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DB Behemoth: Savage Behemoth.Nx.MH-3

Behemoth Core (BH)
A Horizontal Right Spin DB Core with a Behemoth motif, a fearsome beast in different mythos. The cores design looks similar to that of the Beast Behemoth face with a more fierce expression. The core is a purplish pink with gold highlights with the outer frames being a dark purple. The core has 4 teeth of tall height.

Savage Blade (Sv)
Basically the Beast Behemoth shape ported over to a DB Blade but the 5 blades on top are a bit more jagged.

3 Armor (+/-3)

Nexus Disk (Nx)

Metal Hold Driver (MH)
Layer- The bey’s layer would have 3 attacking blade’s like storm aquario’s, if you know what I mean it would also have clockwise and counterclockwise spin types.

Disc- The disc would have five rubber sides to reflect attack and push them back x2 as powerful!

Driver- The driver would be Xtend, but with a quicker reaction time able to turn some would even say vanish and hit the bey from behind!

I hope you like my beyblade blue-prints.

DB Xcalibur, Achilles and Dragon Evolutions Remade
Advanced Dragon.Nx.Tm-4

Dragon Core (DR)
A Horizontal Right Spin DB Core with a Dragon Motif, a winged beast in many mythologies and comes in different forms. The Dragon core features the same design and colors schemes from that of the Sparking Dragon Chip and the GT Dragon2 Chip. The cores outer frame is crimson red and the core has 4 blocky teeth of tall height

Advanced Blade (Ad)
Basically the shape, design and colors Tempest ported over to a DB Blade except the blades are a bit more sharper and jagged and the spring is more stronger.

4 Armor (+/-4)

Nexus Disk (Nx)

Tempest Driver ™
A Wide base driver like the Charge Family but instead of a plastic flat tip, it has a tip that resembles that of the Spiral Driver from Longinus.

Sovereign Xcalibur.Pn.Vm-2

Xcalibur Core (XC)
A Horizontal Right Spin DB Core with an Xcalibur Motif, the legendary sword used by King Arthur. The cores design is unique as instead of just a sword, it features a Phoenix alongside a Gladius-Styled sword. The outer frame of the core is gold while the core features 4 very strong teeth.

Sovereign Blade (Sv)
Basically Xeno Xcaliburs shape ported over to a DB Blade but with Metal infused into the sword points. The Blade is held at a Horizontal position with the Xcalibur Core.

2 Armor (+/-2)

Point Disk (Pn)
Basically the Magnum Disk as a DB Disk

Venture Metal (Vm)
Rubber -> Metal

Heroic Achilles.Ov.Cn-0+Heroic Sword/Shield

Achilles Core (AC)
A Right Spin DB Core with an Achilles Motif, a greek hero. The cores design and colors are the same as the Achilles GT Chip from Union Achilles along with the Blue gem from Z Achilles. The cores outer frame is gold and has 4 teeth of medium height.

Heroic Blade (H)
A Right Spin DB Blade that is basically Infinite ported over to a DB Blade but the swords are more jagged and the shield points are more like the ones on Z-Achilles. The swords are also made of Metal and the blade is also decently thick. The Blade also features a slot for its attachments to be attached underneath the blade.

0 Armor (+/-0)

Heroic Sword
An attachment resembling the Infinite Sword that fits underneath the Heroic Blade for more attack, filling in the gaps of the blade and creating more attack potential

Heroic Shield
An attachment resembling the Infinite Shield that fits underneath the Heroic Blade for more defense, filling the gaps of the blade and creating a more defensive perimeter.

Over Disk (Ov)

Connect Driver (Cn)
A Driver that has the overall structure of the Venture driver but instead of a shaft tip surrounded by rubber, it has a dial that can bring a metal sharp tip out of a small hole flat tip, allowing the driver to switch between Attack Mode or Balance Mode.
DB Variants:

the defense can be heroic shield?
DB Lucifer: Void Lucifer.Burial.Oscillate-10 (VoLC.Br.Os-10)

Lucifer Core (LC)
A Vertical Right Spin DB Core with a Lucifer motif, a Latin name for the phrase "light-bringer" that describes the planet Venus in its morning appearance in astronomy, and also the name of the Archangel who was cast out of heaven and became the devil in Christianity. The cores design and colors are very reminiscent of the Lucifer1 Sparking Chip with Metal in the outer frame and a rubber resistor in the middle of the core, following 7 teeth of medium height.

