[Fan Fiction]  Beyblade Burst: Shining Legends

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This is a series that will be a futuristic series after Sparking, right now this series is currently in beta but i will reveal some of the beys for the series but in codenames

Codename Rainbow (Main Characters Bey)

Codename Sword And Shield (Valtryek)

Codename Axe (Spryzen)

Codename Wall (Rival's bey)

First Episode Release Date: September 23rd
Another one oof, your call but I would focus on the other ones first.
(Jun. 09, 2020  12:00 AM)Nitrogenic Wrote: Another one oof, your call but I would focus on the other ones first.

Well when it comes to that i suppose I could put it on hold or have Crab close the story for a bit and open when I'm ready but i havent decided yet
Bruno is creating a fan-fic?!! I wonder if Sticky Fingers will take part in this.
I kinda forgot about this series a little bit, so here is some of the beys for the series

Multi Zouwu 14V Xt+

Revolution Valkyrie 0R Ul'

Warrior Spriggan Gn

Charge Fafnir 8'P Rs

Lance Longinus 13R Ds'

Burn Hyperion St Xc'

Beam Helios Cn Zn'

Gladius Achilles 11B Dm'

Episode Count: 28 (54 Episodes)

Episode 1A - Zouwu Rises!
Episode 1B - Iron Wall! Volcano Dragonis!
Wow i did not you to this many fanfics I'm impressed even I could keep up with my schedule
Shining Legends Plot:

1 year after Sparking, Zachary Kimuzan creates a Shining bey called Multi Zouwu, He signs up for one of the biggest beyblade events in history, meawhile a mysterious blader who uses the bey of the cosmos reveals herself and challenges the 10 Legendary Bladers.