[Fan Fiction]  Blade Island : Allik Adventures

Chapter 18 : Qualifiers

The day before qualifiers the Blader Alliance got a message for the Zoe's. it was a bet  that they couldn't win the tournament. But if they did win Zigler would quit blading for the rest of the school year. They didn't even have to think about that as team before they accepted. This one was unspoken. If they can stop him for even a short while that saves a lot of Beyblades from being stolen or broken.

The day of the tournament qualifiers arrived, and the Blader Alliance was ready to face their toughest opponents yet. The biggest names on the island were there, and the competition was fierce. Allik and Nog battled through the early rounds, each winning their matches with ease. Daemon and Mina tag team was a great showing too. Making The Blader Alliance one of the top picks for the tournament.

Meanwhile, Ryo had joined forces with Zigler and the other bladers. He had taken Mina's Beyblade, made her trade it with the Blader Alliance team's beyblade "GB" and was using it in his matches, determined to win at any cost. The Blader Alliance was unaware of Ryo's treachery at that time, and they continued to battle with all their might. Before only some of the group had issues with Zigler, now they all do. And now they have Ryo, a new problem, on their hands. a lot of their practices haven't been the same without Mina's Beyblade but they were thinking at least she came back
Chapter 19: Team Tournament!

Top 8:

[The Blader Alliance (x2), Kc crew, The Zoe's (x2), E Twins, Kountry Bladers and BB Strikers]

The Blader Alliance (Daemon and Allik) vs Kc Crew (Illack and Rawco)
Daemon and Allik's match was against Kc Crew. Illack and Rawco. 

"Hey Illack remember me ? From your tournament?" Said Allik. 

"Yea I do, I think. Zigler broke your Beyblade in the tournament? And at that time you had the same Beyblade as him?" asked Illack. 

"Yes that's me! So now you Know why I have to win!" said Allik. 

"HA! Bring it on!" Said Illack.

 Illack's Archer Hercules and Rawco's Vise Leopard were doing good holding their own. But the Cho-z Spriggan and Geist Fafnir spin steal team work was killing them. In the end they couldn't handle the spin steal tag team, it was too much for their stamina. Also Kc Crew and their Beyblades made it this far by outlasting their opponents, but they finally met a match they couldn't outlast especially without attacking. They realized too late and The Blader Alliance first team continues on!.

The Blader Alliance (Nog and MIna) vs The Zoe's (Ryo and Sora)

Meanwhile, Nog and Mina had made a deal with the group that had stolen Mina's Beyblade. They agreed to battle against them, and if they won, they would get their team Beyblade back. The battle was fierce, with both teams giving it their all. Nog was using Adi's Beyblade for the tournament and was a good teammate for Mina. Buster Xcaliber would hit the beys into Bloody Longinus and they would burst because of the angles they were getting hit. The Crash Ragnurok and Cho-z Achilles from the Zoe's went a long way without losing. But In the end, Nog and Mna emerged victorious, and they were able to retrieve the Blader Alliance Beyblade after the battle. They wanted to talk to Ryo and Sora but they couldn't find them after the match. Now Both groups of the Blader Alliance advance. Their confidence is high right now because they're liking their odds.

Top 4:

[The Bladers Alliance(x2), The Zoe's, E twins]

[Tournament Announcer]: " By the rules if two groups of the same team make it to the semi-finales with only themselves to face they automatically win the tournament. Having both your representative teams in the finales proves your team the best. Also only one group from each team can go to the finales so if The Blader Alliance wins 1 match then the next match will be the other two teams fighting for the final spot. But if they lose they have a second chance because they have a second team. So with all that being said lets get back to the COMPETITION!!"

The Blader Alliance (Nog and MIna) Vs The E twins (Ellis and Ellize)

"Girls, do you know how long I waited for this battle? I do not intend to lose, not this time! Especially with what i been through recently!" said Mina.

 "Hehe he! This will be fun right sister! lets do no more talking and get this over with! We need to beat Zigler!" said Ellize.

 "This won't be easy i know how you guys battle too! I was there with Allik in that tournament remember!" said Nog. 

"*whispers* Let's get him first" said Ellis to Ellize. 

