Destabilizer Beyblader

I used to be a serious pokemon player, but now I am a beyblader. After looking at lots of WBO forum stuff and the WBO wiki, I would like to share some of my knowledge of destablizer type beyblades, as they are my favorite type of beyblade. Here is the thread I am most interested in-

What defines a destablilizer kind beyblade (At least to myself)-
A destablizer is a balance between an attack and stamina type beyblade (as we all know)
There are two different things that a stamina type beyblade does. The first thing is maintain its spin. The second one is to have a fusion wheel designed with slopes to knock any attackers off balance and grind down the attacker's stamina. What a destabilizer does is it takes the second thing a stamina type beyblade does (Knock of balance with slopes and lessen attacker's stamina) and it uses it to attack. In the destablilizer thread, I noticed some stuff about there being non-offensive beys that destablize. That to me would be, by definition, a stamina type bey. A destablizer always has fully aggresive movement and a normal attack pattern.

Ideas for a top-tier destablizer bey might be-

For 5-layer system-
aquario/bull/kerbecs flame/thermal/hyper 85/90/100/105/lw105 hf/mf/fb/(hf/s) left spinning

For a 4d system beyblade-

duo/phantom scythe/orion/Quetzalcoatl 85/90/100/105/lw105 hf/mf/fb/(hf/s)/f: D/F: S left spinning

Please keep in mind that none of this has been tested and needs to be.
Ive heard of destabilzer types, but i thought it was just an effect and i never really knew what they did, thanx. Is burn leone 85XF a destabalizer?
and do you play the DS or card pokemon, i used to play pokemon black and white on Ds, my fav pokemon was my arceus.
I do not think burn leone is a destablizer type. I do think burn is a good destablizing wheel, but leone is meant for a defense beyblade and wd tip is meant to have no attack potential. I suppose that if you bey moves aggresively that it could be a destablizer, though. Generally, if you use a tip as wide as wd, it seems like it would be more of a wide ball tip than anything else.
Does the the energy rimg really matter that much, except for increasing weight and looking good.Tongue_out_wink
The energy ring affects arrow dynamics, and some other stuff. I found another thread that explained destablizers much better and cancer is the best. I don't know much about energy rings, though.
Welcome to the WBO!

If you like destabilizers, there are some Beyblades you will like, but destabilizers in particular are starting to show their age.
Yes, by reading some threads, it has been agreed on that destablizers are now just a terminology. They are considered balance type beyblades designed to have good destablizing terminology. I still find them fun to play with outside competitions.

What I meant 2 posts up by cancer was the best energy ring, I meant that is was the best for destablizers. I know that bull/aquario/kerbecs are all important energy rings because they offer good weight distribution.

My entire list of what I thought a good destablizer would be made of, for the most part, is messed up. The only thing helpful is maybe the spin tracks and performance tips part of the list.

This thread says a lot of stuff about destablizers-
If you want to know more, look at the thread.