Driver sub

What’s a better substitute for xtream 


Hi so I just got 
bloody Longinus and 
was wondering if jolt 
could be a good sub tell me 
you thots in the comments
Hunter since it's also rubber.
(May. 01, 2018  3:12 AM)OldSchool™ Wrote: Hunter since it's also rubber.

Yeah, if you want something like Xtreme but cannot find it, Hunter is the way to go.

If you’ve had an Xtreme before and it wore out, I’d suggest Iron, because it does not wear out. However, it is not as aggressive as Hunter or Xtreme, and is unable to maintain a good flower pattern.
Hunter has a softer rubber but it has lesser surface area. It's also not so 'Xtreme' so it's easier to control.