Void Blade (Vo)
A Right Spin DB Blade which is basically Variant ported over to a DB Blade but its more sharper and bulkier compared to its Sparking counterpart. The blade features 6 jagged rubber tabs that extend from the main spikes and can act as a barrier to fend off the opponents attacks which can eventually wear off and cause the Blade to become more of an attack blade.

10 Armor (+/-10)

Burial Disk (Br)
A DB Disk that supports Low Mode, it's basically just the shape of 2D ported to a DB disk. The weight is close to around the weight of the Over disk.

Oscillate Driver (Os)
A Driver that is around the same shape as the Yard driver but its a bit more taller and the ball is replaced by a POM plate with a sharp in the middle which free spins on a bearing inside the driver, giving maximum LAD and stamina.
My custom bey would be in the Superior System that I made up myself:

System: Superior System

Owner: Benjamin Gaunt

Beyblade's name: Void Belepheron.Ba.Mm (Yes, I know I used the same name from the Denetsu Fanfic, but It was the only name I could find with a B, plus I really like the name, and I didn't want to use the name Belial, plus this one only has one letter L instead of two)

Typing: Balance

Superior Layer: Void
Void is an Attack type Layer that has two backwards facing blades, like Valkyrie, only on opposite sides. Its attack power is immense, partially because of its integrated metal, and is capable of sometimes breaking Beyblades that are not superior to it. (Color(s): Black, and the metal pieces are Dark Blue.)

Superior Blade(s): Slash and Resist
Slash is an Attack type Blade with two large rubber contact points on opposite sides. It attaches underneath a hollow part of the Superior Layer. (Color: Deep Red, and a bit of transparent plastic Red.)

Resist is a Defense type Blade with two plastic contact points on opposite sides, along with a small amount of metal for weight. It can be replaced on Void as a substitute for Slash. (Color: Deep Blue.)

Forge Disk: Balance
Balance is designed to look and be a DB Forge Disk, akin to Giga's shape. On opposite sides of the Disk, the left and right side is heavier than the rest of the Forge Disk, distributing weight a bit like the 2 armors. (Color: Metalic Black)

Driver: Mayhem'
Mayhem' is a semi-Balance Driver. It shares some similarities to Dimension'. It only has two modes; Superior Rubber Attack Mode, and Superior Defense Mode, where the driver's rubber center can move up and down, depending on its owner's battling choice. Despite its similarities to Dimension, overall, this tip is great for stamina on its Defense mode. (Color: Transparent Black)
DB Uranus: Trinity Uranus.Gg.MMb-10 

Uranus Core (UR)
A Right Spin DB Core with a Uranus motif, the personification of the heavens and father of all the Titans in Greek mythology (Uranus is also the father of the light Titan Hyperion and grandfather of the sun god Helios). The cores design is akin to that of the Uranus Sparking chip with a black outer frame and a black metal sun emblem in the middle of the core, the core features 4 teeth of tall height.

Trinity Blade (T)
Basically the First Sparking Blade ported over to a DB Blade but the shape is more rounded and the blades have more jagged edges which allow for hopefully, better attack potential. 

10 Armor (+/-10)

Giga Disk (Gg)

Metal Mobius Driver (MMb)
4th Belial Evo: Devastation Belial3.Vessel.Rampage-2 (DvsBL3.Vs.Rp-2)
Devastation Blade (Dvs) - A Right Spin DB Blade with around the same shape as Dangerous mixed with some parts of Dynamite. Due to not being compatible with gears, the blade is very thick with better attack power. The blade takes attributes from the L,F and A Gears and combines them to the blade.

