Famous People/Celebraties you have met or seen

my dad's franklin lam, hes always in the newspaper so im geuss he kinda counts...
Love and Theft
I was standing behind John Heard and Jennifer Beals today. I play for my high school band and our marching band Seniors were basically a prop for the show Ride Along.
I've had conversations with both Frankie Palmeri from Emmure and Jesse Barnett from Stick To Your Guns.
I also had a long discussion about hardcore with Scott Vogel from Terror, after I got on stage and sang "Keep Your Mouth Shut" with them.

I also partied with Hit The Lights and Fight Fair when they came through on tour.
I saw Jeff Hardy When I was little(like 8).......He was in target lol! I went somewhere to see WWE and my mom stoped at a target......I was going to the toy section(to buy a blade)......and he was in the home decor isle! I Saw The Kill Switch engage band, as i went to a concert....
i've seen:

Richard Hammond, James may, Louis Smith, The hoosiers aswell i went to their concert front row and they walked towards me afterwards and i was like OMG FTW WTF OMG WET MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when he stopped and talked to me i was like im dreaming it was awesome and he gave me a signed CD!!!!!1
I met the guy who was the old man on the fish stick boxes...you know the guy in the yellow rain coat...Yea not to big of a wow there but I did go to branson and meet the 3 groups of finalists from an old season of Americas got talent. It was the country singer, the 3 slightly overweight women who sang together and the winner who is slightly obiece who sang with his guitar. And as a bonus I got them all to sign a one dollar bill (which i still have somewhere). If somthing I said here was offensive to anyone i meant no offence
New Boyz= The people who made "Jerkin" Famous
I met mark ronson recently and q-tip! mark ronson rocks!!!
Dwyane Wade - Met at a NBA game while on holiday. (NBA Player)
Chris Bosh - Met at a NBA game while on holiday. (NBA Player)
Shawn Marion - Met in a shopping mall in Arizona while on holiday (NBA Player)
Stephanie Sheh - Met at an Anime convention (Voice actor for Hinata in Naruto and Orihime Inoue in Bleach)
Peter Cullen - Met at an Anime convention (Cartoon voice actor, plays Optimus Prime in Original Transformers series)
Chris Rankin - Met at an Anime convention (Plays Percy Weasly in Harry Potter)
Rodger Bumpass - Met at Anime convention (Cartoon voice actor, plays Squidward in Spongebob)

There's a couple more, just can't remember Pinching_eyes_2 I live in Australia though, you can't really find many famous people here. xD
I met Brian Kendrick & Mickie James(wrestlers) at a live WWE show in 2007
Shaun white FTW
I saw Ben afleck at food pyramid a few weeks ago, there's a movie being filmed in my town and he's in it
I know its a bit late... but I was at this party

Btw... it actually didn't get shut down at all, they just stopped letting people in at around 11 (because there were so many people inside already and random people were showing up). I got in tho Wink

Cops were actually really nice though, probably my best experience with them yet (as much as I remember).
I went to a Mavericks basketball game in Dallas, Texas 5 or 4 years ago with my aunt who had got front row tickets. So, when the game ends Kevin Garnet who was on the TimberWolves at the time; throws his sweaty shirt on my face because his team won the game, then my Aunt quickly took it off my face and started screaming because she had his shirt. I want to bite Kevin Garnet to death for throwing his shirt on my face.
(Mar. 22, 2011  6:59 PM)Vongola-Hibari Wrote: I want to bite Kevin Garnet to death for throwing his shirt on my face.


I would keep the shirt. Maybe sell it on Ebay for money to spend on Beyblades.
(Mar. 22, 2011  7:03 PM)Nano Wrote:
(Mar. 22, 2011  6:59 PM)Vongola-Hibari Wrote: I want to bite Kevin Garnet to death for throwing his shirt on my face.


I would keep the shirt. Maybe sell it on Ebay for money to spend on Beyblades.

My Aunt still has it and has no intention of selling it.
Well, I have met my Local MP, And some Chelsea Player Not sure who thought (I HATE CHELSEA) Also my Dad has met lot's of Famous People as well as Mohammed Ali
Uh my most memorable is probably Sean Connery. Yeah, he was a little salt 'n peppery but damn his scottness is so pro. He was at the same hotel as me and my family, and he was out for a smoke, and so was my father and I tagged along for some inconspicuous reason. Plus Miley Cyrus who lived in my condo while she lived in T.O for Doc. (I think that is what it was..)
One of the kids in my class said that her grandpa was friends with Chuck Norris but sadly her grandpa died
Umm...do dance crews count?If they do,I met Hype 5-0,Blueprint Cru(thats how they spell it),Heavy Impact,2 members of Static Noyze from America's Best Dance Crew Season 5,and some guy named Legacy from So You Think You Can Dance? at an event I went to with my cousin.The only crew I like is Hype 5-0 because,well,THEY'RE AWESOME!I got an auto graphed poster from all of them and took pics.
Sachin Tendulkar !!! During Last Night's Match In Motera,Ahmedabad.
I've meet my local news man a couple times. Once on a field trip, the other when he interviewed me. I've also meet Grave Digger. And I got him and some other drivers to sign a flag.
David Archuleta and David Cook at their concert here in the Philippines. (But I was very far from the stage...I can see them a little bit.)
Venus Raj (Ms. Universe representative for the Philippines.) at a mall after my Beyblade tournament Tongue_out.
(Aug. 10, 2010  2:43 PM)xXUnicornoXx- Wrote: Cristiano Ronaldo, Alex Ferguson and The chuckle brothers [lol].

ive seen the chuckle bros too!