[Fan Fiction]  Blade Island : Allik Adventures

{Quick Summary} Blade Island fanfiction takes place on a island where most of the kids are just getting into beyblade because of the increasing hype. They know and watch beyblade battles on tv but this new website made it so they have their own local community of bladers that's constantly growing. With the access of beyblades growing on the island we will follow a 12yr old Boy and his Beyblade adventure. Bad is everywhere even in a "fun" game. (Based on Beyblade Burst Cho-z) 

 *Disclaimer* this is my first Fanfic and writing project, i wrote last year and finally caught up. Im doing this as a little project and practice for the other stories i have ready to write so im looking for all feedback(good or bad). A lot more plans in the future just have to start somewhere and track my growth.


CHP.1-1st Beyblade  & Practice

One Summer June morning Allik smoke was woken up by his parents. His parents liked his grades in school so they woke him up to receive a gift.
Allik woke up with a cold in his eye wondering why he’s being woken up on a summer day, School's out its supposed to be relaxing time. Then while still dizzy from waking up he noticed they had a present for him. As he forced his eyes to focus he simultaneously thought about what it might be. He opened the present and it was a beyblade (Winning Valkyrie).

"Happy Birthday Allik!" said both of his parents together.

Filled with excitement he instantly started playing with it while screaming,
“ This is Winning Valkyrie!! Thanks mom! Thanks Dad!” until he got it out the package and on the floor spinning.

Allik spent that whole morning playing with what he started to call his new companion.
Still filled with so much excitement he went to his friend Nog King’s house to show him what he got.
Allik arrives and is greeted by Nog's Grandmother, Marie King.

“Hello Allik! Here for your friend Nog or are you here to see me?”, Said Marie.

“I'm here to see my best friend on this island! plus I got something to show him”, Allik replied with his hands behind his back and excitment written all over his face.

"Happy Birthday Allik im baking a cake for you" said Marie as calls to Nog in which he comes running down, kicks on his shoes and runs out the door before being stopped by his grandmother to be lectured about rushing all the time. Allik made sure to give his thanks.

After the lecture she lets him leave and that's when Allik removes his hands from behind him to reveal his brand new beyblade. Both of them with the energy of the most energetic kids get very loud as they struggle to contain their strong happy emotions. Because this is something they wanted from when they saw beyblades on the TV from overseas and it started a wave on their island. Allik And Nog decide to go to the park and see if there’s anyone over there to practise with. They see a school friend and his little brother, who they realize is Taurus and his brother Squiddy. Allik and Nog See that they're playing with their beyblades so Allik rushes to challenge them.
They all look confused because they have the same Winning Valkyrie, Only difference being Allik’s doesn’t have stickers on his.
Allik challenges them and states that his bey doesn’t have stickers so they can still determine the outcome correctly. They just got to keep watch on which one wins and make sure not to confuse themselves.

Allik beats the little brother Squiddy using a launch that makes the beyblade go fast then go to the middle and play defense. Allik tries the same thing against Taurus but ties because they stop spinning at the same time. This happened 3 times in a row. Even with their beys hitting each other the outcome was the same, Stalemate.

“Let me try,” Said Nog King.

Allik lets his friend try and notices they have a different way of holding the launcher.

 “3,2,1 LET IT RIP!!”. 

The way Nog launched the beyblade went straight towards the next bey and hit it straight out.

“You gotta teach me that” Said Allik to Nog, In which he replied “you just got this today we have a lot to practise and experiment! Take this as a learning phase for us”

Taurus and Squiddy thank them both for the fun battle and ask if they want to battle again tomorrow, which they agreed. Allik and Nog decide to stay at the park as they are not ready to leave yet.
While they were taking turns practicing their launches and techniques they were having deep conversations about beyblading. The time passed so fast they didn’t notice that they were the only kids still outside.
Allik walks Nog home, both of them still talking about beyblade.
Allik arrives home with a lot on his mind but thanks parents again for the present then ate the cake Marie made for him. He told his parents about his battle outside before going to sleep.
I dont know how to post pictures so ill just release the rest of the chapter's 1 by 1 just going over them again in editing.
Chp.2 Beyblade and battles

The next morning Allik jumped out of his sleep almost as if he just had a nightmare but it was just his excitement. First thing he did after jumping out of bed was grab his Beyblade on his way to the washroom. He woke up super excited to start his day practicing and getting to know his Beyblade. he was practicing his launch during breakfast and practicing attacks in the shower. By lunch time his friend Nog knocked on his door to get him to come outside.

