basically made a broken Winning Valkyrie come back to life. Any flaws were covered by the plasti-dip but that was a problem itself, because of the added weight. But Allik practiced until that was no longer a serious issue. As Allik continued to compete, he found that he and his new Beyblade were becoming more and more in sync. He used the recreated Winning Valkyrie to train his skill with his Geist Fafnir. They were adapting to each other's strengths and weaknesses, and he could feel the blade responding to his every move. Allik was starting to feel like he had found the perfect partner. And Nog with their "plasti-dip fixed" Winning Valkyrie was the perfect person to help Allik train for battles through the weeks. They also made sure to battle with their friends Rile and Hue when they could. The plasti-dip Winning Valkyrie proved to be a excellent training partner for them all with its durability and hard hits, though you could outlast it if you don't get hit.

Along the way, Allik and Nog made new friends in the beyblading community. They met bladers of all ages and skill levels from watching and battling people from beytube. Each with their own unique style and technique. They met new bladers like Johnny and Lu, they also ran into to old bladers like Illack and Zood. Every interaction and battle was fun for Allik plus it gained him experience. Even though he let Nog do most of the small battles and he trained, Allik was sure to get some battles in too.  Allik was grateful for the support and encouragement of these new friends, and he felt like he was part of a community that shared his passion. From seeing Nog battle with his bey and win, to seeing more and more people he knew in the blader world Allik felt as if he's been ranking up.
But despite his progress, Allik still felt a twinge of anger whenever he thought about Zigler. He knew that he needed to let go of those emotions if he was going to succeed. He reminded himself that beyblading was about more than just winning - it was about the love of the game and the relationships he had formed along the way.

As Allik and Nog continued to compete, they found that they were building a reputation for themselves. Other bladers began to take notice of their skills, and they were starting to make a name for themselves in the beyblading/beytube community. Nog's record on the beytube was "9-3" since the school year started. Allik's record for the same time period was "8-1". "Hey why is there a lost on my record? I swear i'm undefeated with Geist fafnir right now? Asked Allik. "How'd you forget that loss?" replied Nog. "What loss? And don't say with Winning Valkyrie because that was before school started back." said Allik. "You lost to Zood .... I thought that was why you started focusing on training and letting me use your Fafnir to battle." said Nog. "Well yes and no. I more did it because the vengeance i want to get on Zigler for Winning Valkyrie. I remember that lost against someone I seen battle thoroughly showed me how much more i have to practice. That being said i have to win that competition at school" said Allik.

Allik knew that there were still plenty of challenges ahead, but he felt confident that he and his new Beyblade were up to the task. Together with Nog and their new friends, they were ready to take on whatever the competition had in store for them.
Chapter 7: Beytube school Tournament

At school people were preparing for the tournament. Usually they do school Beyblade tournaments at select schools full of bladers to see the rankings at different schools. Event though beytube has other methods this is one of the easier to do.
The rules are:
1. Spin stop, ring outs and burst are losses.
2. No outside interference allowed in matches
3. Have to be from the school the tournament is being held at (to join and watch)
4. All matches are 2 rounds in the qualifying and 1 round in the tournament

"Who do you think is going to win this tournament Rile?" asked his friend Daemon. "I don't know maybe me or you, or maybe, Allik." replied Rile. 

"Oh yea i been hearing about him and i see him practicing all the time, do you know if he skips school to practice with his friend he's always with?" Asked Daemon curiously. "Lets help setup the tournament maybe we can see who else is involved" replied Rile while walking away. 

"B-but, you didn't.... whatever." said Daemon.

Allik and Nog had been training tirelessly for weeks in preparation for the upcoming Beyblade Championship in school, a private event held by the schoolers. It's purpose is to see who's the best in the school under their own ranks separate from beytube.  Allik's new Beyblade was stronger and more powerful than ever, and he had gained valuable experience and confidence through his battles with his new friends.

