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Honestly, I'd be willing to say that this situation requires an entire topic of its own. It's something that needs to be worked on for the sake of the readers. One thing I do agree with is this:

(Apr. 20, 2016  3:49 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: I just think that we should lean more towards "here's some decent combos you can use this part in, and here's a general description of its performance" instead of "this part is top-tier and here is why."

That is something I've been thinking as we've been going, but wasn't entirely sure on it. In the "Overall" section, we've been stating whether it's worth a purchase, but should we really be doing that? "There is no reason to purchase this Beyblade" etc seems really counter-productive for the franchise. I'm not sure how we could handle that better unless we stick to a neutral or positive standpoint, or remove the Overall section altogether.

Furthermore, to back up what Brad said to Shirayuki; that is definitely true. We absolutely cannot assume that everyone that visits the Wiki is a WBO member. To provide some statistics; we currently get between 15k and 20k views a day, and I can guarantee that more than half of those are from people who aren't in the competitive scene or on the WBO. This'll increase even more when Burst hits western markets, as it'll be available to everyone and kids will start looking things up a lot more. At MFB's peak, the Wiki received 200k views a day, so that number certainly won't assume "everyone is on the WBO" at all.

Information should really be written assuming that the reader knows little or nothing about the part that the article isn't about. Certainly, links and references will always be included for easy access if a reader thinks "Oh, I want to read about PART", but they really shouldn't have to go to another article to find out what "similar stamina" means. We've just gotta find that balance somehow, haha.
It remains oddly neutral to state that a part is not worth purchase though. And there really has to be a place that gives people that advice somewhere. Plus, by describing a poor or uncertain performance, it is no stretch to just encompass everything at the end with the statement that nobody should purchase this part. Kids will always buy what they like the most anyway, so I do not care about being counter-productive for the brand.
Definitely think there's a larger discussion to be had here, but let's pause it for now. The Gyro article seems good enough to publish to me.
Sure. Unless anyone else has anything to add, I'll go ahead and add this to the Wiki.
I published it, also adding the specification: "with outstanding stamins similar to [[Layer - Deathscyther|Deathscyther Heavy Defense]]'s."

At the same time, I wrote an article about Drivers in general as well.

Definitely thank you to everyone who helped give life to this article.
I completely forgot I ever made this haha. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Grin
[quote pid='1317989' dateline='1458856938']
Quote:Gyro is a Driver released as a part of the Burst System. It debuted with the release of Starter B-31 Yggdrasil Ring Gyro on February 20th, 2016.

Gyro features a free-spinning cone shaped,plastic tip and it is the height of a standard Driver. Gyro causes the Beyblade to have a calm movement pattern in the centre of the Bey-stadium. The free-spinning cone shaped tip gives Gyro low friction with the stadium floor, allowing it to conserve stamina in battle while also providing stability and good burst defense. However,with the release of new better drivers like Revolve and Atomic. Gyro's use in all kinds of Customizations has been obliterated. Since new Drivers like Revolve which offers better stability and greater stamina and Atomic which has better LAD and stability, are able to match its best Traits while offering more advantages. Although,the free spinning nature of Gyro may indicate potential in Spin-Equalizing Customizations but it has much less pressicion than Drivers like Atomic and Hold. As a result Gyro has no use in the current meta-game.
Gyro was once the best Driver for Stamina/Defense customizations and stationary Attack customizations but with the release of new drivers like Revolve and Atomic, its usage from the above mentioned combos has been obliterated.As a result, Gyro is only useful for collection purposes.
==Product list==
  • B-31 Yggdrasil Ring Gyro (translucent yellow)
  • B-57 Chaos Oval Gyro (Triple Booster Set) (translucent brown)
  • B-61 Wild Wyvern Jerk Gyro (Random Booster Vol. 4) (translucent lime green)
  • B-61 Dark Deathscyther Vertical Gyro (Random Booster Vol. 4) (translucent red-orange)

updated it and made some edits.
i saw the draft of gyro on bey wiki and that isnt relevant now. my ver makes more sense so it should be published