"Allik make sure you wash the dishes before you go out with your friends!" yelled Allik's mother from another room.

"Want to play with my Beyblade until im done?" Asked Allik to Nog.

"Of course", replied Nog filled with internal excitement that he was trying his hardest not let out but you can see it in his eyes.

As soon as Allik was done he rushed to watch Nog practice for a while before asking, "so, where we going to train today? there's a lot i need to learn".
"Like what? did you see something or think of something new you want to try? and to your first question lets ride our bikes and find places together." replied Nog as he got on his bmx.

"I want to see what i can learn and master so i can compete! so i need to know what works for me." "That's why we need to hurry up and practice so we can before its too late and we lose." said Allik as he and Nog started riding.

" I also want to see what you can do, you can use mines until you get your own anytime." Allik continued.

"I just want to see you win, i have to save up a lot before i can get my first Beyblade but I don't mind practicing my launch. I haven't been able to watch tv to see the new Beyblade news because i was helping my grandma all day." replied Nog.

They stop at an abandoned car in the tree's, looks like its been in an accident then left to rust. They went to look closer and noticed the roof is sunken in and looks like a stadium. They looked at each other as they dropped their bikes to go practice on the car.

"Tell your grandma thanks for making me that heavenly strawberry cheesecake, i told my parents to give you guys some because i know only 1 was made." said Allik randomly.

"that's what your thinking about? I thought you were planning out what you want to practice first" Nog said laughing out of control.

They talked and both practice whatever they could come up with at that time for a couple hours until they remembered about the battles from the other day. They got back on their bmx and said whoever gets there first gets to battle first.
Nog arrived first to see the brothers practicing. Allik arrived and cut straight to the chase, the battles!
Nog gets to go first versus Rile.

"3-2-1 LET IT RIP!!" they said in unison. Nog used the same launch as yesterday and Rile did a launch that has his bey speeding around the stadium. He did 3 laps before Nog bey zigzagged from the launch and a got a direct hit sending the other bey the edge, it did 1 more lap before spinning out the ring.

"AAUUUUGGGHH!!!!! i practiced that all day and night and still loss to the same launch!!" said Rile. He then took his bey and left is little brother Hue at the park
"Ignore him he gets mad quick" said Hue. "I'm here to verse both of you guys and i plan  on winning today!" continued Hue.

They battled until evening with the score being, Nog 2 wins 4 losses, Allik 4 wins 2 losses and Hue with 3 wins and 3 losses. They ask Hue if he wants a ride because they have pegs on their bmx, to which he agrees. They stop at a store for drinks an snacks.

"I feel like I'm struggling to find my sweet spot with this bey, its not doing everything im trying to get it to do." Said Allik.

"You've had it for like 2 days"  laughed Nog.

"You know you can buy trade and battle for parts on the tube right? so you can customize the bey to how you like if the original setup doesn't work for you.'' said Hue.

"What!?" said both Allik and Nog with confusion.

"There's no way you didn't know that, everyone knows that. You go on Beytube make an account and you get access to worldwide and local Beyblade news. If you get a battle through the site it keeps track of your record." replied Hue.

"Im doing that as soon as i get inside we've been keeping up by watching tv and a few news sites online. This is a game changer!" said Allik.

"I can probably battle for a bey!" said Nog

"Or lose a bey" said little brother.

"I wont lose ad how do you know so much" said Nog as they threw out their garbage and got back on the bmx's.

"From my older brother, he takes this serious. So serious he wont battle on the site unless he wins more outside because he doesn't want to have a bad record online." Replied Hue.

After their conversation they all ended their day racing on their bmx to drop little brother home then calling it a night while going to their homes.
Chp.3 learning more about Beyblades

After all that practicing yesterday, Allik decided he will stay in longer today to explore the beytube. He was so excited to see what local battles are going on and who's the top beyblader of the island. So after breakfast he was on the computer only taking a break to each lunch and use the bathroom. He was watching battles, events and reading Beyblade news while practicing his launch.
The way he was on the computer if his father didn't yell for him to eat lunch he would have skipped it to stay online. And his father noticed he went right back to the computer right after eating.

