Cool/Funny Burst Anime Pics (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

[Image: DpGigF3V4AE4Lup.jpg]
Feel free to put any cool or funny moments in this thread. I'll start off with this Pegasus cameo and Aiga's/Aiger's reaction to Valt ignoring him. (Turbo Episode 1)

[Image: DpHD48UVAAAuAMN.jpg]
Fubuki looks too edgy

[Image: DpHD0nSV4AAzoyC.jpg]
One of the coolest moments with Aiga is in the Turbo Opening
(Dec. 01, 2020  4:45 PM)BladerUmarWBO Wrote: these are coool!

these may be cool, but plz dont necropost.