[Buying]  Looking for Valtryek V2 driver

Hi there

I'm looking for a Valtryek V2 driver (I really hope that's what this beyblade is actually called, forgive me for my ignorance in this matter ?). My son lost his, but these beys don't appear to be for sale anymore. I hope someone can help us out! 

Many thanks!

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
Have you tried Amazon or Ebay?
The driver is the tip with the black spiky bits on the bottom. That one's called Variable. The Layer is the blue and orange bit with the wings. That one's called Valtryek V2.

It just so happens I have them. What part are you missing, and where does it have to be shipped to?

Does it have to be the same blue as the picture? They sell a recolor of it that is mostly gray, and it comes with the Unite tip.


Also: Do you know if you had Hasbro manufactured Beyblades or Takara Tomy manufactured Beyblades?
Probably Hasbro unless you imported them from Japan.