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Beyblade (made-up:blaze koro 80 r3f
Beyblade type Attack
this is mine i have previously posted the make specks before but i want opinions on it

(redesign origin parts) super nova Pegasus final blaze F:B starts as rubber hole flat/coat sharp sharp rhf is the original hf/s tip with rubber coating towards not at bottom of tip to increase friction when it hits the storm ridge also it would not be sticking out it would be incorporated as part of the tip's side the cs would have the s more prominent also unlike the hf/s the other piece of this is when like all 4d's tracks are the force is lowers and retracts the original tip and the new tip is a r2f to produce a excellent Chance of a stadium out with what spin it has left

super nova is a 4 mode'd metal wheel the designs based of of pieces of thermal burn and flame burn's side where "burn wheel" would be normally would be downsized slightly and filled in to add weight also the gashes from thermal would be widened and more prominent also slightly separated as part of the mode change the burn wheels side will be broken in to 4 with a space between for the metal frame and the core would consist of the points from flame would become skinner and longer as well as appose able and can be sided out as part of the mode change also the writing would change so it would say "S-NOVA frame. the mode change happens when dissembled and rotated in some direction like most 4d but unlike most 4d you must move the frames "contact points" for the last 2 mode changes and you have the option of having the frame in 3 places and still have no mode change placement is also guided on by the thermal's second point (the one in the middle) but is optional but desired effects are based appon original placement mode. first mode 1.beginning blast the frame has the points locked in to the area where the burn wheel is separated to allow for more defense and no gaps to increase defense when the cs tip is in explosion: the frame is re positioned and the points stay the same causing for blunt edges for smash attack 3. energy reflector same as before only reposition the claws which ever direction the blade spins(yay spoilers) to provide smash attach and upper attack 4. gamma ray mode reposition the points same direction as spin this will allow for spin stealing and high defense

the Pegasus wheel will be a mirrored Pegasus 3 wheel with the Pegasus heads ramming into each other one colored blue one red like clones with different colors to id which one
blade type attack
blader: Jaks nagata
personalty type cocky and arrogant but is also humble and polite and has a huge rage problem(he will get super enraged not too essay though)
I will make a new one since I started to like beyblades again Grin

Name: Zane
Beyblade (made-up or not): Silence Shroud ST180 GB
Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina): Attack
Beyblade's description: Silence shroud is a mysterious beyblade. The ST90 is a track that makes the bey spin faster so it looks like it has disappeared with the help of the special preformence tip, GB. GB= gravity ball. The GB moves foward while it spins so it speeds up.
Character's description: When he was younger he was the outcast of school so when he got sick of it, his bey was transformed also into silence shroud. It was out of anger and hatred that made him strive for destruction and when he wins a duel he crushes his opponents bey. He tries to win at all cost, so sometimes he refers to doing some...unfare... things (cheating if you are too stupid to know what I meant). When he got out of hand, Ginga and friends come to stop him. When Zane it beaten, he realizes it was wrong what he did and they all lived happily ever after... Just kidding! He cheated and used a turret to shoot rocks at pegisus and his bey destroys pegisus and Zane left...

Beyblade (made-up or not):Tornado Fox LW105R²F
Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina):Left Spinning Attack type.
Beyblade's description:It is a Fox with Fox Fire wings . Its Special Move is Tornado Destroyer , And Fire Tornado Strike ! It has a Red Fusion Wheel . Also its Preformance tip and Spin Track is All Blue. Also Its Energy ring is all red with 2 eyes one each side (2) , and the rest is stripes side ways .It Also has Blue paint on the side that it has 9 squares on each 2 sides.Its face bolt is Half Red Half Dark Blue . With the Fox sign Printed on it.
Character's description:Ray is a very competetive person .Ray also has a mark of a star, back in colomba village the said he is the chosen blader to have Tornado Fox . Tornado Fox has such great power . Ray has met gingka before at colmba village they are very close friends he also knows Hyoma for being Undeafeated at the green haiti's after gingka beat hyoma in it . Him and Hyoma are very close friends to . He does't give up on any competetion once ever.
He has seriously rivalry with Kyouya and Gingka . He has shorts that pass his knee's that are black ,a Blue Hoodie with a White Polo Under without the polo sign on it . and his shoes are Red and Blue And says fly on the side . Ray's personality is about a fresh person. No matter what Ray keeps it Acoustic.
Name: Edo Watermourn
Beyblade: L-Drago Mecha J:C
Type: Left-Spinning Attack Type
Face: L-Drago III (Blue with white L-Drago logo)
4D Fusion Wheel: L-Drago Mecha
Metal Frame: L-Drago III (Blue metallic)
Core: Mecha (Translucent blue) (resembles a robot version of the Destroy Core)
4D Bottom: Jump Core (Blue) (4D equivalent of the plastic generation SG Jumping Base 2, complete with the distinctive ring surrounding it)
Notes: Has two modes, Attack Mode and PowerWave Mode. PowerWave Mode is when L-Drago Mecha's power increases twofold and is divided evenly among the 4D Fusion Wheel and Bottom for maximum attack potential, also allowing the Bey to jump higher.

