Current personal asthetic combos?

Just for discussion- What is your personal combo that you like to use just because it is asthetically pleasing even though it may not be great competively?

this is mine 
(I'm quite glad that I have Ds' so I can actually win some battles with Hazard Kerbeus)

Use photos where possible.

[Image: 7kDkT63.jpg]
Lost Lunior Limited Press, My First Winning combo, I know how lame is this...
No caption needed
A beautiful combo I made is shelter regulus ( already one of the most beautiful layers) in its RLC recolor with the red 3 disk clear meteor frame and the awesome looking destroy dash driver from the random booster. This combo looks amazing!
Dead Hades
Bump (translucent red) (black Turn would work better)
Xtreme (Amaterios.7M.X version)
X3 (the recolor that comes with the hasbro sword launcher)
7 Cross (the blue one from R3)
Xtreme (the white one from dragoon (hasbro))


W3 (the yellow recolor from the gray l/r set)
7 Cross (the yellow one from the teal F3 combo)
Survive (the yellow one from the teal F3 combo)

Requiem S3
7Meteo (the yellow one from the gray l/r set)
Reboot (yellow one from the battle tower)


7 Glaive (dark green one from the gray l/r set)
Atomic (black and purple from B3)
Here are my personal favorites:

Bloody Longinus (Black and Purple)
0 (Purple)
Turn (Black)
Atomic (Black and Purple)

Winning Valkyrie (Gold Limited Edition)
7 (Red)
Bump (Black)

Spriggan Requiem (Blue and White)
0 (Gold)
Glaive (Blue)
Xtend + (Blue and Gold)

I'll link to an image of them as I don't know how to upload images from my phone:
Blue Level Chip
Silver Revive Phoenix
Blue Outer
Blue Xtend
Xtend Plus
Blue Level Chip
Pink/Red Hell Slamander
Purple 0
Blue Cross
Blue Xtend
Xtend Plus
Red Level Chip
Purple Dead Hades
Purple Dagger
Xtreme Dash
I favorite combo is nl blue vortex with blue unite
These are mine:
Z Achilles 8 yard
Genesis Valtryek 6 flugel(the blue one from the target exclusive set with drain fafnir and tornado wyvern, my first beyblade burst product I ever got)
Z Achilles(original colors) 3(red) vortex(red) destroy(red)
Hazard kerbeus 7(green) glaive(green) yard

I also really love the pink/purple slash ashura from rbv15