As the match began, not even 5 seconds in, The E Twins both shouted "NOW!". Both Shadow and Shinning Amaterios went straight to Blader Alliances "GB" Hazard Kerbeus and knocked it out the ring full force. Nog picked up the bey and realized it was 1 click away from bursting. Now Both Amaterios were circling Mina's Bloody Longinus but Mina was prepared for this because of practice.

 "All out ATTACK LONGINUS!" said Mina while Bloody Longinus started going sporadic. It went sporadic and knocked shinning Amaterios out the ring then went head on with shadow Amaterios until its stamina couldn't keep up with Longinus. MIna WON!

[Tournament Announcer]: "Since The Blader Alliance won the next match will be The Zoe's Vs The E twins! Blader Alliance pick with group you want in the finals while we commence this match!"

After that battle the E twins went up against the Zoe's. This was a long round that went to the wire but once ZIgler and Cho-z Valkyrie got one of the twins out it started wearing down the other twin until the match was over. Its Official now, The Blader Alliance Vs The Zoe's in the finals.

 " We almost didn't get this match because of how good Mina clutched that win for us!" said Nog. 

" Yup Now its time for me and Daemon to take over!" said Allik.

" Allik you ready for this!? This is what me and you been waiting for! What we trained for! I don't know about you but im trying to damage their Beyblades like they did others" said Daemon. 

"Lets just worry about the win! Mina got her goal done now we got to get the team goal done! and our own personals along with that." said Allik

Chapter 20 : Final Round

As the tournament progressed, Allik found himself facing Zigler once again. This time, Allik was determined to get his revenge for his broken Beyblade and everything else he's done. The battle was intense, with both bladers giving it their all. Cho-z Valkyrie vs. Geist Fafnir. But Allik had Daemon with him and Cho-z Spriggan. And Zigler had Luke with him and Dead hades. Right at the beginning of the match Daemon and Allik did a team attack and bursted dead hades asap. then tag teamed on Valkyrie until it spun out. 

"You're holding me back!" Zigler said to Luke. 

For the next round they tried the same tactic but Zigler and Cho-z Valkyrie stopped it. dead hades ended up getting a good hit on Geist Fafnir with a boost from Valkyrie. Then Allik told Geist Fafnir to do his move, Spin steal. It was so affective Valkyrie left Spriggan to hit Fafnir out the ring now its a 2 on 1 but hades is low on stamina. Once hades spun out Valkyrie got real aggressive. 

That's when Daemon yelled, "I can steal spin too". Valkyrie spun out!

[Tournament Announcer}:"Tournament done! The Blader Alliance has won! I know this is a great upset to The Zoe's who have been on a terror outside of these tournaments. But this is the place where groups prove themselves and The Blader Alliance has proven themselves! Big Congratulations to them! Now they're schedule is going to get busy as they're going to have a lot of challengers and endorsers! I know Beytube is ready for them, they got a invite to the HQ and more! Enjoy and Congratulations again!" 

*Hands the group a trophy, gift bag and beytube invitation*

As the tournament came to an end, the Blader Alliance had emerged as the winners. They had battled hard and had come out on top. However, they were shocked to learn that Ryo had betrayed them. He had been working with Zigler and the others all along, and they had used underhanded tactics to try and win the tournament. These are things going through the whole teams mind throughout the whole tournament. Filling them each with different emotions causing different reactions. All resulting in wanted to win more than ever. It was almost like they had to win.

The Blader Alliance was disappointed in Ryo, but they forgave him, knowing that everyone makes mistakes. They were proud of their own performance in the tournament and knew that they had won fairly and with honor. But they also knew they couldn't be friends again. It just wasn't possible. They didn't know what else he had done or was willing to do.
Zigler and his team returned the Beyblade back to the Blader Alliance. 

"You may not like me but i do have my set of rules i follow and enforce on my team. If we make a bet we keep it. We bet you wouldn't win the tournament especially without your team Beyblade, we were wrong. I got to get ready for phase 3. It doesn't end here" said Zigler.

 "Look's like I won't be in that solo tournament now. Oh and you each earned a fair 1v1 when you're ready. I'm going to announce that I'm out until summer break. Lets see how people react to that." added Zigler.