Beyparty - London MCM Expo

For anyone selling at the Beyparty event, this is the place to post.
Please post in list format, and state the condition of the part as well

NIB - New in Box
NIP - New in Packet
Mint - Never been used
Used - Well.. Used

1. If someone doesn't accept your offer, don't be rude about it.
2. Do not make an offer or commitment to buy if you can't afford it.
This will be taken seriously.
3. If people have stated that they wish for offers on items, then DO NOT simply ask "How much is it", it is your incentive to offer how much you see as fair, and their option to decline or accept that offer.

Metal Fight Beyblade
  • WBBA limited Earth Aquilla 100 HF/S - £20 - NIB SOLD - Black Phoenix
  • Libra 145BS - Used - pkmnmast99
  • Earth (mold 2) Virgo T125ES (Case set recolor) with light launcher - NIP SOLD - Zero
NOVA will no longer be attending the event, you can either PM him for queries about the items you had proposed to buy and arrange another method of paying and receiving, or leave it if you should choose to.
will anyone be selling any stadiums there
very interested in the WBBA limited Earth Aquilla 100 HF/S will defo hav the money on the dy or i could pay for it beforehand
Cash on the day will be fine, thanks Smile
Urm........ i may not be able to go, i'll informe you if i can cn't later these few days. Due to lack of funds so if you know you have the money to buy these items and are certain you are going to buy then, then please PM me. I will update this later with more items .

What i am selling:

Attack style stadium - Offer - USED
RF - Used (worn) - £2 - USED SOLD - RevertedToZero
WB - Used (worn) - £2.50 - USED SOLD - RevertedToZero
Nanny McPhee - Used - Offer - in great condition

Willing to buy:


pm me if you have this and want to sell it.

I will not be just selling beys, i will be selling other things such as ds games wii games etc.
I tottaly forgot I had these, but heres what I have left to sell -

NIP - Blue Dragoon MF
Mint - Pisces D125BS

PM me with offers.
Nothing for sale as of yet but i am looking to buy

D (new)
WB (new)
damn i realy wanted thta hf/s. that is one of my most wanted bottom ever!!!
Hasbro will be releasing HF/S with Storm Aquario very soon so I'd wait.
Might have one for sale, Brazman. :]
(May. 02, 2010  9:35 PM)♥ Wrote: Might have one for sale, Brazman. :]
plz tell me how much u want cos im realy needing one plz plz plz thank you :]
Im coming to the tournament
this is not where to discuss whether your coming or not its to disscuss buying/selling at the tournament
Updated my section
can ny wun get ray unicorno, rock giraffe, nip/b virgo pre hws, killer gemios, thermal picies or random boosters hms or mfb/bmf
Okay guys i've updated the post i have done on page 2, the stadium is now up for grabs again since Sora can not participate the tournament.

P.S i will be selling other bey stuff there just ask me for what your looking fr and i'll see if i have it.
Updated my list, Earth Virgo case set version is back up for sale.
Light launcher included in either turquoise or orange (your choice), this version comes with the second mold of Earth and a clear virgo face.
PM offers.
i would buy any of the following: dark bull, poison serpent, dark wolf, flame libra, lightning l drago, burn phoenix, earth aquila please if you are selling any of them look for guy named phantom blader at the expo please
  • Takara MFB Attack Stadium [WILL BE USED AT TOURNAMENT, only for sale after event finishes] - £20
  • Limited WBBA Earth Aquila 105HF/S
  • Earth Virgo GB145BS Takara First Mold Ver. [BOOSTER] - £14
  • Burn Phoenix 135MS [STARTER] - £13
  • Burn Phoenix 135MS [STARTER] - £13
  • Earth Cancer DF145ES [BOOSTER] - £9
  • Launcher Grip Black [USED] - £6
  • Beylauncher - £5

Will have more stuff for sale a bit later.
Dunno where my bit has gone but i'm still selling this stuff:

Do not offer ask if I will sell my stuff below the prices listed - I will not
PM me if you want to buy anything I am selling

Hasbro Zeus - £8
Dranzer GT - £10
Dragoon GT - £10
Dark gaia dragoon - £10 - £15
Blue hasbro dragoon launcher grip - £6
Black marksman grip - £6

Dark effigy ms - £10
Dranzer ms - £10
Gaia dragoon ms - £3
Draciel ms - £3

Launcher grip(used) - £7
LeoneD125B - £10
♥ can i buy the laucher grip?!I need one!
Yup, but will probably be first come first serve ...
beyunit i've got one too for sale if heart's one isn't available.
Burn Phoenix 135MS [STARTER] - £13 jessie's girl could that be made a £10