Power Shockwave (unleashes a powerful, half-spherical shockwave)

Electron Claw Strike (Deals damage with an electrified Upper Attack)

Special Move: Shockwave Upper Jump (charges towards the enemy Bey and deals a wicked Upper Smash Attack with a single jump)
Description: Edo Watermourn is the chosen wielder of a powerful left-spinning Bey known as L-Drago Mecha, which has the ability to jump thanks to its Jump Core 4D Bottom. Ever since he recieved the powerful Bey, he's made use of its raw power and using it to win various tournaments. He will not stand for any dishonorable tactics, arrogant bullies, gold diggers, or egomaniacs who claim that they're the number 1 blader in the world. He also collects Attack-type parts, and is in search of the DF105 Spin Track, which he believes to be the ultimate evolution of the 105 Spin Track.
name: Kuito Mikiua
bey: Darkness Cheetah RSC SE

bey type: Stamina

appearance: Kuito has a black long jacket, gray top,white jeans & boots (same colour). Kuito also has black hair & a milky skin colour & light blue eyes

bey appearance: The face bolt is a cheetah running rapidly. Darkness is a black ring much similler to Rock but with sharp ends. RSC (Rapid Spin Change) is a blue bit which can make the tip change direction. SE (Spike Edge) is a tip which can tilt the beyblade which somewhow makes the beyblade faster.

Hope you like my BladerSmile

(Jan. 07, 2011  5:09 PM)Thedarkone Wrote: Blader: Brooklyn (S**t, he's back)
Blader info:
Blade: Teravolt Zeus 110TWHT
Special Attack(s):

Why dosnt takara tomy make a glow in the dark face Uncertain. THAT WOULD BE SO EFFING COOL Smile.
(Oct. 16, 2011  2:19 AM)b10001 Wrote: Why dosnt takara tomy make a glow in the dark face Uncertain. THAT WOULD BE SO EFFING COOL Smile.

Because 99% of bladers aren't dumb and don't play in the dark...

Name: Pluto (ROMAN god of the Underworld)
Bey: Smoke Hades (GREEK god of the Underworld) TD165 UR3F
Type: Daul-spin Attack
Bey Appearance: Face: Has the crown of Hades with Hades' eyes appearing in the crown, Clear Wheel: Opaque black smoke design; evenly distributed weight, Metal Wheel: Black, Six winged design with wings that reach below the spin track, which is useless unless on a lower track, Very round, HIGH recoil with no attack tip, Track: Total Darkness 165, releases gasses from holes in the spin track when special move is used, only controller can see the battle, Black color, Tip: Ultimate Right Cubed Flat, square rubber flat that expands across the whole tip.
Special moves: Darkness Demolition:Flings opponent into air and jumps on top of opponents top and forces a sleep out.
Doom Demise: Smoke is released from holes in spin track and spirals around the opponents blade while jumping all over the place (again, forced sleep out)
Dark Move: Shadow Force Destruction: Flips opponent into the air (litterally FLIPS) and hits at a random angle, forcing stadium out.
Character description: Black hair, eyes, and jacket. Gray shirt and jeans. White shoes. Goes mad when using dark move and blacks out for a few seconds afterward, never remembering the battle he used it in at all.
(Oct. 16, 2011  2:28 AM)Futomos Wrote:
(Oct. 16, 2011  2:19 AM)b10001 Wrote: Why dosnt takara tomy make a glow in the dark face Uncertain. THAT WOULD BE SO EFFING COOL Smile.

Because 99% of bladers aren't dumb and don't play in the dark...

