Dec-18-2022: "Dress Warmly" "tournament" reports

The following are words I have to say about "Dress Warmly and Bring 3 Burst Beyblades!", a potential Burst Standard tournament.

I recommend the following music for reading the report. . This one's upbeat.

- We had 5 participants today, myself, CrisisCrusher07, RYANTHEDRAGON98, Dragreus111, and PrinceofCarrots . As you can see, that's not enough for a WBO tournament. Ah well. We opted to do a round robin using the WBBA 5G rules instead.

- It was cold and windy. But, everyone who followed the tournament name instructions was fine. So everyone except Ryan. Dangit Ryan, don't wear sandals and socks to a winter tournament. The wind wasn't a significant problem, this wasn't Zero-G. The cold? The cold was a problem. Until things warm up there's not going to be more outdoor tournaments.

- What does that consist of? Well, at least for today, it meant select a deck of 5 beyblades, an inability to change the different parts between matches, 2 point KOs, no "wall bounce=KO" rule, only one direction switching capable bey per deck and infinite mode changes/direction switches, and first to three points wins.

- I would say maintaining a single deck throughout the event is interesting. It means you really have to put thought into things ahead of time, but it prevents issues where observing other players in previous matches could be information you use to assemble a deck specifically to defeat them. Might not scale well if you have more than, well, 5 people. Lot of stuff to keep track of. But for a small event we didn't have any issues with that.

- We all got there around 12:30ish, and waited around an hour to the start time of 1:30 to see if anyone else showed up. Nope! We were done by 2:30 (small tournament) and stuck around doing some testing and other stuff until 3. And then we were all too cold and called it a day.

- Being Burst Standard, we saw a lot of familiar faces. Dynamite, Wind, Guilty were in a lot of decks. Some used Vanish, a couple people used World since it's the best opposite spin stealer. There was even some Xiphoid and Judgement! A Burst was used but that thing, well, it's no World. World's still better than Astral and Burst. No Zest today, although in hindsight, a direction switching attack layer might be good. Ryan was using the SuperRR and KingRR. We had a lot of interesting matches.

- Yes, there were a couple of ties. There always are.

- When KOs are worth 2, even when wall bounces don't mean a KO, you are incentivized to use a lot more attack. Most of the matches ended quickly because at least one of the battles would be a KO. WBBA oddity, both beys have to touch the stadium floor before the match can count. No midair sniping allowed! That happened once. There was a lot of attack going on, everyone was using one or two attackers. And we were all getting points with them too. Bearing drivers are super susceptible to those hits.

- Round Robins are fun. With 5 people, there's only 10 matches, normally. Unless one person goes 3-1 and three people go 2-2 with only one of each of those wins being against the other tied people in a circle. So, tiebreaker. Me, Drageus, Ryan. But Drageus managed to beat both of us in the tiebreaker, so the final match was Crisis and him. And Crisis won! EDIT: Wait, no, I'm wrong. Drageus won.

- After the tournament I practiced my attack launch a while. In hindsight, since it's first to 3 and KOs are worth 2, it's worthwhile to go severe on attack. If you can manage it, Guilty Xiphoid and another attacker (Savior/Ultimate/SuperRR/KingRR) would be a very solid deck for that. But stamina and defensive stamina types still exist and can still thwart such a deck.

- It was a lot of fun. We only ran one stadium since there were so few of us, everyone got to see every match, and there were some interesting matches. And it was fun, that's what matters most.

I'm glad I got to close out the year with some Beyblade, cold or not.
Great tournament report as always Crab! It was honestly a super fun day and it was nice to play Beyblade and relax. Even though it was cold. Personally I like the 5G format I would like to play it more and hopefully to a bigger scale event to see how others take it.