Beyblader101_ and Trsal Have Joined WBO Staff!

We’re excited to announce that both Beyblader101_ and Trsal have joined the WBO Staff team!

Their responsibilities will be more event focussed to make sure Event Approval, Processing, and Documentation are as up-to-date and streamlined as can be along with looking after some additional backend projects. Prior to this we only had a handful of Staff to cover the entirety of the Event workload, putting a lot of stress on only a few members. Going into our 4th Beyblade generation the extra pairs of hands will help a great deal.

Beyblader101_ is an experienced WBBA Blader that has consistently provided us with insight and perspective on the forums, while also being an active Organizer, bringing the WBO’s Burst to Singapore!

Trsal is another very active and respected Organizer, going out of his way to give his community as much Beyblade as it can handle!

With both members being incredibly keen on event organizing and Beyblade in general, shown by their interest in multiple generations/formats, we think they make a great fit! 

So, please join us in welcoming them to Staff and making the WBO even stronger!
Common new staff member announcement W
Thank you for the warm welcome, it is honor to be a part of staff! I will work hard to make the WBO proud!
typical Trsal W
Awesome! Congratulations and welcome aboard to both of you. I've had the pleasure of meeting and competing with Trsal in person, so I've got to personally witness his passion for Beyblade. Fantastic additions to the staff.
thank you to everyone in the WBO! it's a pleasure to be a part of the staff team 💙🙏🖖
More the merrier. Glad to have the both of them be staff members.
(May. 17, 2023  8:04 PM)Trsal Wrote: Thank you for the warm welcome, it is honor to be a part of staff! I will work hard to make the WBO proud!

Congrats Tom !!
Well deserved guys. I know you will both bring a lot to the team and I'm excited to see it 🙏
A hearty congratulations to the both of you! Nice to see the Staff growing.
W New Staff Team! I’m liking what I’m seeing. BeyBlader101 and Trsal are W People. Congrats