As the day of the tournament approached, Allik felt a mix of nerves and excitement. He knew that the competition would be fierce, but he was ready to face any challenge that came his way. Allik had his eyes set on the championship trophy, and he was determined to bring it home.
Allik and Nog arrived at the tournament venue early on the day of the competition, eager to get started. They made their way to the registration booth and signed in, receiving their tournament badges and Qualifying matchups. There was a qualifying match to bring down the number to 16 contestants.

Allik's first match was against an unknown blader named Blaze, who he had never faced before. Blaze had a Vise Leopard Beyblade and seemed determined to win. The match was intense, with both bladers trading blow after blow. Allik's new Beyblade was proving to be a formidable opponent, but Blaze's Beyblade was equally powerful. The match was neck and neck until the final moments, when Allik's Beyblade landed a devastating final blow that sent Blaze's Beyblade flying out of the stadium.
Allik felt a surge of relief and pride as the crowd cheered him on. He had won his first match and was one step closer to the championship trophy. As the tournament continued, Allik and Nog battled through round after round, each time emerging victorious. In the 2nd round Allik and Geist Fafnir had to go against a Z Achilles. He knew how to win but then remembered two things. 1 its about the blader and the Beyblade connection. And 2.This isn't his old Beyblade, they move different and the connection they have is different. Allik noticed when he told Fafnir what to do it would listen to him. In the 3rd round with the top 4 it was in this battle he noticed something about his Geist Fafnir. Not only has this tournament improved the bond between Allik and his beyblade, he also notice his beyblades ability. His bey has spin steal ( slowing beyblades rotation and make them weaker).

Allik was mad he never realized it sooner, he would have study and trained it with Nog's help. But their toughest challenge was yet to come. In the final round, Allik found himself facing none other than Zigler - the same blader who had broken his old Beyblade. 

" I need to talk to Allik and see how he's doing. And what's Zigler doing here!? he goes to this school?" Said Nog. "I'm not sure if i seen him in the halls. But a lot of people go to school and you don't notice them. And about going to talk to Allik, you can't. We just going to have to spectate until tournaments over. Wait did you not see him this whole tournament?" replied Rile. 

" I go on my phone whenever it wasn't Allik battling. I'm going to message him and tell him Ziglers using a different Beyblade. I don't know if they seen each other already in the back or if he even knew he was here." Said Nog. "Is that the guy that broke his first Beyblade?" Asked Daemon.

Chapter 8: Zigler!

Allik felt a wave of mixed emotions as he stepped onto the stadium floor. He was determined to win, but he also couldn't help but feel anger and frustration at the memory of his previous defeat. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the two bladers and Beyblades were being announced.

[School Announcer]: "The champion round is a 1 Rounder!!! I repeat this is not like Qualifiers, and this is the last match. SO ITS WIN OR LOSE NOW!!! So who's it going to be? Allik or Zigler? The rumor is this ones might be personal! But we don't tolerate any violence at this school so you Beyblades better so the talking for you guys! Enjoy the ending of this tournament! And let's see who's the best at West West High School!"

"Well, its been a lil' while." said Zigler staring menacingly into Allik's eyes. "How's your Winning Valkyrie?" asked Zigler as he walked back and forth.
Then he stopped and said "My Valkyrie is the only ones that's winning. Look at all the others that had the same bey as me. They all stop using the original combination or just stopped using the bey all together, including you." said Zigler.

" Aaahhh Shut UP!!! YOU BROKE MY FIRST BEYBLADE!!! My BABY!!! Something my parents were kind enough to get me on my BIRTH DAY!! I could've kept using it and helped my friend get his own Beyblade." Replied.

*Smirk* "you can repair it" *chuckle*"why you so mad?" Replied Zigler. "Same way you got your new one is how he could get his own. now stop crying and lets get serious they're calling us up now." continued Zigler.

"But why do you find it funny" Allik said with his voice cracking up a little. *clears throat and wipes eyes* " I'm not losing to a person like you that destroys what people love then laugh in their face." Allik continued.

They both entered the stage went to their spots and got ready. The spectators were so loud the janitor and the principle ended up coming by and staying at the back. Before the start Allik noticed Zigler was using a different Beyblade. Its Geist Fafnir vs Archer Hercules. The match was intense, with both bladers giving it their all. Allik and his Beyblade were stronger than ever before, but Zigler's Beyblade was equally powerful with good stamina.