" I got to become the best in my area and on my island! Maybe while I'm up there i can travel the world and battle worldwide!" said Allik.

Nog was downstairs knocking the door and Alliks mother called for him to answer it. Allik looked out the window first because his window faces the same direction as the front door, he looked down and noticed it was his friend Nog. Allik quickly ran downstairs to let his friend in and rushed him upstairs to explore the beytube with him. They both caught up on the new and decided to watch some video's. While they were watching video's they were taking turns practicing their launches in the clothes basket cover, instead of just on the floor like they usually do inside. As they were watching the video's and practicing Nog had an idea.

"What's the Beyblade ranks for our island?" asked Nog.

"Also didn't (lil bro) say we can set up battles for parts online?" asked Nog.

"you're right! but what part would i get?", asked Allik.

They decided to spend their time doing research and practicing to see what they think would work for them. Allik decided he wanted to have more balance and control over his bey so they started looking for balance parts. They made their first ad challenge on the website, "1v1 part for part " which is a one on one battle, best of 2, both have to put up one Beyblade part in the pot, winner takes the part.

"let's go outside and practice while we wait?" offered Allik.


"looks like we got replies already!" said Nog.

"A blader who's new like us named Zeke said he'll put up his balance driver against our weight, Forgot the rest im going to take this one!" said Allik.

"why? arent there more messages?" asked Nog

"yes but he the only one that replied with no record like us" replied Allik.

"Oh i forgot we must look like easy wins to them if we accept, lets come back to them when we're a bit more experienced." said Nog.

They scheduled the battle for tomorrow at the park and both parties agreed. Allik felt a feeling he barely feels, nervousness. He came to realization that if he does lose he wont be able to battle again until he gets a new Beyblade and Nog doesn't have his own Beyblade yet. But he started to think about if he wins. He gets a new part to add to his bey and practice with to see what works better for him. He also gets to try and battle for enough parts to build Nog a Beyblade. Nog noticed the look on his face and reassured him that he'll win. Allik looked and Nog with a serious face followed by a light smurk.

"Win or lose ill keep going!" said Allik as he started practicing.
Chp.4 : 1st real match (BEYTUBE BATTLE)

It was a warm summer morning so Allik was wondering why he woke up with cold sweats. He was hoping that its not because he was nervous of his first real match, even though he knows that it was. He was very anxious but also very nervous plus he was thinking a lot. This a ranked match were both sides have something to lose and will be on their record on the beytube. They both put up a part from their respective beyblades in this battle and winner gets whatever has been put up. Allik put up his driver and so did his opponent. Allik doesn't know about his opponent but for him if he loses he cant battle again unless he gets a new driver or a whole new beyblade.

"I'm thinking way too much, let me hurry up and get ready" Allik said while thinking out loud.

He wanted to stop overthinking so when he gathered his things and got on his bmx he took the long way to Nog's house. During that ride he got time to clear his mind a little and it helped him to relax before he arrived at his friends house. He knocked on his friends door but had to wait inside because Nog was in the middle of finishing up his chores. Allik decided to show Marie, Nog's grandmother, his Winning Valkyrie. She watched him practice and asked questions up until Nog was done his chores.

"I don't know what it is but i have my first match today, i was and still am very nervous but Thank you Marie, you made me feel more confident in myself! I feel a lot better after practicing and talking to you." said Allik.

"aha ha ha, No problem i see Nog watch these on TV and cant get him to do anything when it's on." replied Marie.

"Grandma I'm done!" yelled Nog

"Ok you're friend is here waiting for you! you kids have fun at your fight!" Marie replied back

"Grandma its a battle not a fight! and Allik lets go before we're late for your 1st battle." replied Nog

They got on their bmx's and proceeded to head to the park for the schedule Beyblade battle.

"it's time!" they both said as they put their BMX's down at the park.

"Hey are you Allik? Im Zeke, I'm your opponent! Let's go over here where the beytube moderator can oversee our match" said Zeke looking very happy.

"Beytube.... Moderator?" said Allik and Nog together confusingly.

"A battle is not ranked if there's no beytube moderator to keep score and update the site with the new results. And this ones going in the books" explained Zeke

The moderator set up the arena where there bey's will battle. Zeke and Allik stand opposite side of each other around the arena showing their beys.

