Belleville, Ontario
Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre (Minor Sports Meeting Room)
265 Cannifton Rd
$5 deposit required to secure spot. Follow instructions under "How to Register & Check-In" section below to register.
11:15 AM on 04/06/2024
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Most official Beyblade X gear can be used.

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One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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Hi everyone! This will be my first time hosting an event in Ontario in about 1 and a half years and I’m really excited to see all of you.

I spent most of the last year living in Japan. Thanks to that, I was able to immerse myself in the Beyblade X community in over there for the last half of 2023.

With that experience, I’ve decided that one of my goals in hosting this year will be to build tournaments for players which can emulate the environment you would have at official B4 G3, S1, and G2 events as well as what regional communities or teams are like over there. That begins with this tournament, BEYBLADE X-TREME BATTLE Belleville Vol. 1, and the Ontario Beyblade Community.

Hope to see you there!
[Image: lx8B3w3.jpeg]

I made a Beyblade X stadium stand! It’s modelled after the one used for official B4 events in Japan.

Be the first to try it out with me at this tournament. Register now using the instructions in the event details of this page.

I added a non-slip rubber mat to the main platform as well as velcro on the bottom of the stadium. This ensures any movement due to the Beyblades is minimized, offering more better, more consistent gameplay.

And as you can see, the box has been themed to the Ontario Beyblade Community! Each side features an OBBC logo vinyl sticker.

For me, making this stand is linked to the idea of creating the ability for us to play Beyblade in a consistent environment no matter where it is we are playing. This is what Takara-Tomy does for the B4 G3, G2, and G1 events in Japan (outside of the finals of G2 and G1).

Rather than having to worry about if we are playing on the ground, or if tables are too high, and so forth. The stand folds up and can be taken anywhere, so it means that we can create a consistent environment for all events it is used at.
I have been away from the hobby for quite some time, looking forward to getting back in to it with his tournament! Excited to see what it's like after all this time Smile
Hello everyone! BEYBLADE X-TREME BATTLE Belleville Vol. 1 is coming up in just under a month!

I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone was interested in attending, but hasn’t contacted me yet to confirm?

Or even if you can’t attend, if you could please share this event within your own social circles for me?

I have a handful of people who have confirmed interest in the event, but I need to confirm at least 10 in order to justify going through with it. I’ve already paid for the venue and insurance, but there is a time limit on when I can receive a refund for cancellation.

The venue I’ve found seems really great and it is within about 2 hours of downtown Toronto.

This is within the up to 2 hour range over 55% of you who responded to my survey confirmed you would be willing to travel to attend an event. Considering this, I chose Belleville as a good middle ground between Toronto and players in eastern Ontario like myself.

The venue is accessible from downtown by car or Via train in about 2h.

After my experience living in Japan last year, one of my goals in hosting this year is to build tournaments for players which can emulate the playing environment you would have at official B4 G3, S1, and G2 events. That is slated to begin with this tournament, BEYBLADE X-TREME BATTLE Belleville Vol. 1.

So I really hope you can make it!! 🙂

Please let me know ASAP if you have interest in attending.
Hello everyone, please note that this tournament is now CANCELLED.

With less than a month to the event date, insufficient interest from the community, the possibility of train prices to Toronto for me continuing to increase if I wait longer to decide, and time constraints on when I can receive a refund for the venue and the insurance policy I purchased … I’m left with no choice but to unfortunately cancel the event now.

@k00mak00mka, I have just issued a refund to you for the deposit you sent over to me to confirm your spot in this event.

Instead of this event, I intend to host a tournament in Toronto on April 13th or 14th. Venue has not yet been decided, but it should be within the city. The details for this event will be published ASAP. Stay tuned!

If anyone in Toronto has any feedback for how far they would actually be willing to travel for an event east of Toronto, please do let me know. I enjoy traveling to Toronto, but it isn’t feasible for me to do so frequently so I would really love it if we could find a meeting point somewhere east of Toronto that is a little bit closer for me to host for everyone.

The event page for my tournament in Toronto on April 13th is now up! Please join if you are able.

Oshawa/Bowmanville is about my limit for a day trip, i don't have friends out that way very much so theres nowhere to stay and its a lot to drive there and back in a day.
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