Captain America vs Black Panther

Now Who would win between Steve Rogers and T Challa in two scenarios
1) Cap with shield and T Challa without suit (with heart shaped herb)
2) Cap with shield and T Challa with suit
Also write down if it would be awesome if Black Panther makes a vibranium suit for Cap. Oh My God !!
Heart orb is basically organic version of super soldier serum

2. Black panther
Black Panther
According to me
1) Cap
2) Black Panther
Captain America in the 1st case .
Black panther in the second .
Final verdict
Post Endgame, it seems as if Cap stomps
He was pretty strong in Endgame, even without the Mjolnir he was on par with Iron Man in the final battle. He did the same damage to Thanos as Tony and to some extent Thor. Proof he can beat BP

1) Strength
Cap :8

Cap:7 (He can do this all day)
BP : 6

3) Cap is slightly ahead in Fighting skill and intelligence with his master tactics.


BP with Vibranium suit

Cap with Shield

BP: Skills and Vibranium Suit
Cap : Skills and Shield and Never Giving Up Attitude
this website is about beyblade not marvel avengers
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I don't think we need an old fight over which Avenger is better around to be necroposted.