"This is a best of 3 battle, both participants have put up their respective drivers from their beyblades on the line! Winner takes both drivers! for battle purposes they will both use there drivers for the battles but loser will have to give up their driver. Now, Let's begin this battle! Allik VS Zeke! Winning Valkyrie VS Hazard Kerbeus!" Announced the beytube moderator.

[Round 1 Allik VS Zeke]
"3-2-1- GOOOO!!!!" both battlers screamed together.
Zeke did a regular launch and closed his eyes. "I have strong faith in my bey" said Zeke. Allik did a hard launch! Hazard kerbeus did one lap around the stadium then went to the middle and started to hold its position. Meanwhile at first it looked like Winning valkyrie was following for the attack but ended up doing laps until it flew out the ring. Allik rushed to catch his bey.
"Zeke and Hazard kerbeus have just won round 1!" said the beytube moderator.
"oh right lets go!" said Zeke while admiring Hazard Kerbeus.
"Now i gotta win the next 2, I cant lose my first battle. Plus if i lose i cant battle until i get a next part!" said Allik while staring at the stadium.

[Round 2]
"3-2-1 GOOOO!!!!" they said together again. Zeke did the same launch as before and closed his eyes. But Allik did a hard angled launch this time. Hazard kerbeus did a lap around the stadium before holding its position in the middle of the arena. This time Winning valkyrie was doing zig zags in the stadium and moving very unpredictable. For the first time Winning valkyrie was in a position to attack. Allik started yelling "Let's GO Winning Valkyrie!! ATTACK!" . Zeke opened his eyes just to see hazard Kerbeus get attacked and ringed out. "waa.. WHAT!? There's no way that bey hits that hard." Said Zeke as he was picking up his jaw.
"Now its even, you got this Allik" said Nog to reassure Allik.
"Allik and Winning Valkyrie have won Round 2!" Announce the Beytube moderator.

[Round 3/Final Round]
"We cant lose!" said Allik
"3-2-1- GOO!!!!!!"
For the first time Zeke did a hard launch and kept his eye's open. At the same time Allik did a hard launch the same as the one in the first round. Both Hazard Kerbeus and Winning Valkyrie were doing laps around the stadium. Both going around counter clockwise. Winning valkyrie kept catching up and hitting Hazard Kerbeus until Hazard kerbeus went to the middle. Both beys were showing signs of wobbling. "Come one Valkyrie! one more attack!! PLEASE!!!" yelled Allik to Winning Valkyrie. "Hazard Kerbeus!! Brace for this hit!!!" Yelled Zeke to Hazard Kerbeus. Winning Valkyrie did its last lap around the stadium and went straight to attack. Hazard Kerbeus stayed where it was, Spinning and wobbling.
Hazard Kerbeus goes to the end of the arena then back to the middle of the arena, rolling on its side. Winning Valkyrie was still spinning until Hazard Kerbeus collided again hitting Winning valkyrie out the arena.

"The winner is ALLIK and Winning Valkyrie!" announced the beytube moderator.

"What but i hit his bey out!" yelled Zeke to the beytube moderator.

"Technically you stopped spinning when Hazard Kerbeus started rolling but when your bey hit Winning valkyrie on the last hit it stopped spinning before Winning valkyrie as out the arena." explained the beytube moderator.

"This is not fair! I didnt see that." said Zeke

"His Winning Valkyrie was still rotating while it was going out the arena, your Hazard Kerbeus was at a dead stop. Would you like to see the replay? Because it will be posted" replied the beytube moderator in a slightly smug tone.

"Allik you WON!!!" said Nog.

"Yea, my first battle. I wont lie I was scared i wasn't going to battle again. Time to receive my rewards!" replied Allik while looking and sounding exhausted.

{Atomic Driver Acquired}
CHP.5 New Setup/New Battles

"Pizza Pizza!! Pizza Pizza!! I can't believe we ate a full box of pizza each. I thought we both wouldn't have finished" said Nog.

"Its our victory pizza for my first high stakes win and real battle plus i got this new atomic driver now! my bey is about to reach another level!" replied Allik.

