Characters for RPG/Story Series

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RPG/Story Series
Since there seems to be limited interest in this idea I am entering a character I have made that anyone can use.

The Dragon Emperor of the Draconic Temple

Hair: White with a purple streak caused by exposure to a large amount of Dark energy

True Name: Unknown

Attire: The Dragon Emperor wears a coat with ripped sleeves. He has a armband made of gold that holds the remains of a nearly shattered Beyblade. He wears the crown of the Draconic Temple.

True L-Drago Power

True L-Drago is a fused wheel. It has rubber protrusions that are retracted while the beyblade is spinning fast and released as it slows. The rubber can be locked in position either outside or inside the wheel.

Power is a 4d track at the start the tip is a RSF as the Beyblade hits moderate speed the track changes to a RF

The dragon emperor rules the Draconic temple, the area surrounding the temple has many dragon or dragon related bit beasts.

Known Ancestors: Ryuga, Ryuga got trapped in a different world after his battle with Rago.

Let me know what you think!