Face Contest: Beyblade Photography 2!

so far, I've got no chance XD
(Jul. 14, 2012  6:35 AM)Ingulit Wrote: WALL-E and his Beyblades
[Image: scaled.php?server=823&filename=wallebeyb...es=landing]

Damn, that's good.

I had some great photos I wanted to show, but my camera went dead and I can't find the charger. Is this karma? I never did anything that bad!
Against my better judgment, I'm going to go ahead and enter early Cute
[Image: SAM_0238.JPG]
My entry! "Blizzard's Fortress!"

[Image: Orhtors.png]

.. Was kinda hard, with the ice melting and all..
Man, I kinda wish I had some zero-g, especially a killerken, they're really photogenic. But, I think I will be sticking to plastics, even with the large "lack of clear parts" disadvantages (and none of my clearish plastics are in good enough nick IMO), I'll just have to find another way to make up for it, haha.

Cannon: Hah, well that at least means I'm now less disappointed that my Blizzard Orthrus won't arrive in time for the deadline, seeing as someone else has used one. Nicely done.

Some really fantastic entries so far from everyone. It's great to see the enthusiasm and BEY-SPIRIT of the community shine through in these competitions.
(Jul. 14, 2012  7:43 PM)Cannon Wrote: Blizzard..

[Image: Orhtors.png]

..I call it Blizzard. :T

Awesome! Great idea!
This is one of those times I wish I didn't use my Omega Dragonis till it looked like carp... I'll be sure to get my entry in before the deadline!
Oh looky there, right after I put in my entree, Cannom puts THAT up.
My chances of winning just got screwed.
Picture looks sexy though Cannon Cute
Woah, no calling favorites yet. Haha, I'm going to wait last minute to post to see what I am up against.
[Image: 20120714_183747.jpg]
I call it: "Don't Be Ifraid."
It is supposed to look like Theif Pheonic, Pirates Orojya, Archer Gryph, and Shinobi Saramander are all attacking Samurai Ifraid from different sides. I hope you guys like it.
Edit: Thanks Tris for the help.
Edit 2: it's not working here's the link. http://m1173.photobucket.com/albumview/a...g.html?o=0
I didn't do any editing, and it was from the camera on my phone.
Well, I didn't want to post my entry so early, but here you go...

I call it "Rusty Gold"
[Image: bey_photography_attempt_by_zaneified-d57dk50.jpg]

If it isn't showing go Here

Also, the only retouching I did was the brightness and contrast.
"Draciel, Gravity Control !"
-Max Mizuhara

[Image: gravitycontroldraciel.jpg]

Original Picture:

In honor of HMS & Plastics Remembrance Day, I chose to do a picture of one of the most underestimated, under-looked Beyblade / Beast of the four Holy Beasts, performing it's special move; Gravity Control. In this move Draciel charges energy around the arena then starts circling the opponent creating a gravitational waterspout around the energy. Draciel then Spins opposite rotation of the beyblade trapped in the waterspout to make the opponent beyblade run out of balance, energy and stamina.

You have no idea how much water got sprayed around in my many takes of perfecting this shot. Eventually I gave up, this being only the second picture I took. I swear, this was like running through a water park in Universal Studios Hollywood. Absolutely drenching.

On the other hand, I hope you guys appreciate my hard work !
What is the background ? Did you do any editing ?
Just a bit. But it's all natural. Meaning no chroma key, masking, etc.

I used a water textured shirt under the stadium, used an online program called PicMonkey to clone the t shirt design around the stadium.

Was what I did illegal?
Hm, at least the centre of the picture is apparently intact, but others should try to avoid doing so much retouching.
Title: "Change Of Heart"
count me in

[Image: Anubis.jpg]
LEGO Hero present you Gold Virgo

[Image: Virgo.jpg]
gold virgo should = insta-win

(Jul. 15, 2012  3:36 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Hm, at least the centre of the picture is apparently intact, but others should try to avoid doing so much retouching.

Aww carp. Looks like that costed me the win. TT_TT.
Edit: I included my original picture in the entry post. Just fyi.
I like the edited one, haha. Mainly because the towel isn't that visible.

Oh yes, and I named my entry: "Blizzard's Fortress!". Smile lol
carp man my mem card reader got spoiled and my camera does not have a usb port i am so screwed.Any help?