"Bet your wondering how i got this Beyblade? I didn't buy it to let you know. Remember Illack? He's currently training and creating a team to try get this back!" said Zigler.

"I thought we only bet parts and bb points for beytube? you're out here breaking all the rules!" said Allik.

"Where's the rule that says i cant break Beyblades? and while you're at it show me one that says i can't take them either." said Zigler.

The conversation did nothing but Allik mad when he knew he had to focus. The two blades clashed, sparks flying as they collided. Its only been 1 minute but seemed like the longest battle of the tournament. the Beyblade didn't seem to have a bond with the blader but Archer Hercules is not going down easy. But Allik had a secret weapon....... Spin Steal! this whole battle with every clash Geist Fafnir was slowly slowing down Archer Hercules. Now its started to show with it's wobbling plus Allik has been helping by shouting when to move and Geist Fafnir has been listening. The whole battle. Now people are starting to notice and talk about the bond that Geist Fafner and Allik have in this match.

"YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Oh my Yessssss! I LOVE GEIST FAFNIR!!!!" said Allik beaming with excitement.

In the end, it was a close match, but Allik's Beyblade emerged victorious. Archer Hercules spun out. The crowd erupted into cheers, and Allik felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that he had never felt before. "That's why i stay quiet! Valkyrie you have been AVENGED!!! We have more to do it's not done here!" said Nog as he and Rile rushed to congratulate Allik. He had overcome his defeat and had won the championship trophy that proves he's the best in his school, And he got to beat Zigler while doing it.
As Allik and Nog celebrated their victory, they couldn't help but think back on their journey. From the broken Beyblade to the new friendships they had made, it had been a challenging but rewarding experience. Allik had proven to himself that he was capable of overcoming obstacles and achieving his goals.

*Zigler takes the microphone*
"That was a good match! i loved it! But unfortunately i don't go to this school so that means this match is disqualified and tournament is now void!" Said Zigler.

*Crowd complaining and gossiping*

"So I'm sorry Beytube that you got dragged into my mess but to my defense you should've screened me better, you would have found out before the start. Also since this all didn't count, Allik didn't beat me and I'm still on my flawless victory streak.(41-0)" said Zigler before leaving laughing maniacally and whispering "I did this to mess with a few people, ha! I'm too good at this, they're not on my new beys level".

[Announcer] "Well, ok! This is completely unfortunate. I'm so sorry Allik we have to re-do the tournament again. We'll do it on a different day after we sort everything out! Allik we'll try to make it up to you. Zigler will be punished for his actions when we make our decision back at beytube HQ. Lets still enjoy the fun we had and not let a poor sport ruin it! Enjoy all the Pizza's and pop!"

"What just happened?" Asked Nog.
Chapter 9: The Birth of the Blader Alliance

After the tournament, Allik and Nog found themselves surrounded by fellow bladers who had been impressed by their skills and determination. Not giving them any chance to process and take in what had just happened. Many of them were interested in becoming friends and forming a team. Then they received a message on beytube from Zigler. "Hey Nog come look at this" said Allik waving his phone. They stepped away from the group to read the message.

"That was fun even if it didn't count, sorry i got you disqualified. HA! want a real rematch? there's two tournaments in the coming months. 1v1 and 5v5. you pick." from Zigler.

Nog was busy getting mad and sending complaints to beytube, while trying to get others to do it too. Allik saw this as an opportunity to create a group of powerful bladers who could take on any challenge. They didn't even think about it. They felt it had to be done to see Zigler again. Allik didn't bother of thinking of other ways to find since Zigler kind of gave him this opportunity to meet up again.

