Face Contest: Design a Zero-G Cerberus Beyblade!

Here is my Beyblade Zero-G Cerberus Beyblade.It looks a lot like a normal Hell Kerbecs because it is kind of like a Zero-G version.

[Image: snapshot%286%29.jpg]
I got a break from studying for finals today, and I decided to spend the day to give this my best shot. I've never actually tried drawing anything in the past, so this took quite awhile, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I freehanded everything, starting with pencil and then going over it with pen. The only editing I did on the computer was that I mirrored the Chrome wheel design in MS Paint to make sure the left half matched the right half that I drew.

This Beyblade is more Cerberus themed than Burning Kerberous themed (which I think is right?). I tried to make a Beyblade in which every part jumps out at you as being Cerberus, and to do that I decided to use a lot of chains (like Cerberus's collar/chains) and threes (for obvious reasons). I designed every part except the Crystal Wheel; since Berserker already has chains I went with that.

All of the parts are to scale, such that everything is in the right place like the location of the crystal hole and peg on the Chrome wheel and the size of the tip, etc.

Berserker Serboro CH145TF


Serboro (Chrome Wheel)

This Chrome wheel is, size-wise, the same maximum radius as Orojya. The dog head at the top is holding the crystal, and the circle at the bottom is representative of where the peg is. The dog heads are separated by chains which make up the majority of the wheel. While far from being circular, I followed the lead of all the existing Chrome wheels by not including any extremely pronounced contact points.



Again, because this crystal wheel already exists and has pronounced chains I decided to not reinvent the wheel and re-used this part. I forwent drawing it since it actually exists.


Serboro (Stone Face)

Serboro Stone Face (Click to View)
I was inspired by the relatively minimalistic design of Genbull's stone face design and went with this, with the eyes of the three heads of Cerberus peering out from behind the holes in a triangle shape of chains. I didn't want to do a true three-headed design since Orojya already did that and I wanted to be more original.


CN145 (Chain 145)

This design takes some explaining. Radius-wise this is almost exactly as large as TR145 and has a three-wing design roughly based on TR145. These wings support the eponymous chains which I originally thought would be made of metal, but I changed to being plastic since (A) if they were metal, the track could potentially be too heavy for balance purposes, and more importantly (B) metal chains would potentially seriously damage the stadium if they came in contact with the floor, something that happens quite often in Zero-G. With them being plastic, this part is not obviously good or obviously bad, but rather something that could find a home with some creative custom designing.


TF (Triple Flat)

To finish off the Cerberus-themed Beyblade I went with the "three" theme in the tip. This is a plastic tip that is roughly as tall as RF with three cylinders comprising the bottom of the tip. It's supposed to be like if you took three very thin F tips and put them together, creating a tip a little wider than WF but not as wide as XF (but much taller than both). Again, this is not an obviously good or obviously bad part; it's mostly designed to fit with the theme while still being potentially useful in the right combo.

So there you have it! Again, I'm pretty happy with how my first Beyblade design came out, and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks!
@Ingulit- i really liked the TF idea
pretty creative thinking over there
that part might be useful,who knows?
i really suck at drawing but i'll give it a shot though how do i upload it?
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cool design

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cool nice job now i know i won't win
Don't quote such large posts..
All these entries have inspired me to make one! I'll proably never post it though. I have never really payed much attention to design contests before but the WBO sure has some artists!
Im in and ill post my entry in a few days.
(Dec. 07, 2012  2:12 PM)*Billy* Wrote: All these entries have inspired me to make one! I'll proably never post it though. I have never really payed much attention to design contests before but the WBO sure has some artists!

Why not post it ? You have nothing to lose, and you would get two points in the Scavenger Hunt.
Here is my entry!!
Beyblade : Hell-trance cerberus T:M
Type : Balance
Element : Evil / Demon / Darkness

Now some details
Stone Face : Cerberus
It shows the heads of cerberus. Cerberus is the three headed dog which gaurds of gates of hell.

