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(Nov. 29, 2011  2:06 AM)GaHooleone Wrote: Yeah, with the weird silver powder and stuff, it looks more metallic blue to me than the first one, which looks just like a normal blue recolor. However, I'm not experienced with Plastics so I may be wrong.

Oh I see haha!! yeah that's true, but IIRC the other blue one is the metallic one. it's weird, but I guess right hah!! ;p
thanks evo..nice pictures.. Grin
i think takara one i just normal blue reclor right?
the hasbro one is the metallic blue.. i will edit that..
(Nov. 29, 2011  5:02 AM)Benjohadi Wrote: thanks evo..nice pictures.. Grin
i think takara one i just normal blue reclor right?
the hasbro one is the metallic blue.. i will edit that..

Your welcome! Smile hmm I honestly am not sure? I thought the takara one was the metallic blue one, but it could be the hasbro one that is? Haha!! :p
the hasbro one is metallic blue..the takara one is normal blue recolor..i'm pretty sure.. Grin
(Nov. 29, 2011  2:06 AM)GaHooleone Wrote: Yeah, with the weird silver powder and stuff, it looks more metallic blue to me than the first one, which looks just like a normal blue recolor. However, I'm not experienced with Plastics so I may be wrong.

Well, both of them are named as 'Metallic Blue' Versions.
So, even though the first one(which is from the TT special set), doesn't look metallic, people refer to it as the metallic blue recolor since the day it was released. On the other hand, Hasbro was smart enough to actually give it a metallic look by adding more shine to it.
If you would notice, even the Metallic Red(which again, is a TT product) one hardly looks metallic...

Ben-Ben- Yes, you are correct, sir. Grin

Evo- Amazing!! Great pics!
edited with beywiki format.. Eee
Rewriting this now :3 This beyblade should already have an article up, I can't believe the most famous left-spin attack AR (even if it isn't quite the best IMO), has no article, that's just depressing.

BTW, eight spiker isn't a high recoil or fragile part. Its KO's are squeaky clean, moreso than any other AR I've run across in my extensive usage. I actually really like the AR, though I prefer G Upper in a number of setups, Eight Spiker's lower recoil and cleaner KO's make it the superior choice on things like Customize Grip Base and even Ariel 2's tip, though it comes at the cost of some upper attack on the latter (and honestly, I prefer different setups for the latter but yeah).

Expect the rewrite soon, if I persevere through as I intend to. Smile
will edit mine anyway..haha
Here we go:

Still need the names of the takara recolours, and I'm pretty sure there are more than those two from takara (tournament prizes, and maybe some more that I've forgotten).

| image = Dragoon_G.jpg
| full item name = Dragoon Galaxy
| item number = A-89
| beyblade system = [[Engine Gear]]
| beyblade type = [[Attack]]
| starter or booster =

== Attack Ring (AR): Eight Spiker==
* '''Weight:''' 5 grams

Eight Spiker takes the form of four dragon heads followed by slightly smaller fins, for a total of eight contact points.
Each one of its eight well-spaced, well-shaped contact points is further enhanced by small spikes, adding [[Spike Attack]] to its already prodigious [[Smash Attack]]. Despite its hyper-aggressive profile, Eight Spiker is low on recoil, and is capable of exceptionally clean knock outs at any stage of a battle.
It is one of the best left spin Smash Attack AR's, however, being effective in left spin only comes at a cost: It is unable to make use of [[Dragoon Grip Attacker|Grip Base]], the fastest low-height base. Furthermore, its lack of any [[Upper Attack]] slopes mean that it has more trouble outspinning opponents when using bases such as [[Gaia Dragoon V|SG Metal Flat 2]].
Nonetheless, it is an excellent [[Smash Attack]] AR, commonly considered the best Left-Spin Smash AR, and is, at the very least, an extremely strong contender for this title.

=== Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization ===

* '''AR:''' Eight Spiker ([[Dragoon G]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#V_and_V2_Series_Spin_Gears|Neo Left SG]] (Normal Core) ([[Dragoon V2]])
* '''SP:''' Fin Tectors ([[Draciel V2]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Grip Base ([[Dragoon V2]])

== Weight Disk (WD): 10 Wide ==
See [[Wide Weight Disks|10 Wide]]

== Spin Gear (SG): Left Engine Gear (Metal Semi-Flat) ==
* '''Weight:''' 11 grams

[[Dragoon]] G is equipped with a Left Engine Gear with a Metal Semi-Flat tip. Despite the name, however, the tip is flat, only having slight rounding of the edges. This provides aggressive movement and decent [[Survival]]. The Engine Gear itself provides a burst of speed (the timing of which depends on the base it is used with). However, the tip isn't fully able to make use of this, and often, the most noticeable effect of activation is self-KO.
Furthermore, it is too tall to hit many opponents, and is limited to Engine-Gear compatible bases, all of which are impractical and/or bulky. Overall, this part has no competitive use.

== Blade Base (BB): First Clutch Base (Dragoon G version) ==
* '''Weight:''' 7 grams

Like all First Clutch blade bases, Dragoon G’s base activates the Engine Gear at the start of the battle.
The base has eight protrusions, four of which are similar in shape to Eight Spiker, and two of which lack the spikes. While it provides some means to make contact with lower opponents, this base tends to be very prone to [[Recoil]], and as such it is not commonly used.

==Other Version==
* [[Dragoon G]] - Blue Metallic (Special Set)
* [[Dragoon G]] - Red (Special Starter)
* [[Dragoon G]] – Metallic Blue Ver. ([[Hasbro]], comes with Left Customize Engine Gear and Metal Semi-Flat CEW)

== Gallery ==


== Overall ==
[[Dragoon G]] comes with an excellent Attack Ring, and a moderately useful Weight Disk. While the base and SG are useless, it also includes a [[Winder#Dragon_Winder|Dragon Winder]], and is readily available at cheap prices. While the Blade Base and Engine Gear are disappointing, it is still a useful buy, and, given its cheap price, '''all serious competitive bladers should own this Beyblade.'''

[[CategoryTongue_outlastic Beyblade]]
Edited the OP.. XD
Made a few modifications to wording/formatting and added a small description to the Smash Attack cusotmization suggested for Eight Spiker, but overall, this was great! The pictures are all good too. This is ready to be posted. Smile
To be honest, I actually hate Fin Tectors, they just add recoil and break, and don't add a reasonable amount of smash in return. I'd imagine twin guard would be much better, but don't have it to test, and I get by fine with cross survivor, haha. That said, I included them to avoid hassle, in retrospect, a poor decision.

That said, I'll put it up as is, Fin Tectors aren't so bad, and I guess it could help against really, really low opponents.

I'll let Evolution upload the pictures.

I'd also like Kai-V to see if she could find information on it [edit: the recolours], if I remember I'll PM her later.

Article is up, though: http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/index.php/Dragoon_G

Information on the recolours ?
Oh, yes, the recolours. Sorry, I got distracted in the middle of that post.
These two: [[Dragoon G]] - Blue Metallic (Special Set)
[[Dragoon G]] - Red (Special Starter)
The blue Dragoon G from the Engine Gear Try Set, A-103 ? It is not metallic at all, it seems.

The red version is another "Fire Red Ver.", and it was apparently a Toys "R" Us exclusive.
Yes the blue one is from A-103. I'm gonna write an article on that soon. It doesn't look metallic to me either.
Thank you very much, as always. The article has been updated appropriately. Smile
Yo I found more on this site:


I think the white boxed metallic ones are tourney prizes but no idea about the gold one which has a normal box.
The gold one is a tourney prize, and I'm quite sure there would be all three colour tournament prizes, as there always are. The silver one I'd think was a tournament prize, but it says "JT sweep stakes limited" or something?

As for the blue version, if you look closer at Evolution's pictures, there's a slight sparkle to it, it's quite hard to see, but yeah.
I think JT is a beverage company, and it might have been a similar campaign to the Mitsuya Cider Earth Aquila.
Perhaps, but I'd like a little more info on it (preferably someone who has one) before we add it.
Very much doubt anyone here has one. I'd never seen it before finding that site.
Well, we need to be sure it's not just an error or misunderstanding or something. Or at least that it actually exists, anyway.
Rest assured, it is not the only site mentioning it. However, I can find no picture of it plus a JT beverage ...
I think we should leave it out until we have something more substantial. Or, I can list it as "Limited Silver Ver. (JT Beverage Co?)" or something?