Allik and Nog began recruiting their new friends, one by one. They started by approaching Adi, a blader who had shown great skill during the tournament. He was able to make it to the 2nd round before losing to Zigler. Adi was thrilled to be invited to join the group and eagerly accepted. Allik was just trying to keep his mind off of what just happened.
Next, they reached out to Mina, a shy blader who had been watching the tournament from the sidelines. She would've been hesitant at first, but after seeing Allik and Nog's skills in action, she agreed to join the group. Plus Allik and Nog remembered her from being futured on Beytube. Rumor is she's could be a top blader in the future.
Rile and Daemon heard rumors about this new blader group and caught Allik and Nog at school. They both asked to join the new group. Of course, they got accepted as they were already friends. They have seen Daemon in class, at beyblade matches and with Rile but never really talked to him.  Then Daemon recommended another blader they should check out too, named Ryo.

As people started to clear from from the tournament and after they announced that they'll re-do the tournament because of the DQ, you just have to re-sign up. Daemon pointed out Ryo. They look and seen someone at the back leaning on the wall with long and kind of curly black hair in the back trying to look cool. Daemon went to talk to him for 10 minutes then introduced him to the rest of the group saying he agreed. They talked for another hour then decided a place and date to meetup again, and agreed not to battle until that meeting.
Chapter 10 : Blader Alliance

Allik / Geist Fafnir
Nog / None
Rile/ Winning Valkyrie
Daemon / Cho-z Spriggan
Adi / Buster Xcaliber
Mina / Custom bloody loginus
Ryo / Crash Ragnoruk

As the group continued to grow, Allik and Nog began to plan out their next steps. They knew that they needed to work together to become the best bladers they could be. They shared tips and secrets on battling together and grew to know each other in just 1 week. There was no group battles goin on at the moment on beytube so but they still announced the formation of their group on the beytube. They also decided to start by building a new Beyblade together, using the parts from what they had before they formed a group to see what they can make to represent their group. They wanted to have it done before the New years holidays.

"If we can't get group battles at least we can make a bey that represents us and we each use it to battle." said Ryo.
" Oh I see and we can also do 2 v 2's with our Beyblade or another person" said Nog.
"Yes and for those situations since you don't have a Beyblade that's when you can battle." replied Ryo.
" I can battle anytime and if I wanted I could just build my own bey too you know!" Nog replied.
" Nog calm down I think he meant no harm." said Allik.
"Uhm, I'm with making a new Beyblade. Honestly mines came together and i never upgraded it. I just save the parts i win when i get them." said Mina.
"it will be fun for us to do as a group until we decide what battles we're going to do." said Rile.
"So its settled! we already have the parts here we just got to make combinations and figure out what works for us, This is going to be so fun!!" said Ryo excitedly.
Chapter 11 : "GB" Group bey

The group spent hours working on the new Beyblade, each member contributing their own unique skills and expertise. In the end, they had created a powerful Beyblade that was even stronger than Allik's previous one. The setup they decided to go for was a custom Black and red Hazard kerbeus. The Hazard kerbeus was both Ryo and Allik's choice both based on previous experiences. Allik like its driver, the atomic driver. Ryo liked it for its defense whenever he had to verse one. Mina suggested the zenith disc, while Nog tested the setup with every disc and disc frame. They all decided that after the tests which parts worked best. They agreed on the setup and named the Beyblade "GB".

Allik took this time to try talk to Daemon.
"Hey Daemon i heard you were the school's top blader for 2 years on-going?" said Allik.

"Yea I am, Even though me losing to Zigler a couple months ago kind of made people think they're better than me and  it also doesn't help i didn't repeat my win in tournament of the best school blader. You pretty much one that,  forget what Zigler did that title still belongs to you." replied Daemon.

"So you both lost to Zigler?" asked Mina.

They both said yes and detailed their losses. Allik showed the team his practice bey.

" So Nog did you verse him too? and when do you plan to get your own bey?" asked Ryo.

" No i did not verse him but i did verse some other big names with Alik's Beyblade. I'll get my own when i feel im ready. I dont mind borrowing Beyblades to battle." Said Nog.

"Oh I see, you can use my Beyblade whenever you want! and now we're going to have a team Beyblade that we all can use. Including any members with out a Beyblade." said Mina.

"Yea so it works for us as a group." said Daemon.

" I cant wait to start some 2v2's those are the best in my opinion. Now especially because were a group" said Rile.