Belial III Core (BL3) - A Horizontal DB Core with a Belial Motif, a demon king figure. The cores design is very reminiscent to the Belial1 core with small alterations: The horns are sharper and the face is more fierce. The core also features metal on the inside and outer parts of the core and has 4 strong blocky teeth. The core also has a BU Lock akin to Achilles and Xcalibur.

2 Armor (Gold with blue stickers)

Vessel Disk (Vs) - A Disk that supports Low Mode. The disk is basically Nexus+S fused together with D-Gears gimmick. The disk also has a BU Lock tab.

Rampage Driver (Rp) - A Driver that is basically Almight compressed to a normal driver. The small tip is spring loaded and parts of V-Gear are attached around it, giving it more weight.
Here's my oc's bey

Titan Blade: A golden dual spin more rounded blade but with silver edged attack points similar to World.

Athena Core: A golden dual spin core with the avatar being a female warrior made out of metal.

0 Armor (Silver)

Over disc

Drift driver (A golden drift driver with the bottom plastic piece that touches the stadium being silver)
System Experimentation Series

LP System (Longitudinale Posteriore)


Oblivion Vanth Wormhole Traction (OVN. Wo. Tc)

i didn't need to make this tbh i was bored asf
Here's my oc's bey

Blade (Suffer): A red right spin blade that have three big attack points on the top right, left, and the bottom of the bey like Pegasus. The blade also has a gimmick where if you twist plastic pieces on the lower part of the blade to switch the blade into smash mode or upper mode.

Core (Hermes): A black right spin chip with the avatar showing the god Hermes with his head turned to the beys left but your right with red eyes and the feathers being red on the top of Hermes's helmet.

Armor: 9

Disc: Giga

Driver: A black Jolt' with the rubber being red.
Beauty Asuna Volcano Yu Zone'+A

This beyblade will be a stronger version of Helios Volcano.
Beauty Asuna is a metal chip representing the beautiful face of Asuna Yuuki! :-)
New limitbreak metal ring Yu (Yuuki) is totally regular and very heavy.
+A is metal part, 10 blades included, it is also larger than +Z.

About Asuna metal chip,  please refer to the Asuna's face of this following image:

[Image: Ef7x1a8U8AQ0StK.jpg]

I will try to make a draw of my project later, I will upload soon! :-)
Format turbo Layer System

Layer (warrior rex): can spin both directions right spin is attack mode and left spin is defensive. 4 blades that depending on the way it is spinning has different effects
If spinning right then it jabs into cracks/crevasses of the other beys and “throws” them across the stadium
If spinning left the attack from opponents with just roll off the blades

Driver/disk (Eye of the storm): it will be like a skinny cylinder (about a inch in diameter) with a point at the end

Driver/disk attachment (tornado) it will be armor for the driver/disk and make its shape a big cone the top of the cone will be as wide as the layer (not including the blades) and the bottom will be flat(ish), it will have a hole in the center for the driver to slide in, it will also be free spinning so that if beys try to attack it from bellow it will just roll the armor
BU Zeus: Galactic Zeus.Wr.W'-6
BU Core - Zeus (ZS)
A Right Spin BU Core with a Zeus Motif, a greek god of thunder and king of all gods in greek mythology. The cores design and colors is very similar to that of the design of Galaxy Zeus except the face are moved to the core instead of what would be the blade, the core also features Metal in the center and on the outer parts of the core, making it super heavy. The core has pretty much the same teeth as Zillion Zeus.

BU Blade - Galactic (Gl)
A Right Spin BU Blade with a 4 sided shape! The design of the blade is similar to that of the Galaxy Zeus Layer from the god series but the clear blades are replaced with another set of gold wings with 2 metal balls in them and there is a small spike contact point in between the blade, the blade has 8 Metal Balls in total! The metal balls don't move but with them being towards the outer parts of the blade, they can increase OWD.

Armor - 6

Disk - Warp (Wr)
A DB Disk that supports low mode! This is really just the Infinity Disk as a DB Disk.

Driver - Weight' (W')