East Coast Bladers , Welcome ; From Maine to Florida

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The East Coast Bladers Organization

Welcome to the East Coast Bladers Organization ! This organization was created for East Coast bladers to help out each other and to schedule tournaments. I have been noticing a lack of tournaments specifically in New Jersey so I created this. You must be trustworthy, loyal, and active in order to be part of this group. In order to join, there are rules. All information needed to sign up will be found in the application and pledge. In order to sign you must fill out an application as so :

Name :
Age (optional ) :

Email Address ( optional ) : (If you are unsafe to tell your email address publicly that it is fine, I understand. If you want, you can PM it to me)

Location :

Interests :

Blades of choice :

The Honourable Pledge

I as an East Coast Blader, when agreeing to thy pledge, have been granted freedom and choice. I have the choice to be on another team. I have the ability to acknowledge others about my tournaments, and have been granted a position that requires no possession of anything.

It's corny, I know. Now let the blading begin !

Members :

Swift Shadow

Earth Leone (and the whole Beysharks team, and thats alot)


Yuu Tendo


I am awarding Yuu Tendo with honorary position as my assistant . All questions may be PM' ed to him or me.

Here is your warning. One's who spam, argue, or demean other bladers will be reported. Argument as in pointlessly arguing. Personal disagreements or one's about the organization itself should be done by PM

My application as founder :

Name : You will figure out.

Location : Iselin, New Jersey

Blades : MF-? Lightning L-Drago 90R2F
MF Pegasis 145RF
MF-L Libra GB145CS

E-mail Address : xlr8guyman@gmail.com

Bio : I was given Beyblade as a birthday present at the age of 3. I re-discovered it in 2009 as Metal Fight Beyblade and was stoked about the upcoming release of Metal Fusion. I am a straight-up nerd, as I can gie you a 2-day lecture on Spider-Man, and I listen to Rock music.

name:John im a def. blader, and i would like to join
(Nov. 10, 2010  12:55 AM)UV waterboy23 Wrote: name:John im a def. blader, and i would like to join

I need more of a description than that. Blade , style , hobbies etc. EXPAND
There is already the BeySharks team or something ... I really do not like all these topics.
(Nov. 10, 2010  2:25 AM)Kai-V Wrote: There is already the BeySharks team or something ... I really do not like all these topics.

Im sorry if you do not appreciate this , but this is a group . Where several teams can be made. Beysharks is just a team.
We are better than a team. We are an Organization...

(Nov. 10, 2010  9:42 PM)JBey Wrote: We are better than a team. We are an Organization...


Maybe your team can be in this group , then we have an Organization.
earthleone234 Retired
Yes, I would like to have my team on here.
Use the poll , so I can make sure if you agree , and so does your whole team.
I posted on the Dragon Blazer's thread , and I was thinking of a team as well , the Speed Scorpions. If you want to be on the team , you have to inform / PM me.
ok then,i started beybladeing when i was 6 my friend told me about them they were cool. [for us] then a year or two I stoped thinking they were cool in a year i got back into beys[there you have it]
earthleone234 Retired
What if we had a tourney in like Annapolis or Baltimore for everybody in MD and other states to see which blader is the best! But, that wouldn't be a challenge, because I would win anyway.

Please if you entered please persuade others to join !
IM attempting to host a tournament in North Carolina on March 27th 2011. If interested PM me asap. thanks
earthleone234 Retired
Me , as part as the East Coast bey group , must be a trustworthy and must be nice to others with other bladers and must always put my status to going to other tournaments . And I always agree to follow WBO rules and have a good reason for each situation.

Name :Jacob

Blade ( s ) Eeearth Lacerta DF145 SD

Bio : I am a blader who happens to be in love with music. I like all kinds, I mostly like ReMixes and Screamo. I feel that beyblades are real, and you can believe in your blade to make it win. Over personal experiences, I have witnessed some awesome things with beyblades (if you want to know pm me). I am the leader of the Beysharks, as the leader, I feel compelled to use this application for all the bladers on my team.

Members : Check "[East Coast, USA] The Beysharks Team" thread
Join the NJ Bladers it for anyone who lives in New Jersey and the Local Area --> http://njbeybladers.webs.com/
Bump again.

More bladers please , or this is just a peice of carp.
kira1 Retired

As a member of the Beysharks and NJ Beybladers team's

I like where your going with this thread seeing how your from NJ just like me makes it even better keep it up.

I accept your terms.

But don't rule out joining any team's because it makes it easyer for us to do things with more people.

Name: Brian

Location: Garwood, NJ

Blade(s): all released metal fusion in total I think 56, I like building combo's

Bio: anime, Beyblades, Rock Music, youtube, I am a Member of two team's the Beyshark's and the NJ Beybladers I see you talked to both Leaders already, so you can consider this the NJ Beyblader's application for all the bladers on our team.

and check out NJ Beybladers youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/NjBeyblader?feature=mhum
also the NJ Beybladers website for update, tournaments, meetings, ect...
and join my thread http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Contact-...t-Cost-USA
Woah , long time since I have been on this. I see a little change , but I'm not impressed. My friends have just gotten into beyblade recently , lets see if I can call them.
You already know enough about me can i join or do i have to tell you more HAHAHAHA
Then read the rules and sign up so the OTHER PART of the team will know you.
Hey east coast bladers theres a tournament coming to NJ check my thread http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Gamers-G...Tournament
name:noah blade( s):6 or 7 location:rutherford nc bio:beyblade's almost every day,video games,music,sports,tv,computer games I accept your terms
I have'nt been able to go on the WBO lately because I've been so busy , so if you can please persuade other bladers to join , out.
SwiftShadow Retired
I think that this idea is pretty good, we need some more tournaments over here.
I accept the terms.

Name: Kiernan

Blades: MF Pegasis 145RF
MF Lightning LDrago CH120RF
Burn Bull 230WD
Earth Bull 230WD
MF Earth Aquario GB145WD

Location: New Jersey

Bio: I love to beyblade and have been interested in it ever since the plastics came out. I like anime and music. I am currently in the middle of writing a novel. I would love to go to any tournaments that could be hosted in or near New Jersey. I have an attack stadium. I used to be Sunman710. I might be able to get my cousin and some of his friends to join this, but I would have to talk to them about it first.