" Yea and i need help taking down Ellise and Ellize, They beat me both twice! i need a good partner to go after them when its time. They're the best east end division bladers. Ellize and shinning Amaterios , Ellise and Shadow Amaterios." said Mina.

"Wait wasn't it the other way around with their Beyblades? Ah never mind it doesn't matter" said Nog

They decided to talk over what their roles or specialties in the group are. Allik specialty is being a reliable winner after having the best record in the group after the tournament even if it didn't count, he silently proved himself worthy in the Beyblade community. Nog's specialty is getting intel on other bladers, groups plus he runs the team practices. Mina's specialty is finding battles. Daemon is another reliable winner having the most experience in the group, his specialty is battle iq. He gives a lot of tips and tricks for battles and practice. Ryo's specialty is battle strategy which gets helped a lot by Daemond. They decided that they will all battle and  will sort out who's battling before accepting a battle to create good matchups. They also decided that their team bey has to be in every battle they're in, since they put it together as a team.

Allik pulled Daemon away from the group to talk privately.

"So Daemon? how did we both know who Zigler is but didn't recognize he's not from our North high school? or even remember he's from the south?' Asked Allik.

" It's high school  personally everyone has a lot going on I thought he got a transfer and that's why no one said anything. But it turns out he finessed. Usually people do those kinds of stuff to get info. they couldn't get on the beytube and a tournaments a good time." replied Daemon.

"Ok, we'll talk more another time" said Allik.

With their new Beyblade in hand, the group began training together, honing their skills and learning new techniques. As the group trained together, they became close friends, sharing their experiences and supporting each other through their past victories and defeats. They began to refer to themselves as the Blader Alliance, a team of powerful bladers who would take on any challenge together. They updated their info. on the beytube and began looking for challenges.

Chapter 12 ; FIrst Group Battle

Their first challenge came in the form of a rival group, a team of bladers who had been watching the Blader Alliance's progress with envy. The rival group challenged the Blader Alliance to a series of battles, determined to prove that they were the stronger team. This would be their first match as a group and first match for the new year. Group series battles usually consists of 2v2's matches where each match they can change bladers, first to 2 wins. It gives groups chances to showcase themselves if they decide to record and post on beytube. The rival group went by blade bursters and they are 3-0 as a group right now.

The Blader Alliance accepted the challenge, knowing that they had each other's backs. They chose 4 bladers and decided not to go to round 3 to prove themselves in their first match. So they decided on Daemon and Ryo, Allik and Nog. Nog using GB to battle. Rile and Mina recorded from the sidelines to post to beytube afterwards. They battled fiercely, each member using their unique skills and tactics to take down their opponents. With Daemon and Ryo, Cho-z Spriggan stayed in the middle while Crash Ragnurok circled the stadium. Crash was hitting the opponents to the middle while Spriggan hit them back until the first Beyblade got hit out and the second one stopped spinning. The second battle was a little faster because it was a 3 way battle with Geist Fafnir steal spinning from both opponents, then Nog and GB finishing them while they were weak. Both battles couldn't went either way if their opponents dodged any attacks. In the end, the Blader Alliance emerged victorious, cementing their status as a powerful team of bladers while also showcasing their good chemistry as a new group.

As they celebrated their victory, Allik felt a sense of pride and gratitude. He had come a long way from his defeat at the hands of Zigler, and he knew that he had his new friends to thank for it. Together, they had formed a group that was greater than the sum of its parts, and they were ready to take on any challenge that came their way. Blader Alliance is now 1-0 on the beytube, everyone involved also got the win/loss added to their personal record.
Chapter 13 : Meeting

Allik woke up to a message from the group requesting a meeting. They wanted to meet about the upcoming tournament they been training for. This is going to be Allik's 4th tournament or 3rd if you take away the DQ tournament, In which no one from the Blader Alliance ended up going to the re-do tournament. They were too invested in their team battles and growing as a team. The Blader Alliance record on the beytube is now 21-6, all groups battles. Allik was wondering what they're were going to talk about in the meeting, he thought they were ready for what ever.