Im not saying I play in the dark! IF it is darker it will give a faint glow and when it is spinning it would look cool.
Everyone plays in somewhat (hopefully) in light, and why would there be an "IF", when it is never a little bit of darkness while playing? It would have no use, and besides, it is only a face, and it is not supposed to have such an impact on the spinning beyblade itself, besides tighten it, not to enjoy it's "glow-in-the-dark" features...
Beyblade:Lightning LDrago
Beyblade Type:Attack
Beyblade DescriptionUnhappyLDrago)White Energy Ring, (Lightning) Fusion Wheel,Spin Track 100 and Tip Hole Flat(HF).
Special Move(s):
Lightning Barrage Strike:The bey moves rapidly across the stadium hitting it's opponent several times causing the opponent's bey lots of damage.
Lightning Power Uppercut:The bey spins around the stadium and suddenly charges straight at the opponent hitting the bey straight out of the stadium.
Ryuuji Hado
Age: 12
Beyblade:[He is a Mechanic similar to Madoka and Kyouuji]
Persona: Very calm, but when it comes to a tough situation he get's worried, that's his downfall. He also cares for his friends greatly. However he is very quiet so many people don't see this side of him.
He has blonde hair and wears a broad-rim hat, has a laptop similar to the aforementioned, but occasionally
plays games such as Powder Toy on it. He has ever-expanding knowledge on Beyblade. Which comes across as being a bit too nerdy.
@ BBS; It's King's Twin!
Name: Kain Yuuki
Beyblade (made-up or not): Mecha Apocalypse TH75QT
Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina): Balance
Beyblade's description:
TH75: Tri-Height 7.5 MM
QT: Quad-Tip
All-in-all, this beyblade is incredibly powerful, and was said by the myans to be the beginning of the end, if it fell into the wrong hands.

Character's description: Kain is an older brother, and an incredibly great blader. his high score at a popular arcade bey-battling game was 0:03:09 (min:sec:ms).
He has long,dark black hair(which whitens when he is angry). he has a blue coat, which he always keeps unzipped. he wears normal jeans, but they have interlocking belts all over the legs. his boots are black, with white plates all over them. he has blue eyes, and a mark on his face like this: --^--, but the triangle points at his mouth, and has a solid triangle behind it.
Name: Jewel[Last name not known]
Beyblade: Death Quetzacoatl DBGrin
DBGrin is like Bearing Drive but with the three manual-changing bottoms of DGrin
Jewel is a student of HD Academy but wasn't excepted into Starbreakers so she trained to become a legend blader after hearing it from Dunamis. She has blonde short hair wearing a hat with a bow around it and a jacket similar to Haruhi's in Disapearance. She also weilds a launcher similar to Round Shell MS's Launcher but the bey is horizontal and not vertical.
Special Moves: Quetzacoatl Doom Quake, Quetzacoatl slams into the ground creating an earthquake that hinders the opponent's stamina.[it's more effective in attack mode]
God of Knowledge: Quetzacoatl sees the next move of it's opposing bey and tells it to Jewel via Bey-spirit, so that she can counter or avoid it.
Name: Loganight

Beyblade (made-up or not): Twin Dracos

Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina): Balance

Beyblade's description: The metal 'Twin' looks like Evil, but it has one round end and one spike ball end. There are also small bumps on the round side, and small spikes on the other, It is an attack type metal.. The color wheel 'Dracos' Looks like yin yang, black and white, twin dragons. The white one has a round head and a black eye. The black one has a spiky back, horns, and a white eye. It is a stamina type.The spin track, TBS21(Throw Back Spin), looks like a black and a white clear pair of claws, when a blade hits it, its spin can be reversed and stolen(EX. L-Drago spins to the right.). It is a defense type.
The tip WT ( Winged Tip) Looks like SD, but with flat wings to even out its self when down. It is a stamina type.

Special moves:
Yin's Dragon Dance- if hit, it retaliates by pushy the enemy into a wall over and over.
Yang's Dragon Fang- Spins in circles until hit, then slashes across the arena.

Character's description: Loganight is very outspoken person, who is loyal to his friends. He believes in his bey spirit more than a specific Bey. This means he is big on customization. His nemisis is Emanuel, who also likes customization. Their last battle takes place between Loganight's Gravity Destroyer and Emanuel's Hell Kerbecs.
He has a very compasionate side, which mostly comes out when his friends are in trouble.
Ray Kagene
Beyblade: Ram Uriel 10RDEDS
Once a prince, was overthrown by his people and now a normal blader, his bey came to be when he put Uriel 2 into a machine which made it into a MFB. His appearance was once princely but now he is in ragged clothes living in poverty. His hair is Aguma's color but it looks like Dr. Ziggurat's hair style-wise.
RDEDS stands for Rubber Defense Enternal Defence Sharp which is like RDF but with EDS in the middle and rubber on the sharp bottom. 10 is the smallest track in existence which allows Ram Uriel to ''sweep'' the opponent from a low height, Ram is similar to Galaxy but heavier and the gaps are covered for less recoil.
Special Move: [No special moves]
EDIT: Could not Think of a name so based it off a Vocaloid, Sorry Crypton Future Media.
Name: Devlin Watermourn
Beyblade: Divine Chimera TR145FB
Beyblade Specs

