Dt20000’s special chapter

(Jan. 31, 2019  2:49 PM)Dt20000 Wrote: Y’all wanted your characters in the Special Chapters, yet when I can’t think of a plot, nobody seems to care!

You could put characters from the anime into the story.
Do y’all want a Toko or a Nika Chapter next?
(Feb. 13, 2019  3:57 AM)Dt20000 Wrote: Do y’all want a Toko or a Nika Chapter next?
Nika! We need more!
Alright how’s this
Name: Sora Akatsuki
Age: 15
Personality: calm but fierce and a sore loser
Appearance: he has blond hair and wears red shoes, a white scarf, and a maroon jacket over a yellow t-shirt, and ripped jeans.
Beyblade: Flash Sphinx is an upgraded version of hasbro’s Sphinx, and is left spin. It’s avatar is a sand cat with a golden headdress and it’s gimmick is that it has a freespinning weight in the layer, and it’s blades are positioned to push the opponent’s layer down onto it’s disc. It’s combo is flash Sphinx 13reach hold dash.
Special moves: Flash Thunder- the freespinning weight spins around, shaking the stadium and destabilizing the other beyblades.
Hold drift- Sphinx tilts onto the edge of hold’s freespinning plate, gaining speed and circling rapidly around the stadium.
Name: Charles Schwab
Age: 12
Personality: Fun and playful but in battle he is super serious.Clueless about his Beyblade. His sister (Jamie) is a Beyblade trainer. Becomes the number one blader(if you like).
Appearance: Dark brown skin and curly dark hair(stands up in tight situations) long sleeve red shirt and black jeans red gloves brown boots
BEYBLADE: Ultra Centurion. Balance type, five sided red white and black bey. U in middle Right spin. Metal feathers as contact points. Looks like a robot soldier. Five tip forge disc. Reboot like Performance tip

Special moves:
Omni Attack: Centurion cycles around with opponent bey bouncing around inside it's ring. Usually ends in burst finishes.

Aerial attack: opponent Bey knocks Centurion to the air. Centurion crashes back with more power.

Burst strike: Centurion changes angle and direction and charges at the opponent usually ends in burst finishes.

Revival: Like Genesis Reboot has great Speed and Attacks.

Quintuple attack: Like dragon squall. Can only be used after Ultra Revival. Always ends in Bursts.

Centurion Fortress: Stops Centurion from taking damage

Centurion Crash: Centurion hits the floor of the stadium, bounces up in the air and crashes on its opponent.

If you want me to add more info I can add ☺
Name: Vincent Shadow
Age: 17
Bey: Shadow Winning Valkyrie 2 Vortex Impact [img] https://www.ebay.com/itm/SILVER-Black-Wi...ect=mobile[/img] Attack type, It is stronger than Winning Valkyrie.
Special Move: Bermuda Shadow. Valkyrie hits the opponent with it's swords in the shape of a triangle.
Appearence: He looks like a vampire that is 5'11".
If you would like I can also help with your fan season
Name: Strider Flayme
Age: 12
Appearance: 5ft, wears a red jacket with an S on it. Has blue pants
Beyblade: Blast Griffin, Griffin is very colorful bey that looks like hS and has a giant G with lighting bolts shooting out of it
Name: Eric Kado
Age: 14
Appearance: His hair looks kinda like Fumiya's but more washed down. He wears a green jacket with black stripes. He usually wears blue sweat pants. He comes from a group of bladers that call themselves The Sons of Shu, but they aren't biologically related. His fellow Spriggan users carry different elements in their beys. The four leaders use Meteor Spriggan, Sleet Spriggan, Fissure Spriggan and his is...Thunder Spriggan (lol) More details later, ok? I gotta go somewhere.

So, anyway, Thunder Spriggan is basically a reinvention of Cho-z Spriggan, but it traded its black burst stoppers for blue rubber and its gold god chip for a blue one. It’s axes get remodeled into nunchuck shapes and the ends spin to reflect small attacks. Thunder Spriggan is also a master of lightning speed and agility, so it’s more of an Attack type, but with less pointy contact points as a balance for its immense speed.

Special moves: Lightning Cross Shoot, Fusion Upper Shoot, and Fusion Counter Break. Lightning Cross Shoot is executed when Thunder Spriggan drifts to the edge of the stadium and charges at the opponent. After the first hit, Spriggan bounds off to the left or right and repeats its strategy from there until the opponent either bursts or weakens enough to get finished.
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Go ahead.
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(May. 25, 2019  7:22 PM)BeybladeislifeX Wrote: Can i.make one

Go ahead.
K man gotta think of it 1st

When is the next chapter gonna be

Infinity Irox (Infinity Irox 11 Infinite) It is a stanima type and the character who wields it is Ino (boy) and his bey moves are Infinte Spin And Stanima Breaker