Allik arrived at the meeting and they were already there waiting for him. "hey Allik what took you so long" said Nog. "My bad I was thinking a lot while I was on my way here." replied Allik.

"Who cares? let's start this meeting and get ourselves ready for the future." said Ryo.

"So! So far we've been doing good. Are chemistry so far is great. I say Allik and Mina, and  Me and Adi are the best teams. So we should represent the group in the upcoming tournament. " said Daemon.

"Wait , hold up how come I'm not in that? Nope! that's not fair i have to battle in the tournament too." said Ryo.

" Ok but listen judging by our group performances we're the best. And we had everyone partner with everyone, we're the only teams that didn't lose our 2v2." replied Daemon.

"What do you mean!? i had the worst match ups!" said Ryo increasingly getting more angry.

" Ok, ok how about we settle this a different way?" asked Mina.

"Yes please! this is getting out of hand we're a team." said Rile.

"Yes that's why we make this decision as a team" said Nog.

"Plus theirs 2 tournaments coming up we might go to both!" said Allik.

" I think I have a solution. We all been focused on group battles lets go back and do solo battles. But there's a catch, since only 4 of us are allowed in the group tournament first 4 out of our group to win 3 solo battles goes to the tournament. And we all have to use GB, the beyblade we built together." said Mina.

"I can agree to that." said Ryo.

"This tournament means a lot more to some of us because of our past experiences. Not only is Zigler in the tournament but the E twins are going to be there, Ellise and Ellize. Since school started back they been on a spree on their side." said Daemon.

" It's other big names in this too and the registration not done so more people can be added to groups and more groups can sign up." said Adi. "So i have to be there, I don't care!" said Ryo.

The meeting was done once it was decided how they will pick their bladers for the tournament. Ryo and Daemon went home after the meeting while the rest of the group stayed to gossip and battle some more. They talked about Ryo a little bit too, noticing he constant anger issues after losses and then the little outburst today. The meeting was after lunch and they didn't go home until almost midnight. Good thing it was a Friday and no school tomorrow.

Chapter 14: The Jealous Blader

The Blader Alliance had continued to dominate in their Beyblade battles, thanks to their strong bond and teamwork. They had won several battles and had even defeated some of the strongest bladers in the city. However, not everyone on the team was happy with their success.

Now its time for the Blader Alliance to go over their record and see who will be representing the group for the tournament.

" So for the ones that got your 3 wins you know who you are but i'll still say it for the whole group to know. Allik, Daemon, Nog and me!" announces Mina to the whole group.

"You guys set this up on purpose." said Ryo.

"How?" Said Nog.

"Deamon guessed this would be the line up." said Ryo.

"No i didn't I thought Adi would be in it" said Daemon.

"You guys know i was the only on having issues connecting with GB, it wasn't working for me" said Ryo.

"We'll we all decided and agreed from long time this is how it would go, so this is how its going. no arguments no complaints!" said Allik very sternly.

"You guys know if i lost i wouldn't complain" said Mina. " let's look at the records" said Nog.

"Daemon 3-2, Adi 2-2, Ryo 2-2, Rile 2-1, Mina 3-1, Nog 4-1 and Allik 4-0. Our overall group record now is 41-15 and we're a top 10 team!" reported Adi.

"I think we can get to 50 wins before the school years done and we should go toward winning both tournaments in that time too. If we stop fighting each other that is." said Nog.

" That being said we should take a little break, practice by ourselves a bit. Just until some of the other groups show who their representative is in the tournament. Then we announce ours." said Nog. " I'm going to keep battling, I need to fix my record" said Ryo.

Ryo had been struggling to win his battles. He felt jealous of the other members, who seemed to win effortlessly. Throughout the passing weeks Ryo began to argue with the other members, blaming them for his losses and accusing them of holding him back.

The Blader Alliance tried to reassure Ryo, telling him that they were a team and that they would work together to help him improve. But Ryo's jealousy continued to grow, and he became increasingly distant from the rest of the team.

