[Belair, Marland USA] anyone

I going to have a tourny at the 10-20-10
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name tornoment72 where Rockfeild park when Augest30th and September6th both Monday time 6:40 to 7:30

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I changed it
I was going to come , buuut , i cant Unhappy
WAIT... ummm... I may come O.o
dont forget that to come to Rockfeild park at 12:00 to 1:30
Durn ... cant come . Good luck with the tourney though.
I hope you any one can come if anyone can come if it a lot of people come its approve
I CANT come sorry with the caps
that ok mabey next time
everyone we should wait a while like a month or two ok
Who is "everyone" ? There is only you, and your sort of 'double' ... I also got the impression that Black-Blade did not necessarily want to attend anymore anyway.
Wait I dont understand why does no one want to come lol.
hi i live in belair md and i was wondering if anyone wanted to join the beysharks (my team) we have a get together the last saturday of every month, and there will be food, tournaments, you can trade, you can buy things, and we all just hang, so does anyone want to join?
earthleonoe234 i could and if you can bring your team beysharks to my tourny also bring a TT stadium if you could
beybeyboy15 are you comeing and earthleone234
beybeyboy can you bring more friends and a TT stadium if you have
I'm guessing not any of you own TT stadiums , oh well...........
anyway do you have any TT stadiums and a torny is 11-20-10...........
dust homer are you comeing
yeaaaaaa i might come (lol come)
thats good that you might come to the toury but do you have a TT staidium
i might come...... well i am not sure if i can come but i might come