They finally made it to Allik's house and the first thing Allik did was brag to his parents about first win. He was very happy and thanked them for all that they done for him to this point. Allik and Nog then went upstairs to Allik's room. They wanted to check the BeyTube and see if it updated. Allik also wanted to try out this new part he just won. While Nog was getting the computer ready Allik was getting ready to try out his newly acquired Beyblade driver. Allik quickly noticed while practicing how much more stamina his bey now has, plus it has a bit more control too.

"Look! Look! your win in on the site!!!" Yelled Nog.

"AYE! I'm on the boards!! But who's Zigler? This guy has 3 wins this week and it says he br-broke someone's bey today? Is that even allowed?" Said Allik first in excitement then switched to confusion.

"Click his name you might see more info. , I never knew you were allowed to break beys" Allik followed up

"Breaking someone's Beyblade is unruly and kind of selfish if you ask me" replied Nog.

"Yeah, I would rather lose a bey than have it broken. Even though you can replace or get it fixed I just cant imagine the pain" said Allik.

"We have limited Beyblade resources on this island even though it growing quick" said Nog.

"Looking at this Zigler guy's history he has broken 2 beys so far! 1 of them was a Valkyrie like yours!" Nog said while showing Allik.

"This guy's a-LOOK! it says i got mail! open it Nog!" said Allik.

[You Have Been Invited To An Amatuer Knockout Battle - Accept for more info.]

"I think you should accept this Allik" said Nog

"Of course i will! I'm still amped up from today! today was fun and practicing right now i think im getting the hang of my new atomic driver" Allik replied.

"Its less aggressive but the trade off is soo much more stamina" Allik followed up.

"let me try?" asked Nog.

"Of course! And while you practice let me see if i can find another battle because it seems that knock out battle not for 2 weeks. If you want you can borrow my Valkyrie and find battles too" said Allik.

"I was going to ask but i was waiting for you to have more battles done" said Nog kind of quietly.

"I just setup a battle for myself this weekend versus someone name Shawn for parts again. Hopefully I'm not pushing my luck with this one." Allik continued, "you're my bestfriend why would i not let you borrow it not to mention you were with me for every battle so far. Until you get your own you can use mine and you can use it to win your own too if you feel you can."

"I'm not ready for all that, we can worry about it after your battle coming up. Its getting late I'm going to head home now make sure you come get me tomorrow!" said Nog as he got ready and left.
Chp.6  PreP

Allik finally learned how to make and control his bey's attacks with the atomic driver right before his match with Shawn. So he was feeling confident about his match today. Allik went to his battle with Shawn by himself. He was thinking about how hard his battle against orb egis the whole way there. Plus Shawn will be using the dagger frame that he put up for grabs. Allik really wants that dagger frame for his combo and he put up is Volcanic driver so if he does lose its not as bad.

Allik arrived feeling anxiety, "I gotta take this feeling and use it to win!" he quietly said to himself.

Finally the battle has begun between Shawn and Allik, Orb egis w/dagger frame vs Custom Winning Valkyrie. First to 2 wins, so best out of 3. In the first round they matched in stamina but Orb egis lost stamina with ever his it took until it eventually stopped spinning. In the second round they went to the wire but Valkyrie one with an extra half spin. Allik won 2-0 versus Shawn, Dagger frame acquired.

Shawn congratulated Allik on his win and they talked about bey's for a bit and even ate a pizza together before parting ways.

Allik called Nog as soon as he was by himself, " I won! my Valkyrie is almost complete! I might try to win a new gear next! at this rate we might be able to win you a bey or just build one with the extra parts!".

"I knew you would win, this is good practice for the knock out match you were invited to. I'm happy for you wish i was there but I'm still at the dentist with my grandma" replied Nog.

"I'm heading home now when your done we can talk and you can take the bey for a week. Ill focus on cheering you on this time." said Allik.

Its been a long week, Nog won 4 matches using Allik's bey and only losing once. Also Allik has been practicing with his bey when he wasn't making Nog use it. "today is the day i been waiting for, the knock out battle is tomorrow! let me see our record on the Beytube first. AYE !! NOG !! your higher than me on the list! 4 wins 1 loss and I'm at 2 wins no loss." said Allik. "I guess because i been in more public matches, plus i did five battles in 1 week with your bey using the og setup with the dagger frame. The attack was soo good it made the battles easier for me just hit the other beys make them use their defense and not their stamina." replied Nog.