Bihar, India tournament Report: Beywar:Mithila

Hello world Bladers, Adarsh Abhinav here.
Just yesterday we had one of the smallest tournament in WBO history. It was my First Tournament- Which I hosted and participated.
This was also bihar's first ever beyblade tournament.
The tournament just had 4 member and was carried out in Club format.
The Tournament was for burst format and the result were as follows:-
1st- Adarsh Abhinav
tournament result and other details.-
While I had made myself a good deck, It turned out that yuvraj7 and yashrajdbg didn't bring their Beyblades from their Villages,
so ended up giving them my beys for the tournament. Pratham only has a Victory Valtryek and the other two were going with only one bey,
so I decided that I will battle with only one bey, My combo was- Lost lunior. Limited. Press.
1Pratham was very sad as he lost all his matches because of variable, we promised him that we will buy him a Omni Odax, So that he can make a good combo From it's parts.
We cheered him up, but he was a bit sad till the last moment.
Here are some videos that we recorded during the play, these videos only focus on stadiums, 
I will record the tournament venue and other details from the next time.

 At last our Group Photograph, Pratham is still sad in this pic
[Image: G2OBF]
Bhai summer holidays mein tournament karoge to ham zaroor aayenge
(Mar. 28, 2018  10:53 AM)Infamous Blader Wrote: Bhai summer holidays mein tournament karoge to ham zaroor aayenge

Darbhanga me, why not.
Patna will be a bit tough.