Bit Contest: Design The Next Evolution of a Forgotten Beyblade

(Oct. 05, 2021  8:44 AM)GreaterLonginus Wrote:
(Sep. 19, 2021  1:34 PM)GhostFox Wrote: This is generate dash
Having a stronger spring won't help with going into low mode. 
If you say Generate+ then it still won't work as the + chip has to go onto Generate, I don't know how you would make it low mode compatible

Well its imaginary and it's basically generate with a strong spring and can go in low mode.
GreenK9148's entry:   (click "view in 3D" to see the whole thing)
Reign Forneus Lg At-0

Forneus DB chip: depicts the forneus avatar and includes the signature "crown" with F like shapes on both sides.

Reign DB ring: Round-ish defense ring that is composed of 2 parts, as well as a gimmick. Main part includes 2 shark heads 2 blades. Gimmick: attachment can be flipped upside down to provide defense against upper attack and smash attack.

League (Lg) DB disc: Shape similar to yard driver to provide LAD and a move similar to emperor drift.

Atomic driver: chosen as a solid defense driver. (for color combination, use the blue atomic from RB13)

0 DB armor: chosen as the predecessor, emperor forneus has the 0 disc.
Hey there
I'm here to submit my bit contest entry which is called Scar Leopard owned by Laban Vanot, Leopard had a really unique idea in thr Chouzetsu Series so I decided to evolve it into Dynamite Battle System!

Scar Leopard. Karma. Drill' -7

Scar: It features 2 main red contact points (claws) which, function similar to Beat Kukulcan
In Low mode the Claws are pushed in while in the High mode they pop out to make it even more ovular and aggressive.
While retaining the Chomp Gimmick from the previous version I decided to upgrade the gimmick and added this too.
Leopard: This is a Right spin chip featuring two leopards
Karma: First Released with Guilty Longinus, this is an attack type disc recoloured purple.
Drill': A new tall driver with a large flat tip.
7: Attack type Armor featuring an unbalanced shape with 7 blades
[Image: image0.png]
Conqueror hades. Nexus. Connect-6 (1 gear)

Conqueror, a right spin only blade that feature metal that can be spotted on the scythe and silver blades
Hades, a right spin Hades motif that feature a metal on the core plus a gen weight like burst stopper on the core.
Nexus (S gear), this part pretty much just 1 in 1 with 11 turn so i chose this
Connect, a driver that have 2 modes that can be changed manually by twisting the removable part to the right then it will pop off and you can change the modes to attack or defense, you can lock it by twisting the removable part to the left. The attack mode feature a rubber flat2 tip and the defense mode fature a rubber ball tip
[Image: image0.png]

Pretty fun project!
Btw this is like the 17th hades i make lol
Court Joker Over Trick'-2
[Image: nIP3vHhUR6OLn1hZxSVmMiCdiBml-ZEB33vz5yQq...ejR0hiR=s0]

Core - Joker:

A Right-Spin DB Core that depicts the Joker avatar. It has similar teeth to Belial.

Blade - Court:

A DB Blade resembling the Judgement GT Base. It has 2 enormous rubber scythes that give the Bey immense attack power and some form of defence. The scythes also have an awakening gimmick, akin to Savior. After a lot of battles, triangular chunks of the rubber will fall out, changing the scythes' shape to be more jagged, increasing the damage it deals to opponents. It also has a rubber Burst stopper, similar to Judgement.

Disk - Over:

A regular Over Disk.

Driver - Trick':

A Dash variant of Trick. It's transparent purple in colour.

Armour - 2

Regular 2 Armour, except the stickers are pink.

The Gaia Core is based on the motif of Gaia, A Greek goddess of the Earth. It is stylized with many rock and diamond-like details. This core has a decently large chunk of metal on one side (the black colored part), and therefore is highly imbalanced. It has 3 strong teeth, with one block at the end, in order to make a tight lock.

The Mountain Blade is stylized similarly to Gigant Gaia, however, it is much less slanted on each blade. Each tiny contact point is held to the base in a unique way, where they shift individually when they are struck. With this, they are meant to collapse into each other, to dissipate strong attacks, and return back to normal after a hit. There are also two flat sections that divide these tiny contact points.

The 1 Armor is rather imbalanced, playing into the Gaia Core's gimmick, granting the whole beyblade 4 modes, including Low and High mode. These modes are known as Light Blow and Heavy Blow, Heavy Blow being when the 1 Armor's point lines up with the metal on the Gaia Core.

Giga was previously released on Cyclone Ragnaruk and Roar Bahamut.

Adapt has three modes, and is rather similar to Xtend+. However, the base of the tip, and the tip are both metal. The first mode is a Metal Semi-Flat, with a hole in the middle of it. The second is reminiscent of the Plastic Generation's Metal Change Base. The final mode, when the metal sharp tip is poking out fully, also unlocks the sharp tip's ability to free-spin.


Fortune Joker -0

The Core is based of the previous evolution Judgement Joker. It has a mans head wearing a Jester's hat with a chin guard representing a smile of some sort.

The Fortune Blade has 2 primary points of contact made of offensive rubber. These two parts allow for high smash attack/ knock out value but add a lot of recoil to the blade as a result. This blade also features 2 secondary points of contact that have a similar smash attack shape.
Magma Salamander Over Operate Metal-10
Salamander- A left Spin DB Core with 5 teeth
Magma- A 10 bladed Blade akin to The Hell Salamander layer
Over- A regular Over disc
Operate Metal- Operate but the ball is metal
You need to actually draw the beyblade. I'm not sure if this counts.
Mirror Egis - An evolution of Orb Egis.
Stock Combo - Mirror Egis Over Moment -6

Image: [Here]

Thanks to everyone for entering, this contest has now closed, we will announce the winners as soon as possible.
Contest Results
The results are in! Since there was a tie with the 3rd place entry, we decided to extend it to top 4 winners!

1st Place: GreenK9148
Check out the entry here!

We chose this entry for first place based on the detailed design, interesting gimmick, and believable functionality.

GreenK9148 please PM me your email, full name, address, and phone number before Saturday November 20th, 2021 to claim your prize. Once I receive all three I will forward them to MallOfToys, who will be responsible for shipping your prize. Remember to send me your choice of Bit Booster from below.

Runner Ups:

Lucha Burst
Check out the entry here!

Check out the entry here!

Check out the entry here!

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