[DAYTON,OHIO,USA,WORLD] accepting applicants from anywhere!!! TEAM IN FOR THE KILL

Poll: what is your favorite type of bey

Total: 100% 87 vote(s)
We will take members from anywhere my goal is to make the ultimate world wide team.
We are team in for the kill and were beybladeing for the thrill

Favorite beys.
Launcher setup.
Country,state,city (city isn't required)
rank you want.
any additional info you want to add
Please post in detail we will vote on if we want you to join. And please we want people who know what the carp there talking about

Members main bey

Beyblade mau5: Basalt _____ 230CS/RS/D
Black Crow: Hell/Hades Kerbecs BD145DS, Earth Eagle 145WD, and Earth Virgo GB145BS
Arekkusu56: Beat Wolf D(Delta Drive)
destroyer04: Burn Fireblaze 135MS and Galaxy Pegasus W105R²F
Dark Spirit: Unknown
T.L-Drago 9207: Unknown
flippy4212: Flame Sagittario C145S/RF, Counter Leone 145WD, and Flame Eagle 145RF
beyblade forever: Hell/Hades Kerbecs BD145DS, Earth Eagle 145WD, and Flame Libra T125ES
Bluejay5:dark libra wd145d, twisted tempo ed145d, and cyber pegasus 105f
Shadow_blader:Rock Leone 145jb
WaterxphoinexGriniablo nemesis, Phantom Orion, guardian reviser
Hassan Davis:Ray Gil
Cal1010101: storm Pegasus, dark libra, rock orso

you know im in i dont know how many tournaments or things that i can attend but you already know my beys too just put me anywhere but last p.s. im 11
Awesome who else wants to join ill take almost anyone. (as long as you arnt a mega noob).
Can I join please?
Favorite beys. MF-L Phantom Cancer 90WD, MSF Revizer Saramanda BD145CS
Country,state,city (city isn't required): Ontario, Canada
rank you want.Regular member
Age: 12(Turning 13 in September 2012)
any additional info you want to add: Nope
And what is the name of the team?
come on more people join the team your pretty much excepted as long as you aren't a mega noob.
current members
1.Beyblade mau5
2.Black crow
If any other teams out there want to be allies with us post here or PM me. Smile
if you know my freind the dark spirit he's cool but not a very good blader but were freinds. so dont think i dont want him to join i just think he would lose a bunch of battles.
he is a rank 9 noob
Oh WOW!!!! If you said 4 or 5 I might have thought about it but I'm not sure. what are his beyblades?
he'll have to tell you but i think one is poison pegusis another bakushin susanow rock zurafa l drago galaxy pegusis thats about all one more maybe.
Oh wow he dosnt have any good beyblades.

Anybody else out there want to join just post here or PM me we will take almost anyone
I accept your offer for the good of our teams.
T.l-drago 9207 has joined the team. I would put dishaun95(virgo95) but he got himself banned twice like 5 minutes after joining. Anyone else want to join we except everyone that is not a mega noob.
I would like to join. my favorite beys are burnt fireblades and galaxy pegusis. Im 8 yrs old and Im from Dayton, Ohio.
Ha awesome your the first person on here iv met from Dayton. Guess your in we should battle some time PM me if you want to.
is the dark spirit on the team
can i join my favorite bey is beat wolf dd ( blue/silver)
(Jul. 29, 2012  9:06 PM)Arekkusu56 Wrote: can i join my favorite bey is beat wolf dd ( blue/silver)

Glad that you can join Arekkusu56
Good luck with the team mau5.