Dedicated Japanese [日本語] Forum - Testing the waters...

Poll: Should we open a dedicated Japanese forum?

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(May. 15, 2011  1:30 AM)Kai-V Wrote:
(May. 14, 2011  4:49 PM)th!nk Wrote: That said, I actually think it's an amazingly excellent Idea, seeing as Kai-V gets a lot of our/her new info from Japanese boards IIRC, we'd have info sooner by having a dedicated forum here. Plus, as everyone's said, testing, more metagame/combo info. Plus, given there's no independent site, we might have something, with enough publicity.

I can guarantee you that you would not get news any sooner. I get most of my information sooner than when the majority of the Japanese fans learn about it. For instance, I had the first, although small images of Big Bang Pegasis and L Drago Destroy, as well as their full names, days, or even a week before any Japanese found them, and actually most of them just found the names, never the pictures ...

Well, anyway, the testing thing stands firm, and I'd imagine due to Coro-Coro being Japan based, we might even get tests of limited parts we haven't got much info on.
Plus, we'd get testing sooner, without having to pressure Oki into doing it every time a new beyblade is released Tongue_out
I Think It'll Be a Great Idea I Mean Make The WBO International And More Known Even In Japan Every Blader I Know Has a WBO Account
I'd love to know the metaagame with some of the older beybladers in japan.
Its probably Stamina and Defense based on the vids I've seen.... Dang... Atk is dying.
Being near fluent in spoken Japanese, I can attempt to attract some Japanese users to the site via my YouTube. Since I'm a YT Partner, my material gets featured frequently, so once we get more Japanese users on board, then perhaps opening a Japanese forum can be taken into further consideration.

Just my two cents, and it feels good to be back.
Yay, Momo's back! But I personally like the idea of a Japanese forum. Provided that this gets approved, I guess it would be a good idea to start attracting some Japanese members here. Beybladejapan could help too.
It would be good if beybladejapan actually made a new post after not posting for more than one week, and also tell us how the Japanese tournament went ... Even the Committee has no idea.