Dragoon G draft-DONED

Describe it as simply "JT Campaign".
woah..its up already within a few days..congrats th!nk and those who helped in succeeding this article.. Eee Congrats
never knew that there is silver and gpld version of dragoon g until ultra post the link.. Tongue_out (except for the one i repaint myself..haha)
Uh isn't the JT Beverage one gold not silver? How come it says that the JT one is silver in the article.
You're the one who deserves the congratulations, you gave me an excellent base to work from.

Ultra: there isn't a gold one on the page, but the last one, the bronze one, is a G1 tourney prize bey (one of the gold/silver/bronze sets). The silver one says "JT Sweepstakes".
haha..lol..but you did most of the job on rewriting and posting it on wiki.. XD
anyway..i'm happy that it is posted on wiki.. Eee
the things left is for the Dragoon G's recolor pics..i think evo did posted it..gonna look for it..

anyway..i never knew that even beverage can be associates with beyblades..XD

EDIT:found it...
recolors pics (Click to View)
how to upload them on wiki?lol
Oh okay. Do we know that for sure since it has different packaging from all the other tourney beys for the G series(which you can see from just looking down the page.
Maybe he just put the box in/got it signed. The text definitely says it was a G1 prize bey and I've seen them before in the set of three soooo.
added the pics for the available recolors of the dragoon g..
thanks EVO.. Eee