[Fan Fiction]  Bey Charm (13+ content)


what if beys were sorta like stands from JoJo? I've had this idea for a while so I figured I might as well put this into a story. Each avatar is in a beycharm, the charm can be worn as a necklace, or whatever you want (sorta like a piece of jewelry) Each battle takes place in a hologram stadium. If you are hit hard enough for you to be launched outside the stadium (hologram walls are still physical) that's a ring out. If you get tired and stop fighting that's a stamina finish, and being hit so hard that your avart just disappears and you can no longer fight is a burst. During battles you harness the power of the avatars to fight the opponent.

Season working names (these are just the working names, and I have also have plots. However I might only write season 1)
Bey Charm (season 1)
Bey Charm: Heavens Deities (season 2)
Bey Charm: Transcending Demons (season 3)
Bey Charm: Rising Fates (season 4)
Bey Charm: Flaming Champions (season 5)

Plot: Season 1
After a scientific revolution with being able to connect with other dimensions, bey charm is the hottest new sport. Fight with deities none as avatars and face off against your opponent. Now that Valt Aoi's in High School, he's finally old enough to use one of them! However sketchy kidnappings and questionable deaths start appearing all around Valt's hometown, and he and his friends need to figure out whats happening fast- Before they're the next targets.

Season 2
Within the realm of the avatars exist a group called heavens deities. Beings who are rumoured to be on par with the creatures from heaven. News has come out that these beings departed into the human world, curious about the sport of Bey Charm. The old legends say they will inhabit a chosen ones, but who? Now the stakes are higher than before, and Valts going to a team that will compete to be in the God Cup. However at the same time, plots and sabotages happen outside of battle, and rumours of a group with the intent to kill are spreading through Valts new bey club- and if he doesn’t stop them fast, he won’t live to see the day where he takes part in the God Cup.

Season 3 
With Valt Aoi solving both cases and becoming world champion, he is now seemingly on top of the world. A place others want to reach. Including Aiga Akabane. Aiga's always
looked at mythological beings as inspiration, hoping he can be strong like them one day. Them the gateway opens: Like Heavens Deities, there are more tribes that have insane powers. However, these are different. These are demons that live in the realm of the Oni, with hidden powers seemingly unlockable. So they're looking to the human world for help, hoping Bey Charm can draw out their true potential. However every demon has a dark hidden power alongside that, which is fueled by negative emotion. Around the same time news of Murders and People going missing comes around to Aiga's area, and he cant help but notice a connection. Looking up to Valt for inspiration, he goes to solve the mystery and also take Valt's place as world champion- But sometimes, the temptation is irresistible.

Episode Listings
1# Dawn of a new era! Bey charm!
2# The haunting mysteries of Beigoma High
3# Intruder Alert
4# The Plot thickens
Why are you starting a new fanfiction series when you've written nothing for Kaiser, the last one you posted?
(Jun. 14, 2020  1:15 AM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: Why are you starting a new fanfiction series when you've written nothing for Kaiser, the last one you posted?

I've already said in the hello/goodbye section where I address my hiatus that I no longer feel I want to continue them. I didn't inform you or anyone that you can go ahead and close the threads, that is completely my fault. I am sorry, but could you move the others to closed threads. here are the links to them.



I believe this is all of them. sorry about the inconvenience, things happened irl and with all the confusion when returning to the wbo, I guess I just forgot to tell you to close the threads. sry again.
this is where I'll be putting each chapter.

Episode 1: Dawn of a new Era! Bey Charm! 
Episode 2: The haunting mysteries of Beigoma High (sry its a bit short)
working on chapter 2/chapter 2 teaser now

chapter 2 teaser is out
I like this concept! I'll definitely read this one.
(Jun. 16, 2020  8:02 PM)Suoh sadboii Wrote: I like this concept! I'll definitely read this one.

Thanks! Im gonna take this through season 1, and hopefully the other season as well.
Cant go into the specifics, but dont have the time to type out episode 2 today. expect it tmrw morning