Beywiki Photo thread

Dranzer S (Sonokong Gold)

Double Wing (Standard Bitchip): 4.61/3.91 grams
Eight Balance: 13.46/13.98 grams
Right Spin Gear Casings: 2.47/2.10 grams
Free Shaft: 3.85/3.40 grams
-Metal Gear: 1.18/1.02 grams
-Shaft Casings: 1.16/0.94 grams
-Metal Ring: 0.25/0.25 grams
-Shaft: 1.29/1.19 grams
Spiral Change Base: 7.80/6.83 grams
Awesome, everything you just posted is extremely useful. Thank you.
Do we need pictures of any of these Beyblades? Would the green Proto Nemesis go under a re-color section? They're new, no scratches so let me know before y'know ~
Absolutely, we need photographs of every recolour.
(Apr. 06, 2013  3:08 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Absolutely, we need photographs of every recolour.

The holographic sticker throws off the camera focus sometimes. I will try again to get those fixed.

For some reason, either my pictures become faded by the obnoxious sunlight or they look like they've been taken in a dark basement at 11 PM Tired
Those look really good anyway (obviously I am not talking about the recolours themselves hahah).
They look better on my phone, I think they are appearing faded because of the image's bigger size. Hm if they're okay then alright Grin

Now we wait for the articles Tongue_out
Do you want the original Proto Nemesis' photos taken ?
Yes, everything hah.
Should I post pictures for Bandid Goreim, seeing as the article has no pictures?
Absolutely, if you can take good quality photographs.
Great, here are the pictures! If they're not good, I can definitely retake them! Enjoy Smile

Bandid Goreim Crystal Wheel Up:
Crystal Wheel Up, Bottom Side:
Chrome Wheel Up Mode:
Chrome Wheel Up Mode, Bottom:
Chrome Wheel Up Mode, Side View:
Goreim Metal Stone Face:
Goreim Chrome Wheel:
Bandid Crystal Wheel:
Down Force 145:
Ball Sharp:

If more pictures are needed (of the box and things like that) , let me know. Hope these go up on Beywiki!
Most are really good, some are just slightly dark like the Face photograph, and the Chrome Wheel Up Mode photograph is too focused on the Crystal Wheel below, so the Chrome Wheel is just slightly too blurred to be acceptable, I think.
Alright, I'll fix it up tomorrow, but how is the quality of the pictures? Is that alright?
Refer to the very first part of my post hah.
Sorry for the long delay for the picture, here it is:

Bandid Goreim Chrome Wheel Up Mode:
That seems better. Now, unless Nocto takes his signature super-quality photographs of a Bandid Goreim, I think you can add them to the draft right away.
Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF
Face: 1.20 grams
Bahamdia: 29.40 grams
Gladiator: 5.36 grams
Spike 230: 7.63 grams
Giga Flat: 0.77 grams
-Total Height: 9.07 millimetre
-Gear bottom to reinforcement arch top: 5.45 millimetre
-Gear diameter (notch to notch; not tooth to tooth. I know it doesn't make sense, but all the Bottoms I measured are like this. The latter adds ~0.75 to ~1 mm on a sample average): 15.96 millimetre
-Tip width: 9.17 millimetre

New set Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF

Wide Semi Flat:
-Total Height: 8.93 millimetres
-Gear bottom to reinforcement arch top: 5.40 millimetres
-Gear diameter (notch to notch): 15.95 millimetres
-Tip width: 7.16 millimetres
-Tip width 2: 4.27 millimetres

Also, the Beyblades I photograph will henceforth be completely without stickers. Take it or leave it.

As some might have noticed, I've made some changes to the Shooters and Grips articles, since the multiple-page accessories project probably isn't happening any time soon now. I've added a Zero-G sections with some sections within it; changed the headings formatting; added the Sonokong HMS Customize Grip.
I wish I could give you a Lapis Lazuli EXTREME Face or something. Those photographs are amazing, and I had not even thought yet that we would need that comparison picture dearly. Thank you very much.
The pictures don't show up for me.
I can see them perfectly. Can someone else see and tell if its visible to them?
No, it doesn't work.
I will reupload them

I will fix it tommorow
Only you can see them because you are linking to an email attachment from your email account in which you are probably still logged in right now. Obviously we cannot log into your email account too.