Chapter 15 : Encounter

One day, when the Blader Alliance was practicing in the park, a group of bladers appeared out of nowhere and challenged them to a battle. They never gave no real introduction besides them calling themselves the Zoe's and it was 2 of them. The Blader Alliance accepted the challenge, confident in their skills. The Zoe's had Cho-z Achilles and a Custom dead hades.

"Daemon and Mina will beat you guys easily or even me and Allik. Any team formation from the Blader Alliance will win, we're a team for a good reason" said Nog.

"We'll take any one  of you guys from the Blader Alliance." Said 1 of the Zoe's.

"Oh so you want to battle us because we're a top 10 team huh?" Said Daemon.

They all have their Beyblade by the stadium while they were conversating. However, before the battle, the Blader Alliance noticed that one of their members, Mina, was missing. They quickly realized that her Beyblade had been stolen by the opposing team. Allik and Nog were furious and demanded that the other team return Mina's Beyblade.
The opposing team leader, a blader named Sora, laughed and told them that they would only get the Beyblade back if they won the battle. The Blader Alliance battled fiercely, but without Mina's Beyblade, they were at a disadvantage. It was Allik and Nog vs the Zoe's in an unofficial match using Geist Fafnir and their team bey GB.

Allik and Nog lost but Daemon challenged them to a rematch.
Daemon really wanted to ask Ryo to be his partner in the rematch but felt nervous to ask. So, Instead he asked everyone in the Blader Alliance at once together. Ryo, feeling guilty about his previous behavior, stepped up and offered to sit out the battle, giving the others a better chance to win. So Daemon decide to team up with Rile, because from they noticed the Beyblade and Mina missing Adi went to go search. The Blader Alliance fought bravely, but in the end, they were defeated.

Allik decided to change tactics and went to fight the other team and take Mina's Beyblade back but was stopped by Daemon. Rile and Nog reacted to late to chase them as they ran away from Allik seeing his rage in his eyes. As the opposing team left with Mina's Beyblade, Ryo apologized for his behavior and promised to work harder to become a better blader. The Blader Alliance forgave him, knowing that they were all in this together.
The Blader Alliance together made a vow to get Mina's Beyblade back, no matter what it took. They began to train harder than ever, determined to become even stronger and better prepared for any future battles. They were all depressed on the loss of the match and the Beyblade getting stolen. The Blader Alliance had faced their share of challenges, but they knew that as a team, they could overcome anything. They were ready to take on the world, one Beyblade battle at a time.  And this was on the team as a whole.
Chapter 16 : Finally a call

They didn't talk to each other for a whole week then Nog called Allik.

"Did you look at the beytube? Groups are announcing their teams for the tournament. Each team allowed 2 teams of 2 bladers if you have enough members in your group." said Nog.

" Yea im on it and there's a lot of groups, is there like a qualifying setup?" said Allik.

"Of course, you never read the rules do you? 64 teams cut to 32 then finally 16 to start the tournament. Matches are end of the month and tournaments beginning of next month." said Nog.

"Let's see, oh the E- twins are really going to be in this! I see their group and THE ZOE's!!" said Allik.

" See who the members are" said Nog.

"Sora, Luke and AND ZIGLER!! Now it makes sense! These people are just an extension of him" said Allik.

"So he breaks beys and gets his people's to steal too." said Nog.

"Yeah he's more of a problem. He just gets from bad to worse. He needs more than to be defeated. He pisses me off!" said Allik.

*beep beep*

"Hold on Nog I got another call. Hello?" said Allik.

"Hey Allik its Mina" . " Oh my Gosh we've been looking for you! you weren't at the school or the park. What happened with you!?" asked Allik.

"They used a fishing line to get my Beyblade and i only noticed because the tried to take GB and missed causing it to fall, when i picked it up i seen my Beyblade flying. So i followed it, for 2 hours. I haven't been around because i was depressed." said Mina.

"Did you talk to the rest of the team?" asked Allik.

"No only Ryo and Adi. But i wanted to come to you first. Zigler contacted me on beytube and said he'll trade my bey for our GB. What should I do?" replied Mina.

"Oh this is sticky. we put in soo much work with Gb. Built and won with it together. We need to talk to the team about this one, this is not a decision i can make on my own." said Allik.

