Bladers I have a Question

(Dec. 07, 2020  3:07 PM)GodzillaFan101 Wrote: hi I am arthur
audience: no your mr. loser
arthur hi I am mr loser

Arthur from joker(2019)movie is better than arthur in beyblade burst,i guess arthur should use judgment joker
arthur the dum kid. Joker 2019 was ok but I was not a fan of it
Bruh how is he even named King Arthur. Like the real King Arthur would annihilate this mans
King arthur would kill who? JOKER??? maybe than
I think it is Valt just because he was number one longer than like, anyone else and destroyed Free and Shu in Evolution. Also, he got a Cho-Z bey in turbo and as for sparking, we all know how broken Brave Valkyrie is.
No way Baruto just broke the rule in burst. Wow he became number 1 2 times now
what a depressing thing
I like how yall say the english dub names. Even tho its supposed to be the japanese names you have to say. Tho it does sound weird Imma say Baruto from now on
no more english dub
ok except for that
I cringe when I hear the names of the bey. Some sound cool others are like meh
I hate stamina types they just stay in the center of the stadium
That is their job to stay in the center obviously
yeah but it is freaking annoying. it is a cheap mov

sorry I meant move
(Dec. 08, 2020  2:45 PM)GodzillaFan101 Wrote: yeah but it is freaking annoying. it is a cheap mov

sorry I meant move

i agree.
for me the strongest would be delta or valt from gt.
aiger/aiga and drum/dante
Auger has actually outperformed each and every protagonist so far. If we take the peak of each character (the show they were in) then still Aiga.