Bladers F.A.S.T.L.A.N.E. challenge: Part 1: Fafnir

Welcome to the F.A.S.T.L.A.N.E., a challenge that pro bladers do to train their beys. You are selected to do this challenge and are destined to fight 8 beys with regulations.

Challenge 1: Defeat Drain Fafnir 7C Br (Handspun) with dual layer beys
Lancher version you must use to pass: Light launcher
Left spin allowed: No
Cho-z or god parts allowed: No
Slingshock drivers allowed: Yes
How many points needed to win: 1

If you win, wait until the 2nd challenge is made.

Post your tips to defeat Fafnir in the comments below for people who do not defeat it.

Tip: use a high speed Beyblade to circle Fafnir to outspin it.
Z2 G Z  should be enough. Again wrong forum
Easy: J2.Y.Z or J2.C.H

Yell Zephyr uses OWD to stall while central Hold uses IWD for burst resistance while a loose mold hold can out spin bearing.


You get the picture. As long as you use polish and hold if you weak launch almost any single/dual layer will outspin. Just grab a random single/dual layer and you have a high chance of winning.