"Uhm ok, Do me a favor though? Don't invite Ryo! i got another thing to tell the team." said Mina.

" Why not? You know what lets meet up now ill tell everyone. We can invite Ryo after." said Allik.

As they got to the meeting everyone was overwhelmed to Mina back. Before she caught everyone up to speed Allik announced that The Zoe's are ran by Zigler. That caused a lot of anger and choice words between the group about the Zoe's. Finally Mina caught the team up and asked the question.

"Wow are you serious?" Asked Daemon. "

Just do it, Her personal Beyblade is worth more than the one we shared" said Adi.

"Like its a good bey but i need my bloody Longinus back, i been feeling soo depressed and unlike myself" said Mina.

"cant we just give them our practice Beyblade? you know, use Zigler's tricks against him. Put it in a box and trade with him" said Nog.

"That wouldn't work. We either do the trade or maybe we can make a bet for the tournament" said Allik.

"But i need it asap to be in the tournament, Nog's using Gb ." said Mina.

"let's ask Ryo" said daemon.

"No! I forgot to tell you i talked to Ryo before i got to talk to Adi and Ryo was moving weird. Like he was super guilty of something or e made some sort of mistake. I think it involves us." said MIna.

"We been so focused on you i just noticed he hasn't been around too." said Nog.

"Maybe he been practicing" said Daemon. "I didn't see him at school either." replied Nog.

"Well since he hasn't been around i think we should look for him and if we don't find him by next week we do the trade. Because after that is the tournament qualifiers." said Allik
Chapter 17: The Traitor

The Blader Alliance had been training hard for the upcoming Beytube Tournament. Allik, Nog, and the rest of the team had been working together, determined to win against the best bladers on the island. However, they had no idea that there was a traitor among them. Mina warned them but there was no real evidence besides his disappearance.
They had a Bladers Alliance meeting and again Ryo wasn't there. They checked the beytube and that's when they saw. Ryo has joined the Zoe's and will be in the tournament. This news was a devastation to the team. Not only did they have to go through so much together and a part. They lost a member of their team, to their Number 1 Rivals at that. Now the Zoe's have GB their team Beyblade but also Ryo, their old team member.

"See! I told you guys!" said Mina.

" I knew you were right" said Adi.

"I kind of had a love/hate relationship with him. I really wanted to see and help him win." said Daemon.

"At first I thought he was having serious personal issues and after the tournament i was planning on taking a break to try help him but he's a disloyal traitor. There's no room for disloyalty with me." said Allik.

The next day while they were all practicing Ryo walked in. Everyone was shocked and surprised. the last they all remember Ryo had apologized for his previous behavior and had promised to work harder to become a better blader. However, what the Blader Alliance didn't know was that Ryo had been working with Zigler and the group that had stolen Mina's Beyblade. That's when they realized he had agreed to betray his friends and help them win the Beytube Tournament.

"Why!?" said Allik and Daemon at the same time keeping theirs eyes locked on Ryo while showcasing their felt of betrayal in their voice.

"Because I can tell you guys didn't like me, i didn't really fit in. Also he came to me first at the tournament and i turned him down, then you guys asked me." said Ryo.

"That doesn't explain the betrayal, I'm the one that recommended you to this group when I got offered by Allik" said Daemon.

"I was getting there. Pretty much he offered me a for sure win in the tournament then I can start my own group and become number 1" said Ryo.

" So you wanted to be the leader pretty much and got mad you didn't qualify, Typical. Have fun with your new group." said Daemon.

"What do you mean!" said Ryo

"He's right your not leader material and everyone notice how hard you tried to make it seem like you're the leader.  I was willing to stop blading to help you, Daemon too. I'm pretty sure the whole team would" said Allik.

"Well he also offered me a cho-z Beyblade. He's been selling the Beyblades that weren't won back to buy cho-z stuff. You guys don't stand a chance, We didn't stand a chance. But now i stand a chance, Against ya'll, and everyone else after i get my new Beyblade . And I'm going to win when I do" said Ryo