Beyblade RPG/story series Idea

I have an idea for a story/RPG type thing essentially multiple writers will be writing under some set rules.

The background:
In this country (Need a name) Beyblades are a big part of life every person receives one when they are young. When the bladers reach the age of 13 (some people start earlier or later) they head for one of the three sacred temples or to the balanced temple. Every blader starts with the same generic Beyblade. If the blader goes to the balanced temple they receive parts of each of the main three attributes, however they give up any chance of ever getting a bit-beast. If a blader goes to one of the other temples their Beyblade will start to take the shape of it's chosen ability, some people are content at this point and use their Beyblades like this. However some people choose to go to more temples to gain more abilities and increase their strength. Fully formed Beyblades gain special abilities. To fully form a Beyblade the blader must gain a bit-beast. This is done by completing a challenging task or doing something else the bit-beasts decide is worthy (this can be showing acts of kindness). Once a bit-beast has accepted a Beyblade the Beyblade takes it's final form, at this point the Beyblade's name should be revealed. Bit-beasts can be lost (or taken in rare cases)

The temples are:
The attack temple
The temple of defense
The long lasting stamina temple
There are other more rare temples as well.

No death of people
Low violence a battle between powerful opponents can result in a Blader getting accidently injured by debris.
No body shots
No character can never lose.
Beyblades use the MF, 4D, and Zero-G set ups (please specify)
Other than mentioned methods Beyblades can only evolve if they are critically damaged, and it takes some time before they do so.
Although the Beyblades are MFB the bit-beasts are sentient beings like in the plastics series.
If your character is battling another persons character PM them to decide who wins ahead of time.
A fully formed Beyblade can only have one special move (this can be changed if it evolves)
Beyblades that are not fully formed have the abilities to recover low amounts of spin, defend against weak attacks (imperfectly), and weak attack. The amount of power these basic abilities have increases with every temple visited and as the Beyblade get closer to being fully complete.
Beyblades can be mildly damaged and repaired.
your character does not need to be a Blader, they can be a mechanic instead and help others repair their Beyblades.
Bladers can be good or bad.

Please post your characters in this thread. 

Please let me know if anything needs clarifying, and what you think.