Blitz Unicorno 100RSF Draft - Complete! On the wiki!

(Oct. 28, 2011  9:32 PM)Kei Wrote:
(Oct. 28, 2011  8:37 PM)Hazel Wrote: I accidentally hit "Save Page" instead of "Show Preview", so here it is:

I do not know how to delete an article, so I'll just wait until Kei gets around to it, if it needs to be deleted. In the meantime, I've fully updated the OP.

Thanks! You just forgot to add in links and italicize the names of suggested customs, so I've gone ahead and done that.

Oh, thank you so much. I knew I was forgetting something!

In my defense, I had absolutely no idea how to format a beywiki article when I started it, so I wasn't sure how to put in links of more complex stuff - a lot of the format(until I learned how to do it halfway through the process) was copy-paste.

So, if it's done now, does it get a spot in the "New on Beywiki" box? Or is it not considered "complete"?

EDIT: I edited the Defense combo "MF-H Basalt Bull BD145RSF" to be Kerbecs instead, as Kerbecs works much better with Basalt than Bull does.