Dt20000’s special chapter

(Jan. 31, 2019  2:49 PM)Dt20000 Wrote: Y’all wanted your characters in the Special Chapters, yet when I can’t think of a plot, nobody seems to care!

You could put characters from the anime into the story.
Do y’all want a Toko or a Nika Chapter next?
(Feb. 13, 2019  3:57 AM)Dt20000 Wrote: Do y’all want a Toko or a Nika Chapter next?
Nika! We need more!
Alright how’s this
Name: Sora Akatsuki
Age: 15
Personality: calm but fierce and a sore loser
Appearance: he has blond hair and wears red shoes, a white scarf, and a maroon jacket over a yellow t-shirt, and ripped jeans.
Beyblade: Flash Sphinx is an upgraded version of hasbro’s Sphinx, and is left spin. It’s avatar is a sand cat with a golden headdress and it’s gimmick is that it has a freespinning weight in the layer, and it’s blades are positioned to push the opponent’s layer down onto it’s disc. It’s combo is flash Sphinx 13reach hold dash.
Special moves: Flash Thunder- the freespinning weight spins around, shaking the stadium and destabilizing the other beyblades.
Hold drift- Sphinx tilts onto the edge of hold’s freespinning plate, gaining speed and circling rapidly around the stadium.
Name: Charles Schwab
Age: 12
Personality: Fun and playful but in battle he is super serious.Clueless about his Beyblade. His sister (Jamie) is a Beyblade trainer. Becomes the number one blader(if you like).
Appearance: Dark brown skin and curly dark hair(stands up in tight situations) long sleeve red shirt and black jeans red gloves brown boots
BEYBLADE: Ultra Centurion. Balance type, five sided red white and black bey. U in middle Right spin. Metal feathers as contact points. Looks like a robot soldier. Five tip forge disc. Reboot like Performance tip

Special moves:
Omni Attack: Centurion cycles around with opponent bey bouncing around inside it's ring. Usually ends in burst finishes.

Aerial attack: opponent Bey knocks Centurion to the air. Centurion crashes back with more power.

Burst strike: Centurion changes angle and direction and charges at the opponent usually ends in burst finishes.

Revival: Like Genesis Reboot has great Speed and Attacks.

Quintuple attack: Like dragon squall. Can only be used after Ultra Revival. Always ends in Bursts.

Centurion Fortress: Stops Centurion from taking damage

Centurion Crash: Centurion hits the floor of the stadium, bounces up in the air and crashes on its opponent.

If you want me to add more info I can add ☺
Name: Vincent Shadow
Age: 17
Bey: Shadow Winning Valkyrie 2 Vortex Impact [img] https://www.ebay.com/itm/SILVER-Black-Wi...ect=mobile[/img] Attack type, It is stronger than Winning Valkyrie.
Special Move: Bermuda Shadow. Valkyrie hits the opponent with it's swords in the shape of a triangle.
Appearence: He looks like a vampire that is 5'11".
If you would like I can also help with your fan season
Name: Strider Flayme
Age: 12
Appearance: 5ft, wears a red jacket with an S on it. Has blue pants
Beyblade: Blast Griffin, Griffin is very colorful bey that looks like hS and has a giant G with lighting bolts shooting out of it