Chrome Wheel : Cerberus
It features the three heads of cerberus along the wheel. One head is present opposite to the crystal and shows the front face. The other two faces are besides crystal. All the three heads are linked with the chain. And the portion along the circumference above the chain is the metal armor of the cerberus. Also all the three heads are having belts around their neck.This wheel will provide spike attack due to the spike like edges along the circumference.

Crystal Wheel : Hell-trance
It simply means the Entrance of Hell. It feature a Head of the Demon at top and his wing is the gate to the hell. These wings are closed with the chain and lock as shown in image.
Note : The logic behind this design is that when the Cerberus wheel will be put up with Hell-trance wheel then only the gates of hell will open and the Darkness/evil will come out.

4D Bottom : T:M (triple manual)
It is inspired from the blade base of Dranzer F/S (I dont remember exactly). It is having top circumference of chain like design and a unique gimmik to change between three bottoms manually
Gimmik : It is having three bottoms
1. Bearing sharp
2. Hole flat
3. Eternal ball
these three bottoms can be changed with the manual switch. Manual switch is connected to the plate between the tips. When switch is vertical bottoms can rotate and to fix any one bottom switch is made horizontal so that the plate will lock the other two bottoms
Note : In order to not to make it overpowered the bottoms are having few flaws...like
1. Bearing sharp is like Metal sharp so it is having balance problem.
2. Hole flat is having low grip.
3. Eternal ball is having balance problem due to the wall surrounding the ball.

So this is Hell-trance Cerberus T:M with few advantages and few disadvantages....hope everyone will like this!
im gonna join if that's fine Tongue_out i will post my entry this weekend
(Dec. 07, 2012  4:05 AM)BH145WD Wrote: @BladerPegasis

For the bottom, did you happen to mean wide ball flat? Because your text contains a WBF, but the sketch just includes BF. Just checking.
Yes, I did, sorry about any confusion here.

(Dec. 07, 2012  3:51 AM)ShinobuXD Wrote: Great design BladerPegasis!

Thank you! I didn't know there were so many awesome artists on here! I guess the 2.5 Hours of drawing was worth it, ahah.
edited my first post with a description of the components Smile
Chief - Sigh ...
(Dec. 06, 2012  2:01 PM)Kai-V Wrote: And yes, to everyone posting "I enter!" or "Enter me!", I sincerely hope you do not think we will give you two points just for that. Those messages mean nothing to the contest until you actually post your design.
Just before I posted my entry, I did something terrible. I LOOKED AT THE OTHER ENTRY'S! They. Were. Epic. Sweet job guys.

Oh well. I stink at drawing but, I gave it my best shot.

Wow... Everyone did a great job. Smile maybe ill enter but I don't promise everything cause I'm not good at it.
Congrats in advance to the winners
Hahaha...this is interesting...
22 December huh...Plenty of time.. Eee
BTW...Happy WBO Anniversary..
To celebrate this ^^ , i gonna participate in this face contest.. Eee
Wow. Now that I think about it, everyone else's entries look so much better then mine. Well, here it is:

The side views really suck, lol.
HXF looks very similar to GF, haha.
@nik1392-hehe,the Scavenger Hunt brought the artist out of you.!
nice design.I would surely have bought your bey,but as you mentioned,it has couple of flaws...
(i'll buy it as a collector's item)
i see no way of winning this.
every new entry is making me feel how disgusting artist i am
the download link is available and working thanks to Insomniac.
(Dec. 07, 2012  12:55 PM)saber1005 Wrote: Here's my entry.

Wow, I think that looks great!; Chrome Wheel especially.
(Dec. 08, 2012  9:01 AM)zeneo Wrote: @nik1392-hehe,the Scavenger Hunt brought the artist out of you.!
nice design.I would surely have bought your bey,but as you mentioned,it has couple of flaws...
(i'll buy it as a collector's item)
i see no way of winning this.
every new entry is making me feel how disgusting artist i am

The flaws are there to make it a Balanced beyblade and not to make it overpowered!

And yeah the other designs are sooo cool..!!

EDIT : Man...just now i gone through all the designs and found that mine and Ingulit's chrome wheel design is almost same! What a similar thinking!!XD
Here is My Entry-

you should start testing combos also like him as well,maybe you will get some new combo?