Face Bolt/Motif: Chimera
Energy Ring: Chimera
Fusion Wheel: Divine
Spin Track: Triple Roller 145
Performance Tip: Flat Ball
Special Moves:
Chimera Fire Blast
Rolling Inferno
Eternal Flame Destruction
Bio: Devlin is the older brother of Edo Watermourn. When not in a Bey battle, he's calm and sociable, and is a gentleman. When in a Bey battle, however, he's a fierce competitor, and will pour in as much power as he can in order to win, with his Divine Chimera TR145FB. The Bey was found one day, when the Watermourn family was on vacation in the southern coast of Turkey. The family was exploring Mount Chimera in Lycia, when Devlin found a small shrine, in which lies Divine Chimera TR145FB. Devlin takes the Beyblade in his hand, and he felt a connection immediately to the spirit beast within. Since then, Devlin sharpened his skills and developed some considerably powerful fire-type Special Moves, his favorite being the Chimera Fire Blast.
Name: Neiko Masaki
Beyblade: Cleaver Wolverine HS120TF(Triple Flat)
Beyblade Type: Attack
Beyblade Description: Has Large Claws great for attacking. It's Triple Flat Barely has Spectacular attack yet assuring stamina.
Special Move: Feral Blast.
When the enemy gets near it's TF turns into fully stamina then attacks greatly then switch to defense for a short time
Name:Kono Masaki
Beyblade: Flame Arrow ST185CBS(Stabilizer185Coat Ball Sharp)
Beyblade Type:defense
Description: face resembles Blazing Dark Purple arrow.CBS is the Most Balanced bottom ever
created. Although its Metal Wheel type is Stamina Its great for defense.
SM;The Great Arrow
Char.Description: Black Hair with green coat. Neiko's Younger brother. His Beyblade: Arrow Has Dark Character
But Grown Lighter with Kono
This is actually the main character in a future story of mine:

NAME: Jexid Sakuraba
BEY: Sin Angel CS120 WRHF/WCS
BEY STATS: NOTE: This is a Left Spin bey
Teleport Slash
Sin Harvest Angel
One Winged Angel
Descend Heartless Angel
Angel of Death
[these are arranged from weakest to strongest]

TYPE: Ultimate/Attack [undecided]

Jexid is the leader of Team Soul Eater, a black clad team shrouded with mystery. Jexid has spiked black hair, and, like the rest of his team, wears a black hooded cloak with a shirt, pants and boots of the same color. When performing a Kill move [the finishing special move that obliterates the opponent's bey], Jexid changes appearance to look strikingly similar to the KH2 incarnation of Sephiroth, although the white parts of the eyes are now pitch black, and the colored bit is now a menacing Gold, as well as having wisps of pure black smoke emmiting from his body, and he has a light red aura.
Name: Kisino Fujian
Beyblade: Shadow Gladiator 105WDF
Beyblade Type: Attack
Bey Description: Face Depicts a red eyed gladiator. Shadow metal wheel is a pitch black with silver between the three wings.WDF(wide defense flat) not much attack power but is quite an rare attack bottom.
Special Move : Stealth
Character: Wears white shirt with black pants Neiko and kono's enemy when high school.Obsessed by Evil, he Found Gladiator and is far now undeafeatable.
mind if I make an OC with a four-layer Bey?
character: nate jaba bio: when his parents died at the hands of a murderer, he swor to get his revenge.
bey: katana reaper .01 rexf
stat: attack
katana: left spin, rubber coated in all places
reaper: like a sharper blit with rubber covering the bottom.
d.01-40005555: switches height from .01-40005555
rexf: rubber eternal xtreme flat, the stamina of EDS, the agressiveness of XF, and the smash attack of RF
Character:Temodoji Sakamoto
Bey: (Good or not) Death Lynx S130MF
Special Move:Lynx Gaia Snare
Type:Balance I guess.
All the parts exist so I shouldnt have to explain them.