Face Contest: Beyblade Photography 2!

Here's my entry everybody! hope you like it!

If there is by any chance a problem, here's the link:
well here is mine hope u like it
i call it "Thunder Laserta's electric charges"
the only editing was that I made the background grey and the colorful electric charges.[Image: ?ui=2&ik=61283ea6b0&view=att&th=138bbd29...Hg4tF6h9tg]
(Jul. 25, 2012  3:02 AM)Beychamp76 Wrote: well here is mine hope u like it
i call it "Thunder Laserta's electric charges"
the only editing was that I made the background grey and the colorful electric charges.[Image: ?ui=2&ik=61283ea6b0&view=att&th=138bbd29...Hg4tF6h9tg]

The picture is not showing up for me. Is it my computer or your link

must be your computer cause i see it
It's his link. He is trying to show us from an email account. He needs to upload it to Photobucket, ImageShack, etc.
I need to know the time left for this contest to get over as i live in a different time zone i am not sure, so can someone tell me how many hours are left? I have my pic ready but i am in my collage so cant post now.
approxtiametly 1 hour and 45 minutes, I believe. Correct me someone if I am wrong.
There is indeed one hour and twenty-five minutes left to enter.
(Jul. 25, 2012  3:38 AM)Beychamp76 Wrote: here it is again
[Image: photopbq.jpg]

I still can't see it. Copy the IMG URL, not the pages URL.

EDIT, nevermind, I can see the second pic.

Sure is lots of editing it looks like...
only the grey background and there were these green roots that i made red white and blue to look like it was givivg off electric charges or lightning
(Jul. 25, 2012  3:36 AM)Kai-V Wrote: There is indeed one hour and twenty-five minutes left to enter.

then i will not be able to post as i am not at home, Unhappy good luck guys..
*Wears lucky hat*

Let's do this.
(Jul. 25, 2012  3:46 AM)Shirayuki Wrote: *Wears lucky hat*

Let's do this.

Well, you will have to leave us time to consider all the entries and come to a conclusion on who the winners are, which might take a few days, hah.

As far as I know, by the way, Nocto might not even be aware of this Face Contest hah ...
I can't wait for the results! Even if I don't win, it will be great to see who does!

*Steals, and puts on, Shirayuki's lucky hat*
Well, Nocto not entering grants someone a free pass into the winner's circle, haha. Wink Then again, he may just be waiting until the last minute to astound us all with his best work...

Only time will tell. Good luck to everyone else though! Grin
(Jul. 25, 2012  3:38 AM)Beychamp76 Wrote: here it is again
[Image: photopbq.jpg]
also u could try this
[Image: photopbq.jpg]
this is the original photo but the edited one is my entry
[Image: download1am.jpg]

Great, I messed up all the time. or I should have post a better work.
Still, I am cool enough with this one.
I hope Nocto is not aware of this thread in 1 more hour XD
I wish that Nocto doesn't find out about this thread.

*goes to sleep*
Alright, so here's my entry. I'm hoping the thought that I put into this photo will make up for the quality. I only have access to my Macbook's webcam (phone camera sucks and I don't have an official camera), so here it is.
Those who know at least a little about HMS should understand the pain I endured to have an object of this photo, especially if it's your only one and you're on a tight, tight budget. The RC break occurred in February, FYI, and I relate it to an amputation or serious injury that a soldier might receive in battle. Although the legs (RC) have been amputated, there are still pieces of weaponry left in Wolborg MS from enemy MFB forces, like (Mass) Killer Beafowl's built-in shuriken (UW145). The background is pure white to resemble a hospital bed, and there are tears on the sheets from maybe some family member or a close friend who was crying over Wolborg MS. Someone has thoughtfully left a few flowers by Wolborg's bedside.

Wolborg MS was truly a driving force behind HMS, and its mere presence changed the game as it swept aside near-everything in its path. Just owning one made you a blader to look out for, and if used right practically guaranteed victory. My own Wolborg MS fought many battles and even defeated some MFB. It broke when it KOed a Basalt Horogium. The force of the break sent Wolborg leaning in one direction very quickly, knocking the Basalt down. Then Wolborg went super-aggro and KOed Basalt, but by then it stopped spinning and half of the RC's tip was disintegrated. The other half is seen in the photo.

I hope that people will like this photo for the meaning and complexity of the photo and not for flashy special effects or high quality pictures that others have (no pointing fingers here, this is an anonymous statement). This idea was created in consideration of recent terror attacks, shootings, and the ongoing violence that occurs all around the world, and my heart goes out to the families of those who are fighting for what they believe in or families who have experienced unjust loss and suffering.

Wolborg MS is truly a fallen hero and it deserves every ounce of respect that it was given. I'm proud to have started blading during the era of HMS, and be able to own and win with my Wolborg.

RIP Wolborg. I will get another one.

P.S.: Since I live in EST, 59 minutes remain...
I was planning on getting a photo in MUCH EARLIER than this, but I'm lazy and procrastination got the better of me as always. I took this video today when deciding on doing some sort of "action shot".
(some slight editing done like lighting, contrast, etc. in iPhoto)
Hope you all like it?
dat description yo (Click to View)

Anyway now, here's my entry: Through a Blader's Eyes (Click to View)
EDIT: Last poster at the moment? Huh.
Wait I have a feeling nocto will change his username to somthig like "NotNocto" win and then change it back.
If he did, everyone could know it was him just by checking his username changes, Faces, or even by seeing his name in italics.

@CC: Very cool picture! After reading the explanation, it made more sense, haha. I'm guessing that was a rug that you took the picture on?
I can't post the picture. It won't work !,,,,