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Country: United States Registration Date: Aug. 15, 2021

•Original digital art and character design on Instagram and Twitter @m4k0_ink ! •She/her •18 years old •I do not do requests/art trades, but my commissions are open, please check my pinned tweet on Twitter for it ! NOTICE: currently running a December sale on commission prices !! •Please do not use/copy/trace my artwork, ocs, or fanart for roleplaying, distribution/selling, and or reposting •The Harry Hedgehog Sparking Beyblade artist as some of you know me as lol •Creating a beyblade fanstory via comic with its own original cast (check Twitter pinned for more info) •More social media links like my Redbubble posted here: https://linktr.ee/m4k0_ink

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m4k0_ink hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.